Smashby is Bad Influence

British queer pop artist Smashby, kicks off 2023 with a bang dropping a dance video for latest release ‘Bad influence’.

“I wrote & recorded this song right before we went into the first global lockdown. I’ve been itching to share it with my fans ever since”. 

The song is upbeat in nature and the video perfectly captures that, showcasing Smashby’s dancing abilities, something he has become renowned for on the UK Pride Circuit. Encapsulating Smashby’s joyful and outgoing personality which leaves a grin on your face. With catchy lyrics , Smashby is in their prime regarding their sound and the top of their writing abilities.

“Bad Influence is about listening to the little devil on your shoulder, doing all the bad things you know you shouldn’t that feel so good.”

Smashby is not just the one that got away on MTV’s hit dating show Love Squad, he is taking the world by storm with his ‘proper pop bangers’ as praised by BBC Radio. Smashby’s been a favourite on the UK Pride Circuit since the age of 17 but cemented his status as a “queer artist on the rise” with his collaborations with RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Aja and Divina De Campo.

Smashby has attracted media coverage not just in the UK, but also on international circuits across Europe, America, Australia and South Africa.  Smashby’s infectiously energetic persona has served him well on screen, rubbing shoulders with Olly Alexander and Sir Ian Mckellen in ‘50 Years of Pride’ a Channel 4 documentary.

Smashby is building a name for himself as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador after he toured schools and colleges across the country to promote the campaign.

Who is Smashby and how do you identify?

So, I’m Smashby! I’m a queer recording artist & performer originally from Bradford, UK. I’m gay as hell and I’ve actually been on a bit of a journey with my gender over the past 3/4 years and come to discover that I’m just me babes, I don’t really fit one thing more than another. So I’d say i’m non binary, all pronouns work for me. 

How did your career start and how has it evolved?

I’ve been performing ever since I can remember. In the living room for my family, I could (and still can) resight the whole of The Little Mermaid, I was in school shows, pantomimes etc. but my music career really started to form the minute I booked my 1st Pride event. Since then i’ve gone on to tour all over the country meeting thousands of LGBTQIA+ people and allies who get me and support me. Now I’m working with Drag Race icons and Reality TV royalty on my music, I feel like those two scenes are where I fit best. 

How would you describe your music?

It’s basically just me wanting to be Britney Spears so hella pop but I’ve been recording a few more dance & pop house tracks lately. That is what’s popping right now so I’m hoping to sprinkle my Smashby dust on that next. 

How are the LGBTQ+ people that are your references in life?

My aunties the first lesbian I ever met and when I was little she took me out in my favourite Snow White dress even when people told her not to, so she’s definitely been a massive rock for me. In the media I would say Rylan was the first gay person I really saw on TV that struck a chord with me. It was around the time I was diving into myself and questioning my sexuality after so many years of suppressing it, I was so bullied for my femininity and called gay as a slur that I couldn’t bring myself to even think that I was. He was on X Factor and Big Brother at that time and I think he really gave me a lot of confidence and hope in being happy in who I truly am. 

What is your “Bad Influence”?

My bad influence…wine, cocktails, gin, vodka? Probably my best friend Ruby, we really bring out the best (worst) in each other. I wrote a song about her it’s actually really cute and a summer bop so hoping to get that out this year. 

Is there enough queer representation in music right now?

There’s A LOT of amazing queer artists out there who definitely deserve more of a platform. I see them absolutely smashing it but I know they’re having to work ten times harder than someone who isn’t LGBTQ+. I think TikTok’s helping change that though, all the trends are set by lovely young people who mostly are open minded and ready for a new wave of artists that are queer. They’re doing videos to these songs, getting them heard and taking the power from the big companies by making what they think should be big, go viral. Again alot of the artists that are deserving to pop off aren’t hitting the algorithm so they aren’t getting their time yet but that’s a whole other conversation. 

How was your collaboration with Aja and Divina De Campo?

Both have been amazing. Aja’s gorgeous,  she was the first person with a big platform to take a chance on me and I think she put me on the map in the LGBTQ+ music scene. Divina’s an absolute sweetie, she’s filthy and fabulous just like me. She’s become a good friend and we’re actually working on more music together so watch this space. 

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

To work ten times harder than I ever have done, to take every opportunity even if it’s a spontaneous trip away with friends getting messy as hell and embarrassing myself. And just to be a nicer person really. Oh and for my waist to get flatter and my ass to get fatter.

What are your future plans?

For 2023 I’m finally sharing some of the bad b**ch tunes I’ve been working on for the last couple years, I’ve been holding them back for a TV project I’m working on but I’m impatient so I’m gonna start releasing them. To tour even more amazing Pride events all over the world and just to become a global icon mega super star really hun nothing crazy.

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