is the perfect idea for Father’s day gifts

If you are looking for Father’s Day gifts, Holiday Guides or just essential underwear and socks, we got your back! And, there is always a good reason to refresh your drawers 🩲🧦

Whether you are looking for a present to a beloved one or you just want to give yourself a self-love gift, we have one thing to tell you!

Online retailer is the perfect place to grab your pants and socks. It allows pants and socks to be bought as gifts, one-offs, and on subscription. The subscription model is proving popular with customers ordering pants and socks on repeat every 1,2,3, 6, or 12 months. Each subscriber gets 20% off each order, the equivalent to every 5th pair of pants being free.

Father’s Day Style Brief have a range of bundles for dads this Father’s Day and summer. The ever-popular Saxx/Happy Socks Loud and Proud set costs just £25.56 and has comfortable Saxx Trunk Fly and Happy Socks Stripe Socks.

The Calvin Klein Socks and Boss Pants the Date Night Gift Set costs £50.40 and has full-on style and class. With 3 pairs of pants and 3 pairs of socks, it will stock up drawers for a few dates.

For fitness enthusiasts, the CR7 3 Pack Cotton Trunks/Puma Sport 3 pack Socks Gym Bunny Set costs £26.40 With crips white CR7 Pants and 3 pairs of sporty Puma Socks to keep cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days.

There is always a good reason to refresh your drawers with Its extensive range includes styles from all the big designer brands including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and CR7 as well as Boss and on-trend SAXX. The Pants&Socks electronic gift card is available at £10, £25, 50, £75, or £100 and is a perfect gift.

Thank you very much @pantsandsocks for taking care of our intimate parts and adding extra style and comfort ❤️‍🔥

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