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Just one breath away from the finale of Drag Race Canada, YASS brings you an exclusive interview of the queen who last sashayed away and got closer to being in the top 3 and becoming Canada’s next Drag Superstar . And it is none other than Gia Metric!

For those who don’t know, started her drag career in Toronto but settled in Vancouver where she is one of the city’s most well-known performers. She has won crowns as Vancouver’s Entertainer of the Year in 2016, and Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar in 2018; she also walked in New York Fashion Week in 2019. Let’s get to know her a little more!

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How was your experience in Drag Race Canada?

It was so fun. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. I went into the competition wanting to challenge myself and to step outside of my comfort zone, take chances, and I really did that. And it’s cool to have your drag celebrated on such a huge platform! Although I didn’t win, and it was unfortunate seeing that girl on stage and having her dreams being taken away, I am so beyond proud of myself. And I’m excited for what’s next for Gia.

That is amazing. So what were your favourite moments during the show?

I would say my best moments was being in the bottom week. Haha. That was not the best, for sure. I would say my best would be the the Rusical, that was like a standout performance for myself. And my runways, too. I think they were super inventive and it was it was nice to see that moments again. I’m obsessed with my Jim Carrey in Snatch Game. I had no idea that I was capable of doing anything like that. Additionally, my girl group was iconic, you know me and the girls kicked some ass. And what else? I’ve just made Oscar speeches. I feel like I’ve done so much this season. It’s so hard to keep track.

Did you have fun? Did you enjoy it?

Oh my god. I have no regrets. I was talking to my dad before the competition, and that was his one piece of advice that he gave me. And actually I wrote it down on a piece of paper and I stuck it on my mirror. The message was saying “Have no regrets It is a chance of a lifetime . You have to give it your all and when you come out if you should have no regrets like you’re a winner, no matter like what the outcome is”. And he truly set me up for success during the whole competition because every morning I looked at the piece of paper and I said to myself that I had no regrets that day. So yeah, I had the time my life.

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You started your drug career in Toronto, and then you moved to Vancouver and you are very popular there. You have won the crown was “Vancouver’s Entertainer of the Year in 2016”. And “Next Drag Superstar” in 2018. You have also worked in New York Fashion Week in 2019. Do you feel that your participation in the show will help to change your drag or evolve your drag or change your approach towards what you’re doing?

Yeah, it’s interesting because all of those, all those things that you named were really great accomplishments and I am I’m super proud of them. But there’s something about being on TV and, not necessarily for the viewers, but for myself. It is a moment to latch yourself back and reflect and also to see the different sides of yourself. One thing that I was really excited to show was more of my personality on the show. I do aim for a sense of perfection on my social media, so it was really exciting to show the world that I can be kooky and I can be loud and I can be fun and that I do have this loose side of me. One thing that also touched me was the makeover challenge what we were able to do. It was so inspiring to be in the same room with five young, queer people who were so brave and strong to share their stories, especially because I didn’t have that strength when I was younger. Whether in drag or out of drag, I want to continue to inspire other people to have the strength to share their story.

But who are your role models for the people that you look up to?

I would say my biggest role model in life when it comes to pop culture and celebrities is Lady Gaga. She really helped me to be comfortable being queer. And when I first came out, her music and everything that she did, she brought me together with this amazing group of people who taught me that I can be a bad kid and I can be free and I can do whatever I want without the thought of what other people are going to think about me. She’s allowed me to see and bring out my bravery and my strength and my creativity based on what she did in the spotlight. And then my other role model is my mom (@momma.metric on Instagram). She’s just been such a light in my life. She’s supported me from day one. I find so inspiring my father, as well. You know, people of that age and generation willing to learn the new way and to learn what drag is and are willing to gain knowledge about what their kid is doing and support them and learn what their pronouns are and have all of these tough conversations.

Catch Canada’s Drag Race S2 exclusively in the UK on WOW Presents Plus every Friday at 2am BST; Subscribe via

What are your plans for the future?

You can expect a lot as I want to get into music. Music is definitely in my plans. I’m excited to start to write and produce pop songs. I’ve always wanted to be a pop star, and it’s going to come true. And I want to model, I want to be I want the face you see on the billboards, I want to be in campaigns and I truly just want to continue just spreading love.I want to kee being a role model for people who are the same as me or identify the same as me.

More of Gia Metric here:

Twitter: @gia_metric Instagram: @gia.metric TikTok: @giametric

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