Combining contemporary alt/pop with Middle Eastern elements, multi-dimensional artist EMINZADA debuts his new single, exploring the desire for people with beautiful long hair and the seemingly unequivocal confidence that appears to come with it.

Photo by Elena Cornila 2

Singer/songwriter EMINZADA is a multi-dimensional artist with an exclusive style and powerful mindset. Originally from Baku City, Azerbaijan, EMINZADA has grown up with diversity in abundance, living between Azerbaijan, Turkey and the US, before making his move to London. Paying homage to his classical background in music composition, his music explores notions of camp, lust and escapism, representing freedom of art expression and his homeland’s musical culture and futurism, with his Azerbaijani heritage beaming proudly throughout.

Produced by Pat Alvarez, Emin Eminzada and Emin Karim (aka STKHA), the new single “Beautiful Long Hair” features mysterious Middle Eastern elements that are perfectly complemented by the contemporary alt-pop production, with the melody built in the Azerbaijani musical scale, Chargah. In a kaleidoscope of colourful instrumentation, the track explores the desire for people with beautiful long hair and the seemingly unequivocal confidence that appears to come with it. Captivated in his childhood by Tarzan’s long hair, the whimsical lyrics toy with the idea that people’s egos are tied to the length of their hair, with the singer revealing the track is “aiming to connect with anyone who has ever felt like they have to fight for what they love in themselves and who they truly want to be”.

EMINZADA’s support for the disabled LGBTQIA+ community is at the focal point of his work, casting a brighter light on artist’s who have experienced adversity in their life, and had a hard time finding their place within their community. The London based artist is not just an advocate and an ally for this community, but a part of it, as he manages a disability himself in the form of Pectus Excavatum; a disability that for singers in particular can be a devastating hindrance. Unapologetically himself, EMINZADA always felt as though he didn’t fit in with society’s standards of male beauty, however has empowered himself and others to stand out and stand up for themselves, overcoming both physical and emotional hurdles.

Amassing close to half a million followers on Instagram and counting, the Azerbaijan born artist is thriving in more ways than one. Setting his sights high, EMINZADA is planning to open a non-profit organization called “Emin Eminzada Foundation”, aiming to help musical artists achieve their goals, alongside releasing his upcoming EP. If his recent work is anything to go by, EMINZADA is heading to the top of everyone’s to watch list for 2022 and beyond!

What are your pronouns and how do you define?

My pronouns are he/him but I don’t like defining myself

How would you describe yourself and your music?

Extravagant and at the same time, sensitive. Literal with lots of metaphors.

How did your career start?

It started in the genre of classical music when I was 12.

When and what made you decide to move to London?

When I was in LA I had a dream that told me I needed to move to London, so that was the decision I made when I woke up. 

What are your influences and your inspirations?

Lady Gaga and attractive people.

Talk to us about the new single “Bloodline”. What does the track explore?

It’s about my inner feelings with my parents and how they wanted to control me for the rest of my life. It’s also about how I have to live my life around what’s right in their mentality. I’m making a strong statement during the track that I’m refusing to live my life by what is right in someone else’s opinion, even when it’s my parents. 

You have been a supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community. Talk to us about being an advocate to our community.

It feels great to support the community that you are a part of. 

Do you feel there is enough representation in your field?

If we are going to look at it from the fact that I’m from Azerbaijan and living my life order less, then no. 

Have you ever felt you didn’t fit in with society’s standards of male beauty and how do you empower yourself?

I felt that way when I was living with my parents, when my mother especially would dictate to me everyday that I shouldn’t wear makeup or pluck my eyebrows or do anything to take care of myself because that’s not what a man does. I only feel this way with my parents, not when I’m on my own or with someone else. 

What message would you like to send to your fans and the people who look up to you?

Do not pay attention to what people think of you. They are going to speak about you for 15-20 minutes and then life then rest of their lives. Are you going to change yourself because someone spoke about you for 15 minutes? Hell no. 

What is the best part of living in London?

Surely not rain, and having the chance to meet creative people.

What are your future plans?

That’s a secret. 


Photography: Elena Cornila (@elenacornila)

Makeup: David Oldenburg (@oldenburgdavid)

Hair: Alex Sarghe (@alexsarghe)

Styling and CGI Production: David Oldenburg (@oldenburgdavid)

Wearing Blazer and Trouser set from Dimitris Karagiannakis (@dimitris.karagiannakis) and blades by 00 (@aio0o0o0). 

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