Go Emu are the summer essentials we need

YASS is bringing you all the summer essentials to get beach-ready.

Go Emu, formally known as The Holiday Shop London, has rebranded, is launching a new range of colourful, practical, lifestyle accessories and continues to move towards its goal of using 100% recycled materials or materials from sustainable sources.

Go Emu is crazy about colour, travel, family and sport and has combined all four to create a vibrant range of exclusive travel, sport and leisure accessories designed to make life easier, packing lighter. Products are increasingly sustainable and include quick-drying towels made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, dry bags, stylish cross body bags and totes, caps, ‘keep-it-safe’ body belts, wallets, air loungers and unisex, UV400 folding sun glasses. Many items are also ideal for the gym, jogging, cycling, riding, sailing, paddle boarding, walking and everyday life. 

Lucinda loves colour, sport and travel, has a degree in Fine Art, is a mother and is extremely enterprising. Her own mother is Australian and Lucinda has lived and travelled extensively there which is where her love of bright practical sports, leisure and travel accessories comes from. She designs all the Go Emu products herself in the UK and ensures they are all practical, stylish and made of uplifting colours and very importantly to her, are moving to become as sustainable as possible. Lucinda along with a small team in Canterbury runs Go Emu as a family business. 

Lucinda Bull says… ‘Go Emu continues to grow and we are excited to be launching new products, new colours and continuing the move to becoming more sustainable. As part of a BIG, busy family I understand that we need products which work hard for us to make life easier when we are travelling, going to the beach, shopping or to work and to carry school and sports kit in. So, we set about designing a collection of practical and stylish flexible accessories in fun bright colours which are easy and light to carry, can be colour coded so each family member has their own colour, are waterproof, quick drying and offer great value for money.’

Kit That Gives – All products are exclusively designed in the UK by Go Emu, are light to carry, easy to wash, don’t take up much space when packing, are easy to identify, most are vegan friendly, many are waterproof and all offer great value for money. 

New for 2022 – Go Emu continues to expand and innovate and is launching a new two-tone colourful Open Tote bag plus a new ‘Up Funk’ Collection of Holdall Dry Bags and Arrow Towels. It is also launching some existing products in new exciting colour combinations and its new Sunglasses, Arrow Towels and Air Lounger inner tubes are now made from 100% recycled plastic.

Open Tote Bags: New – from £42.50

These stylish two tone flexible, squishy, vegan friendly totes are available in bright orange/blue and aqua marine/fuchsia and are just as colourful on the inside as they are on the out. They are perfect for popping your gym things in, going to the beach, shopping or to the office and are so practical they can be rolled up and when needed cleaned in the washing machine.

‘Up Funk’ Dry Bags: New collection – from £45

These unisex 20L and 40L vegan friendly, holdall dry bags are bags for life and are perfect for carrying sports kit, taking to festivals or going away for the weekend. They are available in 4 striking new funky colour combinations of red/turquoise, khaki/pink, blue/orange and dark pink/yellow whilst the original ‘classic collection’ has new colour combinations available too.

Arrow Towels: Recycled & New colours – £24.50

Quick drying, sand repelling, soft, large (2m x 90cm) and colourful Arrow towels are available in 4 new colours to co-ordinate with the new ‘Up Funk’ dry bag collection and each one is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. 

Dry Bags: New Colours – from £16.50

Practical, colourful, waterproof tube bags keep the water out in wet environments and keep the water from wet items such as swimming things in. They are now available in turquoise/ yellow in the 3, 5 and 10L sizes.

Funshine Cross-Body Bags: New Colours – £34.50 

These colourful, mini, vegan friendly bags are practical and fun and can be worn across the body, on the shoulder or as a clutch. They have a waterproof internal lining to keep essentials dry, 2 zip compartments, an internal zip pocket, side pouch and detachable strap and are now available in 4 new colour combinations – denim with pink/turquoise, red with green/white, yellow with navy/silver and royal blue with yellow/white.

Recycled Sunglasses: New – from £24.95

Unisex sunglasses which fold up small enough to fit into the palm of your hand! The tortoise shell facial frames are supported by a choice of 4 colourful arms and the glasses offer 100% UV400 shade protection to keep your eyes safe in the sun are now made from 100% recycled plastic.

For more information visit: www.go-emu.com

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