Allusia and her Animal Nature

Allusia emerged onto the drag scene in the Pacific Northwest 21 years ago in punk rock hair and political statements. Inspired by artists that marched to the beat of their own drums like Cyndi Lauper and Nina Hagen, as well as savagery of the animal kingdom, Allusia always strove to unapologetically carve out her unique spot in the ecosystem of art. With lyrics inspired by prehistoric desires and looks divined from esoteric fever dreams, she crashed into the scene like a bull into a china shop – and hasn’t had time to look back. 

Her first drag performance was a fundraiser for Stonewall Youth, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources and a place of belonging for queer youth. From there she went on to perform in various drag shows, house parties, and seedy garage rock shows as well as becoming part of local grassroots political movements. At 19, she became the youngest ever co-chair of Olympia Gay Pride and has ever since strived to make the world a better place for the queer community. 

At 25, Allusia packed a U-Haul and moved to Los Angeles with no plan, no money, and no clue. Wasting no time, she quickly became a staple in the West Hollywood party scene with residencies at Here Lounge, Micky’s, The Abbey, Hamburger Mary’s, The Factory, and more. She has appeared on stage with Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, La Bouche, Bright Lights, and a slew of others that she cannot remember due to various blackouts. 

Fueled by the delights of being a nightlife socialite, she became a video ho in countless music videos and made saucy drag appearances in movies and television shows such as AJ And The Queen, Bones, Glow, Dorothy, and We Are Your Friends as well as casting and starring in cult drag favorite Cherry Pop. 

After a six-year break from making music, Allusia rode back in with a sex-fueled do whatever you want party single called “Psycho Pony.” Her upcoming EP Animal Nature remains true to her riotous roots while including a glossy pumped-up new feel. With the second single “Party Rhino” near the horizon, it feels like the after-party might go on forever.

Allusia, our unapologetic, artistically savage drag queen extraordinaire, is releasing her EP, “Animal Nature,” on April 15, 2022.  Carving out a spot in the ecosystem of art and music, this animalistic EP dares to get a little freaky, swirling in the esoteric fever dreams that birthed her notorious persona. This dance/electronic album blends flamboyant rhythms, flashy theatrics, and boisterous lyrics that redefine the EDM genre.  Throughout “Animal Nature,” Allusia experiments with daring bass lines, unexpected progressions, and her notoriously crass vocals, creating a kingdom of its own.  

Who is Allusia and how do you identify? 

Allusia is a siren of the stage. A comedian, a madwoman, a singer, a walking party, and some would say a huge liability. I identify as a Clownado. 

How would you describe yourself? I would describe myself as a free spirited control freak. Someone who refuses to color inside the lines. I’m someone who is always reaching for something just outside of my explanation, and I’ll experiment till I get there. Unconventional and unapologetic.

When did your drag career start? 

My drag career started when I was just 16. However long ago that was. I was a spitfire genderqueer fundraiser queen.

Talk to me about Animal Nature. What shall we expect to hear and what is this EP about? Animal Nature is about raw emotion, each song is written about just feeling things to the fullest. Love, lust, rage, feeling feral and wild. Being in touch with the animal inside. Musically, we pulled from a lot of wildly different inspirations. 1920s jazz, 80s synth pop, disco, industrial rock. I had a lot of complicated feelings to capture.

You have shared the stage with Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson, La Bouche, and Bright Lights. How was this experience? 

Each experience has been amazing in it’s own unique way. I’ve had the chance to work with a lot of singers that formed my teenage years, which is such a dream come true. Sometimes it’s a bit mindblowing, you know? A little like a fever dream. And it’s also inspiring being there with an artist that can do it all by themselves from start to finish.

Would you consider going to drag race?

You know, it’s funny. Nobody has ever asked me that before.

How has drag changed over the years and how has your drag evolved? 

Drag has changed IMMENSELY since I started, a delicate 22 years ago. When I started, you were either a stage performer or an audience member. Now there are so many different outlets for drag queens, you don’t even need to have a definable talent! With all the different platforms that have developed over the years like YouTube and Instagram, as well as our acceptance into movies and television as more than just a punchline, you can be anything. The time is ours, Queens.

Who are the people you admire?

I’ve always admired performers who are true to themselves. People that won’t take a role or do a song because they’re supposed to, but only do what they FEEL. Artists like Cyndi Lauper, Tina Turner, Nina Hagen, Robyn, Pink. My inspirations when I was growing up were strong women, and now I am one.

What are your future plans? 

All I’ve ever wanted is complete world domination. Nothing too lofty. I’m going to keep making music that comes from my soul. I’m going to live my life motto, which is “F*ck it”.

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