Satyrs and Maenads: the Athens Porn Film Festival

The second edition of Satyrs and Maenads: the Athens Porn Film Festival is here and is going to take place in December ONLINE (thanks COVID). Over 110 shorts films and three feature length films are going to be available to view on demand for 10 days, powered by PINKLABEL.TV.  The films will be organized in thirteen programmes for the viewers to enjoy with one ticket set at 15$ (plus processing fee). The ticket/festival pass ONLY will be available to purchase from the 20th of November to the 9th of December (25% of the sales will go in aid of legal fees for the lawyers of Zak/Zackie Oh’s family).

Programme List:

  1. Opening Film
  2. Erastes Shorts
  3. Euphrosyne Shorts
  4. Desphestic Shorts
  5. Lysistrata Shorts
  6. Sapho Shorts
  7. Ganymede Shorts
  8. Teiresias & Pegasus Shorts
  9. Hellenic Shorts +1
  10. Philoxenia Shorts: 10 years of PopPorn
  11. Symposium Shorts
  12. Prometheus Shorts
  13. Closing Film

Full details of the programme can be found on our website.

What is porn?

“Pornography is the portrayal of sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal.” But is that all it really can be? We think not. Porn can inform, entertain and educate. It can open up issues of gender, sexuality and identity. It can raise awareness and be political and it can be fun too! And it is these ‘more than just porn’ films that we, as a film festival, are interested in.

Who is our intended audience?

People who are bored of commercial porn and looking for something different. People interested in human sexuality and its politics.  People who want something more than the ‘male gaze’. People who love art films. People who want to feel represented by the porn they watch. People who want to learn more.

About the first edition

The first edition of the festival happened last November. Over 300 viewers purchased a pass that gave them access to all the films of the festival on the online platform. Originally the 93 films were available for 72 hours but after popular demand the availability was extended to a total of 10 days. From the passes sales 650€ were collected for the legal expenses of the family of Zak/Zackie Oh. And many of the artists donated their fee and raised 500€ for the greek transgender association.

Opening Film: Female Ejaculation and other mysteries of the universe by Julia Ostertag

Author and director Julia Ostertag took an investigative autobiographical journey through the partly still undiscovered world of female ejaculation. On her way she met six protagonists from five different countries who have dedicated their work to this topic – in film, literature, performance, activism and sex education. She took part in practical and theoretical workshops in Rome, Berlin and Mexico, she interviewed Annie Sprinkle on Skype and she learned about the female phallus.

The film offers new perspectives on female sexuality and a sexpositive political herstory of  female pleasure in a diversified collection of archival footage, interviews and documentary material.

Closing Film: Vivante by Anoushka

Vivante sets itself apart from other adult films by ad­dressing themes rare in pornographic cinema, disabi­lity, sexual assistance and self-acceptance.  Anchored in reality, the film takes us through the birth of a love story, which a dramatic event will shatter in its tracks, and its difficult renewal. Through this film, director Anouhska wants to breathe a brea­th of hope for those who have experienced painful events in their lives.

Philoxenia Shorts Programme: 10 years of PopPorn

Every year we will be hosting a fellow porn film festival to give us a selection of their local films. This year to celebrate 10 years of PopPorn we are hosting 14 Brazilian films from their decade of sexy fun and joy curated by Tino Monetti.


We will be giving out three awards decided by a three-membered Jury for each category. Jury members: Maria Cyber, George Tsitiridis, Katerina Panopoulou, Adam Baran, Elias Adam, Stiofan O’ Calliagh, Tino Monettil. The awards were designed by artist Zacharias Petrakis for

  • International Short Fiction 2021
  • International Short Factual 2021
  • Greek Short 2021

Ticket Information

The festival pass gives access to all films for 10 days to watch on demand between Friday December 10th 00:00 until Tuesday 20th of December 23:59. Tickets cost 18$ including fees (about 15.5€) and can be purchased ONLY until the 9th of December 23:59 EET/Greek Time  HERE. People who have bought the pass will receive an email with instructions on how to create an account and log in on the viewing platform.


Ticket link:

Facebook Event:

Festival Trailer:




Festival Director: Menelas Siafakas


Phone: +30-6932639907

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