Allegiance: An unexpected surprise from George Takei comes to London

Actor & activist George Takei brings an emotional and moving show from Broadway to London, inspired by his true life experience.

Allegiance premiered in 2015 in Broadway and mentioned some difficult topics. The hard questions that the audience was presented were not welcomed by all critics, and several found the musical nature of the show kind of inappropriate. No one can deny that the show is greatly moving and we guarantee that before the end of it, you will find yourself weeping! The show is confessionally uplifting, honest, entertaining and a must-see.

Allegiance is inspired by Takei’s childhood experience in the internment camps and tells the story of the Kimura family. The family of Takei were forced to leave their homes and had to be imprisoned in a camp in Wyoming where the living conditions are questionable and are fighting for their freedom and liberty. The Kimura family is split when the son Sam (Telly Leung) chooses to join the US army and the daughter Kei (Aynrand Ferrer) chooses to marry the leader of the internal camp revolt. 

The protagonists have to take difficult decisions and they are dealing with betrayal, conflicts of interest, fear, despair, hope, death and they learn to adapt to difficult situations and to start their life from scratch. The political conflict is portrayed in the family and the performance is highlighting bravely the internal conflict between siblings in times of war because of different ideologies and mentalities.

We have to applaud George Takei for bringing this play in London, we surely learned a lot about his childhood and his experiences from this autobiographical play. If you are in London, go and see it!

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