Tossa Tossa, the first sexy bearded doll with a penis is here!

Tossa Tossa is the sexiest bear guy doll on planet Earth that you can find. And the reason why is because he is the first sexy cute bear man figure with a penis!

With so many sexy girls on the collector figures market, the creators were wondering why there are no guys to play with! Tossa Tossa is a toy for anybody who likes sexy men and he is proud to have a penis! There is nothing to be ashamed of! He is a shower (with a big boner-tested), he has an impressive six-pack and he can make your fantasies go wild.

We met Patrick Grange, the genius mind behind Tossa Tossa and he revealed all we need to know about this sexy guy that is our new object of desire.


Who is Tossa Tossa? And what is his mission?

Tossa Tossa has no real background as he is an imagination adult toy. He is a doll with a sexy body and a penis showing there is nothing to be ashamed of. He is an answer to all female very sexy figures on the market. Sexy male figures can exist!

How did you come up with the idea of the male bear figure?

Well precisely because the figure market has no male men figures. I am also a doll collector and I like the idea of “doll play” with a sexy guy. We also aim at making other lines like statues or chibi figures. The bear was a way to make the character cute (kawaii) to evitate any nasty aspect. Tossa Tossa is sexy but he is also a cute bear, a friend or a boyfriend.

IMG_5884 2.jpg

Is Tossa Tossa based on a real person?

Absolutely not! Such a butt does not exist in reality. Or maybe in the Kardashian’s family? Tossa Tossa comes from a concept art I did and has been adapted in 3D by Alex Bronnings.

Where did you find your inspiration about Tossa Tossa?

I like the cute guys of the Japanese author Jiraiya. He has a realistic style but also a manga style with very cute characters.

How is the biggest target group of Tossa Tossa?

Tossa Tossa has never been labelled for gay people or men. Of course our main customer base is made of gay men and we are proud of that. We also have girls and that is fantastic! We would like to have more and more female customers. USA fans are the first to have answered our offer. Maybe because of Kickstarter. Spain comes just after USA.


Can we see Tossa Tossa naked?

Of course we can! On, he is no censored! The best is still to have him in hands.

What has been the reaction to the fans who ordered the male figure? 

All fans have been wonderful. Some have waited almost a year to get their figure because they have supported us since the very start. They have been happy to get their doll, put pictures on Instagram and Facebook, sent kind messages and e-mails, made fanarts… Our community is fantastic.


Did you expect the huge success of your crowdfunding project?

Well, the crowdfunding campaign has failed to tell the truth. Anyway, it made us understand there was a small community to start with and we wrote to each person who had pledged to offer them the figure on preorder in our own online shop. With some courage and investments from the CEO of outcollectorfigures, we have been able to cover all the costs of prototyping, production, transport and taxes. We are kinda proud of this because so few people have the courage to start such a project.

What has been the biggest difficulty in the manufacturing project?

The manufacturing in China was not something new for us. We have made many PVC and resin figures in the past for another brand. Anyway, each production has its own surprises and in the case of Tossa Tossa, the main problem was to inject the upper body and the legs in one shot. The PVC would not get in the mold homogeneously. Normally, we don’t inject such big parts in one time but we really wanted to keep the generous shapes of Tossa Tossa safe. China’s engineers have found a solution in the end…


What has been the reaction of the gay bear community?

I cannot say I can make a difference between who considers himself as a bear in our customer base or not. Some gay bear people on social networks are kind, some said Tossa Tossa was not a bear because he was too muscled or not hairy enough. That is true in a way but he had to seduce a maximum of people and not everybody love realistic bear men. Our figure is a fantasy character. Also, we cannot say he is fatless! I don’t feel we really have the support of the gay bear community. We just can say some of our fans happen to be bears.

bonner_exclusive .jpg

Did you intend to make Tossa Tossa the absolute gay bear icon?

No. Tossa Tossa is a bear guy because he has cute bear ears on the head but he doesn’t have to be a bear or a gay icon. Tossa Tossa is more the image of a cute sexy figure who is proud to have a penis! Now said, our real intention with Out Collector Figures and products to come is to create an erotic male figures Pop Culture. Anybody who would like to own one of our product is free to do, regardless his sexual orientation or community belonging.

What turns Tossa Tossa on?

Tossa Tossa loves to go to the sea side because he lives in the mountains. His holidays in the warm sun and other sexy guys on the beach may turn him on… Oh, but a doll is made to be what you want him to be so collectors will decide what turns their Tossa Tossa on!

What is the ideal partner for Tossa Tossa ?

Tossa Tossa would not have an ideal partner. If we have the chance to make more dolls, people will choose who he will date. Meow Meow, his black kitty friend has all his chances anyway…


What makes Tossa Tossa happy?

Tossa Tossa is a simple guy. What makes him happy is eating, working, nature and love. Nothing should make him worried.

What is Tossa Tossa thinking?

He is thinking of making new friends! He thinks he needs company!

Tell us something about Tossa Tossa that we do not know.

Tossa Tossa was not our first figure. We sculpted a PVC statue based on an artwork of Jiraiya to try to convince him to sell us the rights on the image. We have prototyped the figure and it looked fantastic! Unfortunately, we have not been able to be directly in contact with Jiraiya and its mediator did not seem very motivated by the project. We never knew if Jiraiya Sensei saw the figure or not.


What shall we expect from you in the future?

First, the accessories pack for Tossa Tossa. It consists in a beach set coming in 2 colours. One is called the “juicy beach” set and the other “plumber’s beach” set. There are new accessories to have fun with Tossa Tossa and make him horny! Next, we would love to make Meow Meow, the black cat, kitty friend of Tossa Tossa. He is designed but we still need to sculpt him. The biggest difficulty is to find the funds to produce him…

Aside from this, we would like to launch a new crowdfunding campaign for a fantasy resin statue. An illustrator will work with us and in case of success, we would like to make many with several artists.

All this takes a lot of time but we hope to do well even slowly. We are a very small company and our only support are our customers!


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