The Best Film and TV Nudity of 2022

Welcome to the 9th Annual Manatomy Awards, where we celebrate the year’s best movie and television nudity by Mr. Man!

Okay, good, it seems like you guys are as excited as we are for the best nude scenes of the year!

In this year’s Manatomy Awards you’ll find our tried and true categories like Best Full Frontal (hey, Josh O’Conner’s big uncut British penis) and Best Gay Scene (that time Manu Ríos got fucked for three and a half minutes on Elite) as well as some tailor-made-for-2022 categories like Best Gay Sex In Front Of Jennifer Coolidge and Best Caught Having Sex With An Octopus!

Plus, this year’s Lifetime Achievement Winner is none other than Zorro himself, Antonio Banderas, who has revealed his huge cock in multiple roles. Congratulations to all this year’s wieners!

Best Full Frontal
Josh O’Connor in Mothering Sunday

Can someone help us find our breath? It has been taken away. The Crown actor Josh O’Connor followed up his incredible nude scenes in the seminal gay movie God’s Own Country with the best full frontal of 2022 in the romance Mothering Sunday. He brazenly stands as naked as the day he was born, showcasing the amazing package he has swinging around between his legs. Prince Charles would be proud.

Best Butt
Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love and Thunder

As butt scenes are the most common form of male nudity in movies and television, our Manatomy Award for Best Butt is highly competitive. However, no one can hold a candle to Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Love & Thunder. This famously stacked Aussie doesn’t miss glute day at the gym, and infuses this Marvel flick with a shocking amount of male sexuality. Wonder if he’s Thor after doing all those squats.

Best Gay Scene
Manu RíosAndré Lamoglia in Elite

The best gay scene of 2022 is also the best teen gay sex scene ever seen in a television show. Even we were shocked to see just how far the creators of the Spanish teens gone wild series Elite were willing to go in season five. Internet sensation Manu Ríos consummates his relationship with André Lamoglia in a three-and-a-half-minute gay sex scene featuring ass-eating, a blow job, and anal. The perfect trifecta.

Nude Debut
Harry Styles in My Policeman

Watermelon sugar, hiiiii! Harries – or Harry Styles fans – got what they were waiting for when the former One Directioner finally went nude on screen. Sure, he’s got a famously sexy stage presence. But nothing can compare to seeing Harry’s butt during a passionate gay sex scene with David Dawson in the period gay romance My Policeman.

Best Nudecomer
Henry Eikenberry in Euphoria

Henry Eikenberry completely blew us away in 2022. This Euphoria star fluffed out Cal’s backstory by playing Young Cal’s closeted gay lover in high school. In the best Euphoria scene so far (we know, that’s a bold statement, but just wait!) 18-year-old Cal (Elias Kacavas) eyes every inch of the fully nude Henry in the boy’s locker room before Henry asks him if he wants to grab a milkshake. We do. We really do.

Best TV Show

The retro porn series Minx was axed by HBO even after initially receiving a season two renewal. No matter. It can always be proud that it was the best show for nudity in 2022. We got a close-up cock compilation in the first episode, a full frontal group shower in episode four, Nate Crnkovich’s insane ass and aspirational prosthetic, and so much more.

Best Picture

Gay Hong King film provocateur Scud announced that he was releasing two final films before retiring, and while we’re sad to see him hang up his directing hat, we’re very thankful that he went out on such a high note. The actors remain fully naked throughout essentially the entirety of Apostles, and the movie is topped by Wei Kai Huang’s breathtaking nude ballet. That’s how you do a Best Picture.

Best Erection
John Strong in Pleasure

The independent movie Pleasure enlisted real porn stars to tell the fictional downfall of a young aspiring starlet turned porn star. John Strong gets naked for a blowjob scene, where we get to see his famous erection! It’s rock-hard and basically at twelve o’clock. True erection perfection, and the year’s hottest on-screen boner by far.

Best Bare Jordan
Michael B. Jordan in A Journal for Jordan

Michael B. Jordan is one of the most popular actors of his generation, but up until 2022, he kept his ass under wraps, preferring to showcase his amazing body with shirtless scenes in movies like Black Panther and Creed. Yay, but nay. We want ass, and Michael finally showed his incredible backside with his nude debut in A Journal For Jordan.

