Top 10 Nude Celeb Scenes of 2021

Watch The Top 10 Nude Celeb Scenes of 2021!

We hope you’re hungry, because we’re serving up the ten best celebrity nude scenes of 2021! This was truly one of the best years for male nudity in history, with Oscar Isaac’s uncut daddy dick reveal, Jesse LaVercombe’s humongous throbbing (yes, you can actually see it throbbing with excitement!) erection, Lukas Gage and Murray Bartlett’s viral ass eating scene, Adam Driver’s butthole (yup.), Adam Demos’ foot long penis, and so much more! We scoured hundreds of the year’s best nude scenes to bring you the ten definitive can’t miss celebrity moments. Forget 2021, these boys made this year twenty-twenty-hung.

Hollywood wasn’t afraid to take viewers to some surprisingly new-d places in 2021. Cinema ventured deep into the explicit in several of the year’s top pictures, perhaps none more so than on HBO’s The White Lotus. It featured multiple erotic scenes but the one everyone was talking about at the water cooler was the scene between Lukas Gage and Murray Bartlett. 

Halston, the Netflix miniseries about the rise and fall of the iconic couture designer, was as sexually-forward as it was fashion-forward. It had everything fans could expect from a Ryan Murphy production: rock music, drugs and loads of runway looks, but it was the eye-popping nakedness that truly captivated fans in 2021; especially the scene where Ewan McGregor and 6’4 tall Sullivan Jones engage in very realistic intimacy.

Here is the top 10!

#10: Ewan McGregorSullivan Jones in Halston

Ewan McGregor got the Ryan Murphy treatment in this series about the legendary gay fashion designer Halston. McGregor is no stranger to playing gay character, but he really leans into the fantasy here by delivering his best gay sex scenes to date! In Halston’s most graphic shot, the sexy and stacked Sullivan Jones exposes his amazing ass while thrusting himself deep inside Ewan McGregor. Gay sex is always in fashion!

#9: Ben Hardy in The Voyeurs

Now this is how you make a nude debut! The beautiful blonde Ben Hardy teased his ripped twunk bod as Angel in 2016’s X-Men, but really spread his wings in The Voyeurs. This sexually explicit thriller doesn’t shy away from showcasing Ben’s incredible ass. But if you look closely, you can actually see his large penis as he reaches for a camera to take pics of White Lotus star Sydney Sweeney! It makes sense that Ben’s holding a camera, because this man is a tripod.

#8: Adam Driver in Annette

For many, 2021 will be known as the year that we saw Adam Driver’s butthole. For others, it will not. Either way, you can’t deny that this brief but very clear shot of Kylo Ren’s C3P-hole is one of the hottest things to come out of 2021! It’s rare that an A-list actor exposes this much of himself on camera, and we can only hope that other sexy stars follow suit in the future. A true Hole-ywood moment!

#7: Murray BartlettLukas Gage in The White Lotus

This viral gay ass eating scene in the hit series The White Lotus made headlines in mainstream publications. But believe it or not, the script originally called for a generic gay sex scene! Gage and Bartlett cooked up the idea for this shocking scene themselves, and executed it perfectly. Here super hot daddy Bartlett plays a hotel manager who loosens up his employee – the sexy surfer chic Gage – in more ways than one! This is truly an epic scene that will go down in queer television history.

#6: Jesse LaVercombe in Violation

Is there anything hotter than an unassuming actor who reveals a massive, thick, long penis? Yes, there is. One who reveals a massive, thick, long, and fully erect penis. In fact, the adorable Jesse LaVercombe is so rock hard in this acclaimed horror movie that you can clearly see his erection throbbing up and down with excitement! Looks like Jesse’s scared stiff.

#5: Sebastian Stan in Monday

Sebastian Stan’s career has been on the rise since he joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Winter Soldier, but his career gave us a rise in the indie romance Monday! Stan and his costar Denise Gough race through the streets of Athens, Greece before being apprehended by the cops. If having a mouth watering trimmed package is a crime, then arrest this man!

#4: Peter Vack in PVT Chat

If you’re in the mood to see one of the best real celebrity masturbation scenes in history, you’re in luck. Peter Vack caps off this nudity-filled movie about the relationship between a recluse and the cam girl of his dreams (Uncut Gems star Julia Fox) by jerking off with her in bed! Peter strokes his rock hard, excited penis for over a full minute, and Fox even flicks her cigarette ashes into Vack’s mouth! Hey, who doesn’t love ash-to-mouth?

#3: Oscar Isaac in Scenes from a Marriage

This A-list heartthrob is know for his scene-stealing roles in blockbusters like Dune and the Star Wars franchise. So who could have guessed that, decades into his career, Isaac would deliver his next nude scene to date by far! See his thick uncut penis as he cuddles up to Jessica Chastain by the couch while pantsless. They should have called it Peens from a Marriage!

#2: Jeremy Williams in All the Queen’s Men

The second best nude scene of 2021 easily goes to Jeremy Williams (and his big fat cock) in All the Queen’s Men. This stripper series is heavy on the dudity (that’s dude nudity), but Williams takes the cake when he struts into the dressing room with his larger than life penis slapping side to side against those meaty thighs! Attention Magic Mike – this is what could have been.

#1: Adam Demos in Sex/Life

Finally, the best nude scene of 2021 easily goes to Adam Demos in Sex/Life! His explosive locker room shower went mega viral (with Netflix claiming that the scene was rewatched by 20 million of the show’s 67 million viewers) for all the right reasons. Namely, the fact that Adam Demos has a penis that’s over a foot long. Yup. The show has neither confirmed or denied the use of a prosthetic here, meaning that this 32 oz tenderloin could be all real. Seriously, what did we do to deserve 2021?

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