The Frock Destroyers come to YASS

The iconic drag supergroup, Frock Destroyers, from RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Series 1 are reunited for new docu-series, Frockumentary, following their journey to releasing their debut album. 

World of Wonder, the award-winning team behind the global phenomenon RuPaul’s Drag Race, has today shared details of the brand-new docu-series, Frockumentary. Following the lives of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK stars Baga Chipz, Divina De Campo and Blu Hydrangea, aka the Frock Destroyers, the series transports people back to 2020 to see the pop group record, release, and perform their debut album, Frock4Life, during a global pandemic. Frockumentary airs weekly every Tuesday exclusively on the streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus. Subscribe via:

Formed as part of the girl band challenge in 2019’s RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, Frock Destroyers debuted their highly addictive version of “Break Up (Bye Bye)” on the hit TV series. The track rocketed through the charts, hitting #3 on iTunes and entering the Big UK Top 40 at #10. The song also made “herstory” by becoming the first-ever Top 10 hit in the UK charts to be performed by a drag group.

Reuniting in 2020 to record their debut album, Frock4Life, which featured the smash hits “Her Majesty,” “Big Ben” and “Fame Whore”, the band was hit by numerous obstacles and challenges. This tell-all, four-part (4×25’) docu-series charts the ups and the downs of the band to reveal the funny and touching moments that happen when the heels come off and the make-up is washed away. Following the band as they make the album with LelandFreddy Scott and Gabe Lopez (Composers, songwriters, and long-time collaborators on RuPaul’s Drag Race), release it worldwide and embark on their first tour, the series also offers a sneak-peek behind the World of Wonder curtain as it dives into the process of making the album during a global pandemic and following the creative journey with core staff members.

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, Co-Founders of World of Wonder, said, Now more than ever we need ‘Big Frock Destroyer Energy’ to save the world. Documenting the journey of these queens is like trying to capture lightning in a bottle – the tiniest spark is all you need to make it great TV, their liveliness is infectious! This series is everything we love about documentary making – you never know what’s going to happen and you can be surprised by what you find.”

Baga Chipz, Divina De Campo and Blu Hydrangea said, “Are you prepared to be Frock Destroyed… again? We all had so much fun on this project, it seems only fitting that we share the story of how it was made with our fans. A passion project that began when we were all catapulted onto the world’s main stage, we’re beyond excited that we get to share more of our story – Frock4Life!”

The docu-series will air exclusively on the streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus on 15th  March at 8pm GMT.

Blu Jydrangea and Baga Chipz stop at YASS for an exclusive interview and here is all the tea.

Welcome to YASS Frog Destroyers! You have a whole new documentary on WOW Presents Plus. How did you feel about it?

Blu Hydrangea: Oh my goodness, amazing. It was a whirlwind experience creating an album in a pandemic, so it is fabulous to relive it all and to have it all documented so that we can watch it back and be like “Oh, yeah, that happened!”. It was some my favourite experiences in my career and to be able to relive them It’s fabulous. What do you think Baga?

Baga Chipz: Yeah, oh my God. Like blue said, when we’re like old and grey – well, I’m already getting grey-, but when I’m old and grey, we could be like, “Oh my God, it’s all documented what an amazing time we had”. It has been one of the best parts of my life travelling the world with my two best mates and going from America to Europe.

Did you ever expect that the Frock destroyers would be so successful?

Blue: I mean, in the moment that we were all chosen, we were the underdogs, right? So, crystal chose Cheryl and Vivianne to be on her girl bond or whatever. And we were like “we have something to prove here”. So, whenever we started recording, and it was all coming together, I just could feel something electric. I just knew that something was going right. And I stole the iPod that had the download version of the Frock Destroyers and I bought the song, so that I could play it at home and listen to it all the time. I didn’t know we would become so iconic and the first drag girl group to be in the charts. It is pretty amazing, to be fair.

Baga: When we when we recorded it, and when we performed it I knew it was going to be big, because it was we heard the song and we were like “this is such a catchy song”. And we just knew that when we won the challenge and we knew that they just loved it and there was no negative critique. But, then, I didn’t think it was going to be this big. I didn’t think we were going to have an album and top 10 songs or that we were going to perform on live national television in front of millions. It’s just crazy. Phenomenal.

I hoped that you would be representing  UK in Eurovision this year.

Blue: Oh my goodness, I would love to. I think we were in talks before there was a song, but it just didn’t happen. It’s nice to be on their radar. And I think we’re probably the best girl group in the UK. I think we represent the UK perfectly. We’re all slags. I mean, we have nothing to lose. Literally, the last year UK was in the last position, so there’s nothing to lose. Drag Race is a big global programme and all the drag race fans will vote for us.

Definitely! I really believe that you would do you will do very well in Eurovision. At this point, I wanted to say congratulations to both of you. You did so well. You were really amazing. How was this experience for you? And did you expect that you would go that far?

Blu: It was definitely a roller coaster of a season. There were massive competitors and massive personalities, and then watching them go one by one, that was just incredible. I think that it was a really fun experience for me comparatively to season one, because I was a lot more confident and comfortable in myself and my abilities and my drive and I had also a bit more money behind me, so it was a lot easier to put myself in positions that maybe were not my cup of tea. I think we both made the most of the experience and it was really nice to have Baga there. I always joke and tell people if it was Cheryl and Baga and I had to pick a lipstick, I would have probably picked Cheryl’s!

Can you please explain me why the fans of Drag Race get so obsessed with the final decisions? Instead of just enjoying the fact that they see their favourite queens on TV, why do some people get so heated up sometimes?

Blu: I think you need to ask them because I have no idea honestly. I think it’s just they feel like they own the queens that are on the show. And they feel like they own the show itself. I remember when there was only one Drag Race per year, the fans were asking for more. But, having a latform like this is so good for our community. It highlights so many performers and gives them a platform to speak about things that are going on in the world. And people make it so negative and this is just absolutely just disgusting. And I don’t know what we can do to fix it other than just not pay any mind.

Baga: Well, if you think there’s too much Drag Race seasons now, then don’t watch them. We’re not forcing you to watch a TV show. There is so much happening in the world, so please stop moaning about things like that.

Blu: We put a lot of ourselves out there whenever we’re on the show. So, I can imagine how heartbreaking it can be to see yourself in someone that’s on the screen and then have to watch them be eliminated. But, my biggest tip for anyone on Instagram or Twitter is not to have in your bio that you’re this lovely person, if you are going to send someone home on the show.

Baga: I’m not a big football fan, but I have never sent any message to David Beckham,so why would anyone reach us to send hate?

What are your future plans? Is there more Frock Destroyers content for all your fans?

Blu: We are travelling all over the world and we are going to be in LA and our booths are all going to be beside each other. So, if you want to meet the Frock Destroyers, you absolutely can. Then, we are going to be travelling in the US and it’s going to be fabulous. We’re going to be in Australia too and, hopefully, make more music. I would love to do more music videos.

Baga: Yeah. We’re going to America, Europe, Australia, to Canada. This is the year to see people in person and thank them for their support in person. And we will get to see all these beautiful countries.

Thank you so much again, good luck to whatever you do. You deserve it.

Frockumentary airs weekly every Tuesday exclusively on the streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus. Subscribe via:

Check out the trailer of all the new content available on WOW Presents Plus here:

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