Bear Naked Chef removes his clothes

There is not a gay man who respect theirselves who does not know the Bear Naked Chef or they have not sweated while watching him on YouTube cooking almost naked. The Bear Naked Chef is hot and knows how to cook. That is enough to keep us happy. See below to find out why.

Tell us some things about yourself.

I grew up in in a traditional Italian household where food and family was the center of everything. I learned everything I know about cooking from them, especially from my grandmother and my mother. My family owned restaurants and pizzerias throughout my childhood and I worked in them from the age of 11. I am the youngest of 3 boys and am the only creative and gay one of all my brothers.

The Bear-Naked Chef programme became so popular that now is travelling all around the world. First stop Madrid. What’s next?

Because of the internationally success of the first format of The Bear-Naked Chef, I received tons of emails from fans from all over the world to come cook in their countries. I also had an interest in other kinds of authentic cuisines. So, I created my Travel Edition to do just that: explore, study and taste flavours from around the globe. So, I got on a plane and headed to the EU, specifically Madrid. I based myself there for one month and travelled to 4 different cities in 4 different countries to experience new foods that represent the heart of each one. I love and have always been interested in Spanish food so I made Madrid my first stop. Then I headed to Portugal, Germany and France during my visit, tasted all their foods and picked dishes to feature on my next episodes that I learned to cook first-hand from locals. I am very excited about and proud of this new season. And I know my audience will be too. While I was in the EU, I met with some European broadcasting companies that expressed interest in developing the format for television or the digital space. I am working on the development with a team to bring my concept to other countries so stay tuned…

Do you enjoy cooking naked? Have you faced any challenges while cooking without clothes?

I really enjoy cooking naked, and being naked. I have been cooking naked for years. It began years ago when I would wake up on the weekends and cook naked with an ex-boyfriend and then it turned into “a thing”. I realized there was something sexual and sensual about the cooking process for me. It turns me on. The same pleasure center is triggered with food and sex. So, it’s the same kind of pleasure for me. Cooking naked can be dangerous if you are not careful, so it forces me to concentrate and focus. I take my time with it like I would with a lover: slow and focused. I do get excited sometimes. But that is just part of the process. While I was filming in Spain oil splattered on my manhood. I yelled and the crew could not stop laughing. it took ten minutes to get it together so we could get back to filming.


What would you cook on your first date?

I would make seafood on the first date, like pasta with lobster, or grilled squid, or a swordfish steak. Seafood is light and delicious. And an aphrodisiac. And not filling: you don’t want to be full in case the opportunity for sex arises.

What is your speciality?

I specialize in authentic regional Italian cuisine, but cook all kinds of food. I love elevated peasant food. I concentrate on the presentation because as you know, we eat with our eyes. Food has to look sexy first before we taste it. It’s like wearing a beautiful suit before you take it off.

What would someone have to cook for you to seduce you?

For someone to seduce me with food, all they would have to do is serve me something thoughtful and cooked with care and love. This tells me that they made an effort and are trying to impress me.

How does cooking naked make you feel?

Cooking naked makes the experience sensual. Good food is sexy to me. There is something primal about cooking naked.

_55B5578 copy.jpg

Where can we see you cooking completely naked?

You can see me cook fully naked in my house. You would have to be invited over to see that.

How do you react if someone prefers to try yourself than your food?

I say taste my food first, and you will be able to taste me in the food. Then we can talk.

Are you single at the moment?

Yes, I am single. I hope that when I do get a boyfriend, he can handle me. I do get many propositions from fans, and I am very flattered by it.

Do you also provide personal catering services?

I do have a catering/personal chef business. And I am available for these services. I have been offered to fly to places like Dubai and Tel Aviv to cook for people. It’s kind of amazing. But I don’t always work naked. Depends on the occasion.

What has been the best reaction from a fan?

The best reaction was from a fan who told that I have them inspired them to cook. That my show has motivated people that don’t like to cook or think they can’t cook try my dishes. This is my goal: to share my food with the world. And hopefully change the way that people think about cooking. That they now shift their perspective from thinking it’s not “work” to cook, it can be fun.


Are you recognised on the street?

I do get recognized a lot in the US. When I was traveling in Europe, I was surprised at how many people recognized me on the streets. It’s kind of crazy and amazing. I still can’t believe it.

What is your biggest audience?

My biggest audience is mostly gay men, and 30% are women.

What is your favourite dish?

My favourite dish is grilled octopus. Or roasted chicken with roasted potatoes.

Could you ever imagine that the series would be so successful?

I never imagined the show would have this much success. I just did this web series for fun. I didn’t know it would get this popular, and all over the world.

What turns you on?

Confidence turns me on.

What do you find sexy?

Someone who knows who they are and isn’t arrogant. Humility is also very sexy. And kindness. Kindness is the sexiest quality.

What are your plans for the future?

I was living in Madrid the previous summer, promoting my show in Europe and other countries. Also, I was on the jury panel last month for Mr. Gay España. I was on their pride float as well. What an amazing experience. Not to mention that I am working on licensing my show to OutTV, a Canadian LGTBQ network that broadcasts in Europe and I am on Revry, one of the first LGTBQ video streaming apps.

My plans for the future are to grow the show and my brand, to work on developing my series into a television show, I’d like to do a cookbook, and have Bear-Naked Chef merchandise, like aprons, cooking utensils, cookware. I would like it to be a lifestyle brand someday.


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