Meat NAKED 2020 Calendar – 12 real men redefining sexy

The infamous meat NAKED calendar is back for 2020, once more challenging the stereotypes of what makes gay men sexy.

Twelve regular guys of different shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds and professions have stripped off to prove that real men have got it going on.

Adrian, who has published the gay pin-up zine meat since 2010, says his portraits of men “attempt to redefine what it is to be a sexy gay man. Representing our community is a work in progress for meat, but the calendar is a great opportunity to celebrate the bodies of real men.”

East London artist Matthew was keen to explore his newfound body confidence and says; “I was brought up with quite a lot of shame surrounding my sexuality. Now in my 30’s I’m beginning to feel more comfortable and relaxed.”

South Londoner Rue loved the process of posing for meat and the ethos behind the calendar. “I had a great time posing, and I feel good about being part of a project that explores the range of body types that make up the gay community in London. We deserve to be celebrated.”

Jay, who travelled from Jersey to be part of the calendar relished getting involved saying “I’ve followed meat for a while and love the variety of ‘real’ guys they showcase. I didn’t think I would fit the mould, but that’s just it, there is no mould. We come in different shapes and sizes. I’m honoured to be a part of something so diverse and inclusive in a world that’s still struggling to be. 

The meat naked calendar and magazine are available to order now from

Check out the men of the meat naked video:

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