We spice up our sex life with Mystery Vibe

Sexual burnout is on the rise, at least in part because many people have had more sex out of boredom during lockdown and social distancing measures. Not only that, but many people are also struggling to tell their partner what they really want in bed.

You’ve seen the statistics. You may fall into that percentage: either the 6/10 individuals feeling sexually burnt out or the 57% of people who are embarrassed to have an honest conversation with their partner about what they want in bed.

Here’s the good news: MysteryVibe can help you avoid burnout, increase your ability to have open conversations with your partner, and even lead to more spice in your sex life. 

How can MysteryVibe products help with sexual burnout?

Sexual burnout is a very real concern, especially if you’ve fallen into a rut. Fortunately, the MysteryVibe line offers multiple features that can help you avoid burnout. 

1. Introduce something new. 

Crescendo, Tenuto, and Poco not only offer an opportunity for increased pleasure, but they can also help both you and your partner get excited about trying something new. When you purchase a new vibrator, you and your partner will get to explore it together. The MysteryVibe line offers multiple motors, intensity settings, and vibration patterns, which gives you plenty of new things to explore.

Simply introducing something new into the bedroom can help increase your excitement and anticipation! Tenuto, for example, is a vibrator worn on the penis that has benefits for both the male and female partners. It can extend stamina for him while delivering pulsing vibrations to both partners as you have sex: a win/win that can help you both get more excited.

Reduce stress related to sexual performance. 

Increased stress, including stress related to performance, can increase the risk of burnout. If you or your partner are stressed about “getting it right,” you may have trouble simply enjoying each other’s bodies and making the most of the experience. Your MysteryVibe products can help.

Crescendo, for example, delivers powerful vibrations exactly where you (or your partner) want them most. You can customize those vibration patterns, then simply lean back and enjoy. Likewise, Tenuto and Poco can amp up the pleasure and take the stress out of helping your partner (or you!) reach orgasm. 

3. Give yourself a little solo time.

If you’re struggling with feelings of sexual burnout, it can be helpful to spend some solo time masturbating. You can take advantage of the opportunity to explore your own body and remind yourself of what you enjoy most. You can also spend a little time fantasizing about your partner and some of your favorite sexual encounters, then later turn those fantasies into reality.

4. Build anticipation as you wait for your products to arrive.

If you don’t already have a MysteryVibe vibrator in your bedroom, simply ordering and preparing to try out something new is a great way to build anticipation. Discuss it with your partner ahead of time. Look forward to its arrival together. You’ll find that when it does arrive, you’re much more likely to be excited and in the mood.

5. Try out a new personal lubricant.

Lube can make a huge difference in your sexual experience, especially if you’re feeling burnt out or stressed out in light of the current crisis.

YASS Magazine met Soumyadip Rakshit, CEO and Co-Founder of MysteryVibe and learned everything you need to know. We are also offering one lucky winner the chance to win Tenuto, the first smart wearable specifically for men and people with penises.

One of the best experiences during this interview was the fact that we tried Tenuto. It looks futuristic at first sight, but don’t be scared! It is very easy to use, very fun to put on and it can give a long-lasting orgasm! 5/5 stars.

 What is the story behind Mystery Vibe?

MysteryVibe is a sexual health technology company inventing award-winning products that combine the best of humanity and technology, to elevate the pleasure experience. 

Since the launch of our first product, Crescendo, MysteryVibe has been invested in the sexual wellness industry not just to create category-defining pleasure products—but also to emphasize the importance of pleasure as it pertains to health. We invent critically-acclaimed vibrators that fuse cutting-edge technology with intimacy, to empower relationships, conversations, and individuals through pleasure. We also know that no two bodies are the same, and we curate a complete pleasure experience for people of all genders, sexualities, and abilities.

Today, MysteryVibe offers three pleasure products––Crescendo, Tenuto, and Poco––each of which can be personalized to a person’s unique body type, tastes, and techniques.  

What is your mission?

Our vision is to create a world where everyone has the space, freedom, knowledge and power to elevate their sexual health and wellbeing. 

MysteryVibe creates products with purpose, and starts catalytic conversations to make intimacy easy. We push boundaries to help our customers and community understand pleasure as a part of their health, and create deeply researched, anatomically designed sexual health products to make that connection. 

How has the Corona virus situation affected your work and your business?

Unlike many industries that are struggling during this time, we’ve actually seen an increase in sales since the Coronavirus outbreak. Sales of Crescendo have been up 227% year over year, and up 300% in Q2 alone. Overall, our sales from January through the end of July were up 217% versus the same period last year.

The situation has also highlighted the importance of our work. We believe the lockdown made all of us appreciate our personal health and wellbeing more than ever before, and sexual health is likely at the top of the list of health issues we have ignored over the years. We hope to see this continue past the lockdown times and a change that is here to stay for better health for all. 

Have you seen a bigger demand for toys these days?

Yes. Based on our own statistics listed here, and what we’ve seen from other brands, the media, and others in the industry, there has been a spike in sex toy sales overall since the start of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Who do your products address to?

A core part of our design philosophy is personalization. We believe the best products are ones which can be personalized to suit you — your body, your shape, your desires. That naturally leads to user-centric, gender agnostic products which work with all genitalia.

How important are sex toys for our sex life?