Best Gay Sex in Front of Jennifer Coolidge
Leo WoodallTom Hollander in The White Lotus

The legendary Jennifer Coolidge experienced a major career resurgence after appearing in season one of The White Lotus, and she became a bona fide gay icon after finding herself in the middle of a gay storyline in season two. In the season’s most shocking scene, she discovers the British jock Jack (Leo Woodall) having sex with the man he claims to be his “uncle.” All parties involved should be very honored!

Best Rebooty
Queer as Folk

The decade of reboots continued in 2022 with the epic return of Queer As Folk. This one’s filled with an incredible amount of ass, making it the year’s Best Rebooty, naturally! So how queer are these folk? Devin Way uses his spit to lube up Caleb J. Spivak’s hole, later Devin untucks Steffan Argus to eat his ass, Special creator Ryan O’Connell rides model Nyle DiMarco’s cock, Chris Renfro bangs Johnny Sibilly’s ass from behind, and so, so much more. It’s that good.

Best Defying Gravity
Sam ReidJacob Anderson in Interview with the Vampire

The small screen adaptation of Interview With The Vampire kicked off with some Wicked high-flying fucking. Sam Reid and Jacob Anderson are so into each other during a devil’s threeway, that after the woman goes to sleep, they turn things into a two-way, even levitating off the ground as Reid has sex with Jacob from behind. Uh oh, someone’s a little wet. Better stick him in some Anne Rice. Wait, what?

Best Pringles Can Cock
Michael Bolwaire in All the Queen’s Men

We thought nothing could top season one of All The Queen’s Men, but boy were we dong. I mean thong. I mean wrong! This male stripper series not only brings back Jeremy Williams’ literal Coke can cock from season one – it adds in Michael Bolwaire’s Pringles can cock for good measure. That reminds us, we’ve got to do some grocery shopping.

Best Jockstrap
Bowen Yang in Fire Island

It’s hard for us to admit, but there is something sexier than seeing a naked man, and that something is seeing a basically-naked man in a sexy-as-hell jockstrap. Case in point: The groundbreaking openly gay Saturday Night Live comedian Bowen Yang, who looks simply amazing in his Jockstrap in the Hulu gay comedy Fire Island.

Best Throne Frontal
Ansel Wolf Pierce in Euphoria

Ansel Wolf Pierce is a blonde model-turned-actor who lent his good looks to the season two Euphoria opener. Pierce casually ascends the throne in front of series star Sydney Sweeney in the bathroom. The shocking frontal scene went viral, with many women online claiming that they had never seen what a man looks like while using the bathroom. Skin is always porcelaIN!

Best Nude Double Wheelbarrow
Jackass 4.5

Did you ever hear that someone can be so straight that they actually circle around to being gay? The theory remains unproven, but we have some anecdotal evidence in the form of Jackass 4.5. Steve-O and the boys get very intimate with one another while going face to crotch for a nude double wheelbarrow scene. Remember, this isn’t gay porn. Wink!

Best Wahl-Backburger
Mark Wahlberg in Me Time

Mark Wahlberg might be in his early fifties, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the man. His infamous health regimen is paying off big time, especially in the ass department. Mark went nude for the first time in a full decade in 2022 to showcase that truly incredible Mark Wahlberg ass, or Wahl-Backburger if you will! Looks like this burger comes with a shake.

Best Bulge
John Cena in Peacemaker

Wrestler-turned-actor John Cena is becoming famous for his bulge! His DC Comics character Peacemaker first filled the hell out of tighty-whities in 2021’s The Suicide Squad, and brought the bulge back for his character’s own series. There were a lot of great celebrity bulges in 2022, but no one can out-bulge Mr. Bulge, the bulge-meister John Cena.

Biggest Prosthetic
Sebastian Stan in Pam & Tommy

How did we know that Sebastian Stan used a prosthetic penis to play Tommy Lee in the Hulu bio-drama Pam & Tommy? Well, we already saw his penis in Monday, so we had something to compare it to. And his penis in Pam & Tommy talks. See, we don’t miss a thing! Tommy Lee’s famous cock deserves nothing less.

Best Ball Slip
Cole Doman in Gossip Girl

The Gossip Girl reboot was tragically canceled after its second season, but not for a lack of trying. In the show’s best gay sex scene (psst, there are a lot to choose from) Cole Doman accidentally exposes his balls from behind while straddling cute jock Jared Reinfeldt. It looks like Cole has a big hot pair, and we just wish we got to see even more in season three. Nuts.

Best Naked Time Traveler
Theo James in The Time Traveler’s Wife

Before The White Lotus, Theo James starred as a time-traveling Chicago librarian who can only time travel while completely naked. Same tho? Sure, Theo fessed to using a prosthetic in Lotus, but he actually exposes his cock and balls in two frontal scenes here, in addition to his seemingly countless butt shots!

Best Nepo Baby
Ty Tennant in House of the Dragon

Nepo babies – or actors who got a leg up in Hollywood thanks to their famous parents – were all the rage this year, but we don’t see the big deal. David Tennant’s son Ty Tennant has got it, so therefore, he is required to flaunt it. Ty delivered one of many crazy scenes in House Of The Dragon when he jerked off in front of his mother, the queen.

Best Washing Your Penis in the Sink
Leonardo Marques in Love, Sex and Pandemic

We’ve learned a thing or two about Polish men in recent years here – they’re hot, and they enjoy showing off their Polish sausages. Case in point: The men of Love, Sex, and Pandemic, especially Poland’s national daddy Leonardo Marques. In our favorite scene, he casually scrubs down his big dick in the kitchen sink! It’s just so hot seeing this intimate moment that we had to give Leonardo his very own category.

Best Musician Gone Nude
Kid Cudi in X

Two-time Grammy-winning rapper kid Cudi has been acting for a number of years now, including in the sexy Luca Guadagnino series We Are Who We Are. But Cudi saved his nude debut for the porn horror movie X, where he shows his ass during a shoot with Brittany Snow!

Best Shirtless
Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home became the seventh highest-grossing movie of all time, raking in just under $2 billion dollars worldwide. Could people have shelled out $15 a ticket simply to see Tom Holland’s incredible twunk body complete with inconceivably, almost offensively perfect ab muscles? Crazier things have happened.

Best Handjob
Emil von Schönfels in Grand Jeté

We could have given this shocking German movie about a mother who has an affair with her teen son a number of awards, but the movie really climaxes with this handjob scene. The super sexy blonde actor Emil von Schönfels actually shows erect cock while getting jerked off. Wow mom.

Most Controversial
Evan Peters in Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

This year producer Ryan Murphy enlisted his longtime collaborator Evan Peters to bring the twisted story of the infamous gay cannibalistic serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer to life. Peters was incredible in the role, even winning a Golden Globe for his uncanny transformation into Dahmer. However, many claim the series further glamorized serial killers. One thing that’s not controversial? That ass.

Best Outdoor Nudity
Jack O’Connell in Lady Chatterley’s Lover

The role of Oliver in Lady Chatterley’s Lover calls for a famous outdoor nude scene in the rain, and in the most recent screen adaptation of the classic novel, Jack O’Connell really rises to the occasion. Almost a full decade after showing his twunk cock in Starred Up, O’Connell prances around fully naked with his cock out in the pouring. We love the great outdoors!

Best Butt Selfie
Billy Eichner in Bros

Billy Eichner broke new ground in 2022 with his movie Bros – the first-ever gay romantic comedy distributed by a major Hollywood studio. We love that he doesn’t hold back on the gay here, introducing mainstream audiences to modern-day gay life – including the all-important Grindr ass pic! Billy shaves his ass and even brings out a ring light to get the perfect butt selfie. ::Swipes right::

Best Leo Venti
Daryl McCormack in Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Forget grande, it looks like we were just upgraded to a venti! In Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, the exquisite Daryl McCormack goes full frontal in his role as a sex worker tasked with giving Emma Thompson her groove back. After seeing his amazing cock, we imagine that she’s a satisfied customer.

Best Ass Eating
Álex GarcíaIván Pellicer in Holy Family

Ass eating was on the menu in 2022, and while we had a surprising number of celebrity rim job scenes to choose from this year, the standout is clearly found in the Netflix series Holy Family. Ya’ll, there’s spit involved. Álex Garcia actually opens up Iván Pellicar and actually spits into his hole in a scene that blurs the line between porn and mainstream.

Best Leech Around
Channing Tatum in The Lost City

Channing Tatum has been on top of his game for decades now, and the ass was looking better than ever during his nude scene opposite Sandra Bullock in The Lost City. There’s a catch, though. