Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 crowns next Drag Superstar!

CANADA’S DRAG RACE stays true, north, strong, and fierce! As was just revealed on the Season 2 finale, which featured a special appearance by Season 1 winner Priyanka – Ottawa’s own Icesis Couture beat out fellow finalists Kendall Gender and Pythia and snatched the crown as she officially claimed the title of Canada’s Next Drag Superstar!

“I started my journey on Drag Race as an outsider, but I’m ending it having made more than just one friend. To all my fellow outsiders who feel like they have nowhere to fit in, just know you are not alone. You will always have a place with me. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to show my authentic self and share this amazing moment with all of you.” – Icesis Couture.

Icesis Couture is one of the top queens in Ottawa and won Miss Capital Pride 2020. A true designer at heart, her love of fashion and ability to pull together jaw-dropping looks, garnered praise from judges and fans alike throughout the entire season. Icesis Couture has El Salvadorian roots and is half Hispanic and has two drag children; one is her biological brother! Ultimately, it was Icesis’ show-stopping achievements in the finale – including performing a remix of Brooke Lynn Hytes’ single “Queen of the North” and a sickening “coronation eleganza” runway look – that propelled her ascension to the throne.

YASS Magazine spoke with Icesis Couture after her coronation and this is everything she said.

How are you feeling as the winner of Drag Race Canada?

I am feeling excited. I’m feeling blessed. I’m feeling honoured. I’m just so excited to see what all of this turns into. And I’m just I’m so grateful. I definitely went into the show wanting to win, but that wasn’t my expectation, and especially ending up in the final with Pythian and Kendall. We have said it would have been good for anyone to win and we would have been completely happy with any result, but the fact that I did win! I’m like, stop it!

How did you react when you heard you were the winner of Drag Race Canada?

So, last night I was with Pythia and Kendall were together at a viewing party. It was absolutely amazing. We had our drag family there for us. We had family in the audience, and we were all holding hands. And then when they announced my name, we all just started crying and holding each other, and, it was it was just so amazing. And we love each other so much that I wouldn’t have wanted to spend this moment with anybody else.

The last time that we spoke together I asked you what was going to be the first thing that you woulf do if you won and you told me that you were going to cry. Did this happen?

I cried like baby! Even during the entire episode I was just crying. At one point I was crying seeing myself just recording the song and everyone was like “Why are you crying”? I was like

What was the reaction of Pythia and Kendall Gender when it was announced that you the winner?

They were so happy they grabbed me by the hand, looked me in the eye and said “We’re so proud of you. Congratulations”. They were so warm. There were no hard feelings. Exactly what we’ve been talking about this whole entire week is exactly what happened because we love each other and we’re actually friends, so they were so supportive, and it doesn’t matter whether they didn’t win. We’re all just so amazing and such superstars that the crown is just the cherry on the top of the cake. They’re gonna have amazing careers!

What are your future plans?

My single “La Puseta” was released last night at 12 o’clock. And then today at 12pm the music video is going to come out. I plan to do more music. I plan on touring and meeting everyone, and I’m just excited to see what happens.

Are you going to miss Drag Race Canada?

I am going to miss Drag Race Canada. While we got towards the end, I didn’t think I was going to win. And I was getting myself so excited because I wanted to be on “All Stars” because I ended up really enjoying the experience and this really changed the person that I am. And I had so much fun that I was really looking forward to “All Stars”, but I’ll take the crown instead.

You prepared almost everything of what of what we saw in season two. How long did it take you to to prepare all this amazing looks?

So we had about four weeks to get ready for the show. It took me three weeks to make everything and I worked for three weeks consistently. So, I spent 16 hours a day on my sewing machine and then I would sleep on my couch and then go back to my sewing machine. And I did that for three weeks to get everything done.

How did your brother who is your your drag child react to your coronation?

Oh my god, he was crying! Like I said he was with me last night. We were at the viewing party and he opened at the show. And he just lost his mind. He was crying harder than I did. We gave a big hug. He’s still here with me now. It was special.

You are the first Hispanic queen to be winning Drag Race Canada. How do you feel about this?

I am so honoured to represent my country and people just like me. Being gay and Hispanic is not easy. At all. It’s a very homophobic country. A lot of us can get killed just for being who we want to be. So the fact that I can be some whatever representation for somebody who’s looking for someone like them, it means so much to me and I just like I’m so proud.

How do you think that your life is going to change now from from now on?

My life changed after I got off the show. Something around it, feels just like something extra. Before Drag Race started, I was going to quit. I’ve been doing it for 15 years. And then I had a conversation with my drag mother and she said “If you’re going to quit at least go out with a bang”. And I went out with a bang. So, I’m just so grateful! I feel this like new energy, fire lit under my bomb. And I’m just excited to continue my career and have amazing experiences and change people’s lives and just I’m so excited.

Do you still want to quit drag?

Are you crazy?

What is the message that you would like to say to all your fans?

First of all, I just want to say “Thank you so much”. I’ve been shown so much love from so many people. I haven’t had anything negative. It’s been nothing but positive. Everyone’s done nothing but uplift me. I’m just so grateful. And I love you guys so much. And for the people who have the same struggles as I do, I just want everybody to know that you will never be alone. We’re going to continue to spread the message of love and joy and, you know what? If I can do it, you all can do it.

The series’ eliminated contestants, Beth, Océane Aqua-Black, Stephanie Prince, Suki Doll, Eve 6000, Synthia Kiss, Kimora Amour, Adriana and Gia Metric all returned for the final lip-sync and coronation, as well as last week’s reunion in which Suki Doll received the coveted ‘Miss Congeniality’ title.

As was recently announced, a third season of Canada’s Drag Race has been ordered with additional details set to be announced at a later date. Canada’s Drag Race is produced by Canada-based production company Blue Ant Studios and Executive Produced by World of Wonder as the format owners.

All episodes of Canada’s Drag Race Series 2 are available to watch on the streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus. Subscribe now via or sign up for a 7-day free trial now.

More of Icesis Couture here:

Twitter: @itsqueenicesis / Instagram: @itsqueenicesis / TikTok: @itsqueenicesis / Facebook: @itsqueenicesis 

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