Pineapple queer art and photography

Pineapple was built with the keen to create an online platform for explicit artworks and photo sessions.  Nowadays, since Tumblr lost his balls, it is even more difficult for an artist to find a publishing place for erotic or superheated series. Pineapple is here to celebrate any kind of art what is too hot for social media, and even more. YASS Magazine met Ben Sabo, the creator pf Pineapple and here is the interview.

credits: @floriantek

What was the initial spark behind Pineapple and how was this project born?

As a photographer, and art fan, I always browse the internet and looking for pictures that interest me. When I find something that grabs my attention, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out who is the artists, model etc etc… Work on Tumblr (rest in peace) or on Instagram is not always credited and also many artists only show a small part of their art. It’s also not very easy to find full erotic photo series, you always just find one or two pictures. I wanted to create a site where people, who have about the same tastes as me can find full series and interesting artworks that have direct links to each creator.

The site become reality in about 1 or 2 months. The start was not easy, without connections, but slowly (as the popularity grew) I started to receive submissions and answers to my requests.


How has Pineapple managed to become one of the most popular platform that celebrates male erotica?

It became popular I think because Pineapple always tries to feature a wide variety of artists and photographers. I think diversity is more fun unlike being stuck on only one type of subject. Really, there is no general secret to what I can name is the site’s key to success.

credits: @lisboetaliano

How has the gay community embraced your project?

I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback about the site and I hope that is something that will not change in the future.

credits: helterskeltermargo

What is the definition of male beauty for you?

It is common to say I know, but a perfect body or face does not impress me much, only if it comes with a great personality.

credits: @samscottchiavo
credits: @shootmeamer

How has the male body image been affected by art through time?

Male body image is really just a product of the time period, class and culture. In Europe, Louis XIV was considered the masculine cream of the crop as depicted in Rigaud’s painting of him looking all mighty in his high heels and fluffy wig…a far cry from the ideal man with the athletic and completely unattainable bodies from classical sculpture in Greece. Art has always distorted male body image just like we do today with Photoshop. Or those dumb “give yourself a six-pack” apps we see as ads on Instagram.

credits: @samscottchiavo

How has the evolution of social media boosted the establishment of Pineapple?

It was a difficult at start, Instagram deleted Pineapple’s profile a couple of times before they let it grow, but for now I try to keep the Instagram feed very decent. After the start it became a regular month to month growth and I cannot say enough how grateful am I to all the artists/photographers who helped Pineapple all along the way with just a simple shout out or mention of the site that let their followers know that they were featured/published on Pineapple.

Who would like to collaborate with?

I could name a few who’d I like very much, but I’ve still not contacted them,  I would rather write them privately… But, in general if an atist/photographer thinks he did something that would fit Pineapple, then I am glad to publish it or even have an interview with him. The submission line is always open and I can proudly say that I always find 2 minutes to answer emails, so guys feel free to send your artworks/pictures if you’f like to see it on Pineapple.

credits: @robpolmanalog

What are the characteristics an artist should have to be featured in your platform?

For Pineapple the main mission is to publish talented and creative people. People go for realism and not showing off boys through an over retouched lense. There are a few sections on the site for different types of works. Of course the main topics are nude/kinky artworks – photograhps, but also open to share any great photo stories in our new topic ‘Light Meal’. The name refers to to content, as it do not must be erotic, even great city or social photography can fit, but naturally is a big plus if the storie contain some boys. Also new on Pineapple to feature videos, from music to short films or previews.

credits: @hproyecto

Does the zine represent your personal aesthetics or it is a collective of the artists that are featured in your platform?

I guess everything what I do represent myself. The zine, as well as the site, represents a wide variety of queer photography and art. Some collaborators are more kinky, some less. For the zine, usually I don’t do open it up to submissions, but rather ask the artists to come up with some kind of exclusive story from the ones who have been featured on the site already. There is always a few exceptions as well of course.

credits: @leoadef

Is gay iconography and homoerotic art gaining ground more lately?

Yes, I definitely think so.

Who are your favourite artists?

It’s too hard to choose! So I’ll give you the top five that first come to my mind: Ginger Spice, Scary Spice, Baby Spice, Sporty Spice and Posh Spice.

credits: @pnpplzine

What are your future plans?

For this year the goal is the same as before, support what we like. Especially for upcoming photographers and artists, but very open minded for every kind of art. In the spirit of this, for 3 months we honour every accepted analogue photo story with free rolls. Also, probably will come up with the second printed issue around May.

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