At MysteryVibe, we want to make sexual health as commonplace as our health. Our products are both pleasure tools, as well as sexual health solutions for everything from post-natal and post-menopause sex to erectile dysfunction. Sex toys can also help open communication between partners for a better, more pleasurable sex life.

Do you recommend to couples to use sex toys?

Yes. In fact, MysteryVibe was partly inspired by conversations with my wife. We were asking each other, how do couples who are together for decades keep “mystery” in the bedroom? Our question both inspired MysteryVibe’s name, as well as a multitude of solutions through the products and community we’ve built. 

Do you use the products before selling them?

We have a long trial run to test out different iterations of our products before they go to market—the product development process can be lengthy! Alongside input from our engineers, we seriously take into consideration feedback from our customers when creating products.

What is the most successful product?

Crescendo because it’s still the most versatile, unisex, multi-purpose vibrator ever made. It is our award-winning, flagship product and the world’s first body-adapting smart vibrator. It comes with six independent motors, 16 intensites, and over 40 vibration patterns.

What are the current trends in the sex toys market? And how would you describe the sex life of Londoners? Are there any trends?

Looking back at the history of sex toys, the biggest trend we see is one of personalization, where products, services and experiences are tailored towards the user—giving them more control over their and their partner’s pleasure. Starting simple, with increasing variety in shapes, colors, and sizes of products allows customers more choice and caters towards a wider gamut of genders and orientations. Building upon that, creating customizations that can be done prior to or during play, gives users the ability to create their own pleasure experience to match their tastes, moods and times. 

What are the biggest trends in the LGBTQ+ community?

Beyond personalization, we’re seeing more and more unisex toys being popular not only for the LGBTQ+ community, but for the industry at large. Creating toys that aren’t for a specific gender or genitalia opens up new conversations about how to include toys in the bedroom, and it’s great to be able to start with a blank canvas that you can grow into with your comfort levels and preferences.

What is the first thing you take into consideration before designing a sex toy?

The first thing we do is connect with doctors, sex experts, and our community to understand the issues that people experience when it comes to their sexual health and overall wellbeing. From there, that feedback helps us inform our product design, so we can create toys that people actually need which solves real issues for them, instead of telling them what they want.

How important is research for you?

Research is at the core of everything we do – product, content, services. We conduct deep research with doctors and healthcare professionals to emphasize the most important areas of sexual health, and how we can create solutions to address the biggest issues. We rely heavily on our community for insights and incorporate customer feedback at every iteration to not only inform the design but continuously improve upon it over time.

How long is the manufacturing period and how long does it take from conceiving the idea of a product until it can be sold?

The manufacturing of a product for the first time can be broken down into 3 steps; product development and manufacturing production. Every product is different and will take a varying amount of time; however, there is a general range that most products fall into.

Get the idea sketched out, designed and prototyped. Sometimes it may take multiple rounds of prototyping to iron out any kinks or flaws in the design. The level of complexity of the product will affect how long it takes to complete development. While a simple product like a basic dildo probably won’t take, a multi faceted vibrator might take months. Each product varies, but a typical timeframe for the development process can range from 6 weeks to 8 months.

After the product has been fully developed it is ready to be produced. The manufacturers we work with will make a sample for approval before starting a production order for a first time product. If the first sample wasn’t made to spec, another corrected sample will be made and sent to be approved. After the sample has been accepted production can begin. The sample process can take anywhere from 15 to 60 days, this is also affected by how complex the project is to produce. The average production time for manufacturing is about 1 to 3 months.

What are your future plans and how do you see the future of your market?

We’re thrilled to be expanding our product line, especially during this time when so many people are craving ways to connect and explore intimacy at home. We’re also excited to be expanding our community of medical experts and continuing to invest in research for how our products can be integrated into sexual healthcare.

We see the evolution of sextech as being more purpose driven. More user needs driven, more human centric, more ergonomic, more accessible, deeper tech that is so advanced it’s invisible and allows for a completely uninterrupted immersive experience. We also believe that the future trends in sex toys and sexual health in general would be around accepting it as an integral part of our health, and normalizing it much like meditation or yoga is today. 

Tenuto is a smart wearable vibrator for men and people with penises.

After the release of Crescendo, MysteryVibe set out to create a product to address the sexual health and wellness needs specific to people with penises. Te result was Tenuto, which disrupts the long- outdated approach to men’s sexual pleasure. Tenuto encourages exploration—beyond just orgasm—and helps with stronger, longer lasting erections with increased blood flow to the penis. Not only does Tenuto help close the orgasm gap with vibrations for your partner, it also helps each user to discover a range of often-ignored pleasure points and establish sexual wellness as a pillar in their overall well-

Powered by 6 separate motors, Tenuto is engineered to stimulate specific areas of the penis and perineum to diversify and amplify sensations during sex and play. It can be used solo or with a partner for dual stimulation, and its flexible form can adapt to penises of all shapes and sizes. Tenuto can also be personalized via the MysteryVibe app to create custom vibration patterns.

Additional features:
• Water resistant (for easy cleaning and safe shower play)
• Smart app control via the MysteryVibe app within 30 f
• USB charging
• Rechargeable batery with up to 1.5 hours of playtime
• 8 pre-set vibration paterns

For more info: https://mysteryvibe.com/

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