Straight butt curious

Artist, designer, brand ambassador, queer, entrepreneur, teacher, life model, boy admirer, made in England. Or, in other words straightbuttcurious! Adam Wilson Holmes, the famous artist who is gaining more and more recognition and popularity on Instagram, comes to YASS Magazine!

Check the exclusive interview below.

Who is the genius mind behind the @straightbuttcurious?

That would be me, Adam Wilson Holmes!

Creator, teacher, life model, boy admirer. Who is Adam Wilson Holmes?

I’m a 26 year old man/boy, from a small seaside town in the Northeast of England. My roots are based in fine art, which really set me up totake on any form of creativity and put my own flare on it. It’s part what made me a man of many hidden depths and talents.

Why did you decide to open an account with this name?

I actually initially started out with an Instagram account with my full name and used it for many years. It wasn’t until I quit my parttime job and threw myself into my career that I decided to become Straightbuttcurious. I wanted to explore myself without feeling restricted to having to stick to theimage of myself I always believed. So Straightbuttcurious really became aboutfinding ways to challenge and explore what I do. The name itself was a humoroustake on my frustrations of straight men glorifying themselves on gay datingapps. I wanted to empower the queer community, and that is a big part of mymission.

Did you expect the huge success you met on Instagram?

I worked my butt off trying, but never imagined it actually happening. It still blows me away that it has connected me with some of my idols and those I admire. I think it’s true that your energy will attract your tribe.

What was the idea behind this account?

Something between empowering people, and making subversive digs at others; but really to empower those who don’t have the faith in themselves, and chip away at domineering and sensationalised egos that contrast them. One of the main themes within Straightbuttcurious is sexualisation, toying with the idea that sex sells, but in a way that brings a different edge. Sensuality.

How would you describe your art?

Playful, but serious. Graphic, yet soft. Unashamed, andunderstated.

Who are your biggest role models and inspirations?

Man, this is actually such a tough question, because reallymy inspirations come in fleeting moments and change often. The people whoinspire me the most are the friends I choose to surround myself with. As forrole models, I don’t think I’ve ever had one. So much of my struggle has beento accept and celebrate myself; a role model would have been a step in the wrong direction.

What is the strangest request you have ever received?

I’ve had a lot over my time, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass anyone!

What is the most challenging part when it comes to creating a new drawing?

I’ve actually been fairly at peace with drawing. The hardestpart for me is actually getting me sat there at the table! I used to think Ineeded to be in a certain mind frame to draw, but now I trust my skills enoughto know I’m capable whatever mood. I guess I’m stuck in that rut of trying topsyche myself up, even when I don’t need to.

How has Instagram boosted your art?

Instagram inspired me to create a more publicly accessible branch of my art practice, and lead me to start a business course to fully invest in my creativity. Seeing how people engage with what I do online has really given me a whole new joy for making! It’s opened my mind to how I view myself too.

Are you in love?

I am full of love!

What makes you scream “YASS”?

Seeing people achieving success… and chocolate oat milk.

What are your future plans?

I have big plans for my creative store and commercial art practice, The AWH Store! With a bunch of products on the horizon, and many more to be added in the future. I want to create collections that embody what I’m about as an artist for people to use however they want; whether they see the meaning, or just like how it looks!

I’m also hoping to give my fine art practice some loving, and start to reflect a new side of me, and share things that people haven’t seen from me before. New projects, collaborations, exhibitions. Really, I just can’t wait to see what the future holds!

*images are courtesy of Adam Wilson Holmes

More of Adam Wilson Holmes here:

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