The Bootyful men, Rick and The Griffopotamus

What started as a lark with Rick filming Griff cooking stir fry in a pair of loose, blue basketball shorts while singing “Poor Unfortunate Souls” from Disney’s The Little Mermaid has become a legitimate brand. Last month, the men of Rick and The Griffopotamus unveiled their newest venture, Two Kings Unlimited (a combination of their last names — Twombley and King), with their line of phallic sex toys molded from their penises. 

Over 700 thousand followers, on multiple platforms including Instagram,  Rick and Griff project the splendid wonder of a real-life, loving, gay couple while also addressing important themes such as heteronormativity and “masc vs fem”. They somehow manage to break it down to the ultimate truth for fans that “it’s ok to be you”. Their work encourages followers to stop allowing society to dictate who they are or how they act. All should strive to be their authentic selves and live life unapologetically and transparently. That’s how Rick and Griff do it.

Posts on Rick and The Griffopotamus often feature the guys in exotic locales, posing in wild costumes or sometimes in nothing at all. “It’s meant to be positive, quirky, erotic, boundary-breaking, and unexpected,” explains Griff. “Rick and the Griffis not for everyone, but a lot of people seem to connect to what we do, and those are the people we do it for.”

We spoke with the guys from their home in Atlanta. Let’s get to know them a bit better.

Who are Rick and Griff and how do you each identify? 

Rick (He/Him):  We are a married couple who have resided in Atlanta now for over ten years.  I am a retired professional dancer and acrobat who has performed on stages from Broadway to Cirque du soleil, and even as Tarzan in Disney’s stage productions around the world. After retiring from the stage, I moved to ATL where I now owns and operate my own personal training company, Rick Twombley Fitness LLC.  I am also CEO or our new company, Two Kings Unlimited, and a Capricorn to my core. 

Griff (He/Him): I’m a stubborn Taurus, and a graphic artist and landscape/urban designer who has worked in urban planning internationally. After graduating from Clemson University, I moved to Atlanta where I started my own graphic design company, Griff-iti Studio, and eventually became co-owner of Two Kings Unlimited. 

How would you describe what you’re famous for?

Rick:  We definitely aren’t famous, but I suppose we are recognizable in some circles, mostly for silly lip sync videos on social media, or for thirst trappy photos on our IG (@rick_and_the_griffopotamus) and Twitter (@rickandgriff).  We also have more explicit content on Onlyfans @rickandgriff.

Who came up with the name Rick and the Griffopatumus?

Rick:  Griff used to play on a gay softball team, and it’s what his teammates called him. And we thought it would make for a memorable IG handle. And it also just sort of fits Griff’s quirky and fun personality. 

Whose idea was it to make molds of your penises?

Griff: Our fans, actually. We had been getting requests for them for a while, then we were contacted by a guy who works in the film industry here in Atlanta as a special effects artist. He started a side business molding people’s cocks and asked if we’d be interested. We said “why not” and voila!!! Here they are!! 

Would you say they make the perfect stocking stuffers?

Griff: They’re good for stuffing something, that’s for sure! 

What is the best-selling item on your TwoKingsUnlimited website?

Rick:  You mean besides us? Haha. Our “DP Deluxe” dildo (both of ours molded together into one), and our hooded onesies! We have a hard time keeping them in stock. Hehe, “hard time.” Giggity!  Our erotic playing card set and 2021 calendar are also big sellers. 

You guys have done a lot of press!  What is one thing you wish reporters would ask but they never have?

Griff: What is 2+2?

Well, how would you answer that question? 

Griff: Double the fun! 

Rick:  But seriously, we wish more people asked what our favorite holiday is, cuz for both of us, it’s Halloween. We love the weather at that time of year. We’re pretty well known for our intricate costumes, and to quote the great Jessica Lange. “It’s what gays do…munch butts and celebrate Halloween.” Who are we to argue with a legend?

Why should fans tune into your Only Fans this month?  What surprises do you have in store that will make fans go Yass! 

Rick:  First of all, we’ll be keeping ‘in the spirit’ and showing our Hallow-weenies. Lol! But we always try to keep things fresh and exciting year round, and these next few months are no exception! We have plans to travel to Moab and Xion in the Utah mountains, where we will be staying in a cabin with some especially sexy, close friends. Then another secluded getaway to the beach in Mexico. All that will make for steamy, exotic content. Some fan favourites will also be visiting us in Atlanta, including our good friend and porn rockstar JJ Knight. He always makes us go ‘Yass,’ so guarantee he’ll make our fans do the same!

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