Virginia Wright is the new generation of drag

Virginia Wright represents the new generation of drag. Spooky, fishy, sexy, sultry, juicy, flirty are just some of the adjectives you could put next to her name! Spending her time between London and Virginia, getting tired of death drops and splits, Virginia is hoping the new drag queens will start to let their individual talents shine through and break away from the mould that television may have created for drag. Meet Virginia here!

How did you come up with your with your drag name?

I knew I didn’t want a name that was too blatantly comical or cheesy because it wasn’t only going to be my drag name but also my musician name. I also wanted something that is a bit personal to me. I was born in Virginia in the US, so that’s where I got that from. I think it’s a great, strong southern name. The rest is kind of a hidden joke. My whole name can be said like this: “Virgin? YEAH RIGHT!”

Talk to me about your new single “Movin’ On”. Does it talk about a personal story?

Movin’ On is all about leaving toxic people behind and living your best life. Brush off the haters! There are a lot of people out there who won’t have your best interests at heart and who don’t want to see you succeed. I think everyone has experienced this in their life. This song is about not letting these people hold you down.

Are you thinking of auditioning for RuPaul’s Drag Race UK version?

Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not 😛 It’s definitely tempting! I’m a dual citizen after all and have lived in London for the past 13 years. It’s where my drag all started and where I’m most known for my drag. I’m excited to see how it all pans out! It’s about time!

Who are your biggest inspirations and role models?

I guess I’d have to say my peers. I know so many amazing queens who are killing it and watching them work so hard inspires me to keep working hard and keep growing. I also love comic books, Kpop and the 80s.

How did everything start? When did you decide to enter the drag world?

I started drag about 6 years ago. I was making music as my “boy” self under a different artist name. My style was becoming more androgynous and gothy. My music wasn’t really going anywhere, it wasn’t feeling right and I knew I had to switch things up. I had watched season 1 of RPDR when it first aired and was really inspired by Nina Flowers and her edgy style. I was like…I can do that! Drag for me sort of started as a challenge to myself, an experiment and also a sort of gimmick to sell music and get bookings. After starting drag, I was getting bookings, hosting events, performing and collaborating with other musicians. It felt “Wright” and my drag became a huge passion of mine.

Who is your drag mother?

I never had a drag mother or a drag family. There was never anyone there who I would get ready with or really learn from, so I never had that experience of being part of a drag family or having trade secrets passed down to me. I always refer to myself as a drag orphan and I’m ok with that. I taught myself most of what I know from tutorials and experimenting. I may not be doing things the way they should be done, but hey, I make it work!

What is the best and the worst part of being a drag queen?

The best part for me is the transformation and the adulation. Let’s be real, who doesn’t love being told they’re beautiful? Oh, and all the hotties I get to work with! Drag queens and porn stars go hand in hand after all 😉

The worst thing? I would say dating as a drag queen. It can be hard, especially in a community which can be so toxic and “masc for masc”. I’ve had guys stop seeing me once they found out I do drag. Others who “just want to be friends” after finding out. Others who find out and then want me to be their drag mother and put them in drag. Let’s not forget the chasers who ONLY want me in drag and make me their fetish and their dirty secret. The list goes on. It is very rare, in my experience, to find guys who are interested in my art and me as a person and want to continue some sort of romance. Most guys either want JUST Virginia or JUST Bobby.

What is the best advice you have been given?

I think the best advice is to just be yourself and listen to your gut. Always think before acting.

How difficult is to spend your time between Virginia and London?

My life at the moment is in a bit of a limbo. I’m deciding where I’d like to settle down next. Change is good even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time. You can only grow if you force yourself out of your comfort zone. London is home. Virginia is home.

What is your drag style?

My style started off spooky and I think got more “fishy” and sexy over time. I’d say now it’s sultry, juicy and flirty. I like to try and change up my looks as much as possible and show versatility.

What are your future plans?

I plan on making more music, more videos and spreading the name Virginia Wright!

How do you like to be approached?

I’m super chill. I always have time to talk with people and I love a selfie moment. I always pack a selfie light. As long as you’re not spilling your drink on me or touching me inappropriately, I’m good. Let’s do jagerbombs!

How do you imagine the future of drag?

I see it evolving, especially in terms of inclusivity. I also think a lot of us are getting tired of death drops and splits, so I’m hoping queens will start to let their individual talents shine through and break away from the mould that television may have created for drag.

Tell us a guilty pleasure!

I love perfumes. Anything fragranced really. Lotions, perfumes, body mists, candles, diffusers. Anything that smells fruity and delicious. Some of my favourite fragrances are mandarin, apple and peach. I spend far too much money on smellies and have way too many of them. Also, I always carry perfume in my purse. My friends know this. So when they start sweating and need a little spritz, they come to me.

More of Virginia here:

*all images are courtesy of Virginia Wright

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