Meat Jon Stevens, the ultimate MEAT boy

Jon Stevens is not just a MEAT boy. He is a cheeky confident British lad, serving realness, posing sexy and inviting YASS to his world. Welcome!

credits: MEAT zine

Tell us some things about yourself. Where are you from and what are you up to?

Born and raised in Brentwood Essex and moved into London in 2009. Currently work for the railway industry within the customer service sector. Growing up I attended a Saturday theatre school but never really made it anywhere and then ventured into a marching youth band. Grew up with three best friends and used to drive into London on a nightly basis hitting most gay bars in Soho. We partied until the early hours drove home and then went to work. Looking back I don’t know how I managed it. As time went out, friends grew apart and we went our separate ways. 

How would you define yourself?

I’m a sexy cheeky confident lad. Very chilled out laid back and easy going. Bearded and hairy but I ain’t no forest. Man not a boy.  Big heart searching for Mr Right. My life is very spontaneous and I tend not to make plans. Unless it’s work obviously. I would love to sit at home and get paid for it … so if anyone can make me a house wife then hey here I am. You’ll probably find me singing in the street or lip syncing terribly to a song somewhere. 

credits: MEAT zine

What turns you on?

Everybody is beautiful, however, I would never pose fully naked for a photoshoot. There’s a lot of people out there that might hate me and that picture could be REVENGE . There’s probably loads of home-made pics doing the rounds anyway. 

What is your signature pic?

You will mostly see pictures of me with my tongue out, or tongue out with my eye closed. Maybe with some fingers up. I would say that’s probably my signature pose. Can we copyright it please lol. I don’t really like my smile so I try to just stick it out. Most people love it, some don’t but hey you can’t be everyone’s favourite picture. 

How did the collaboration with Meat zine happen?

Collaboration with Meat when I saw them on line. The guys were my kinda guys, manly hairy etc. No muscle Mary’s or six packs. Just ordinary guys with unedited pics looking beautiful so thought I would give it a try. Had loads of fun. Really relaxed and comfortable. 

How did you come out to your friends and family?

I came out to my parents years ago, dressed in a pair of silver hot pants on the back of a lorry dancing to Club Tropicana. At the end I told them I was gay. It was like something from a Kylie video. Me being spun around by a load of gay guys and lip syncing. Although I’m sure Kylie doesn’t lip sync lol 

You were involved in a THT campaign in 2016. How was that experience?

I was involved in the 2016 Know Your Status campaign with ThT . I got involved because I had spent years not being tested, being scared to visit the clinic etc. A particular time I met a dude in a gym and after months of seeing him In the gym he took me upstairs to the shower and we fucked. Unprotected. I felt sick afterwards. It felt good at the time but to me I knew I shouldn’t have done it. I later got a message about an encounter with someone who was just diagnosed with HIV and it was then that I knew I had to go to the clinic. I was scared, embarrassed and worried about what could happen. 

I was one of those who didn’t know my status and knew how important it was to be tested. Take responsibility and look after each other.

As a flight attendant did you ever have something more than a flirt with any of the passengers? 

So I used to be a flight attendant, travelling around the world. I caught a few people in the toilets doing things they shouldn’t be, but I’ve never joined the mile high club with a passenger. I have with a colleague, during crew rest, ie the time we get to sleep during the flight. The bunks were opposite each other and he pulled back the curtain on his bunk called my name, and showed me the goods and well the rest I’ll leave to your imagination. 

Why did you decide to stop?

Flying took me all the round the world visiting great places and creating great memories. Maybe the occasional hook up courtesy of Grindr. However, I took the decision to leave flying after becoming unwell with a blood clot in my lung, which I had for four days before I went to the hospital. Very lucky to have got it treated when I did. I had further complications and so flying and the lifestyle wasn’t the best idea. I’ve now got my feet firmly on the ground. 

How do you spend your free time?

In my free time I’ll be hanging out with my pals, visiting family in Essex, or you’ll catch me hanging out in a coffee shop in town, or in a park or the river. Not in it obviously  I love travelling, trains planes and boats. Adventure type stuff. Crazy golf. Bowling etc etc. You’ll also find me hanging out, and in conversation with you, I would have found lyrics to a song and I’ll end up blurting it out. Even if I don’t know all the words. My friends hate it. I’ll do it everywhere. Tube bus work home club, shops etc. My friends will often walk away. You may even notice me sing to a random person. Imagine an escalator, me stood behind you, all of a sudden I sing “hello, it’s meeee.” Person turns around and I’ll act as if I’ve done nothing. That kind of thing. I really wanna try my hand at drag. I kind of have that cheeky cocky confident side but I’d be shit with the clothes and make up. So if any drag queens wanna help me out then hit me up. Please!

What makes you happy?

Other people happy makes me happy generally. You can’t always have everything in life. Money isn’t everything. Have a job you enjoy doing. Be around the people you love being around. Just be who you want to be and live your life. Fuck the haters. 

What is your most embarrassing moment?

I once met a guy. He gave me those nasty crab things. I had the lotion but was obviously still itching. I went out for the nights, friends told the DJ. DJ told everyone in the club. Mortified. 

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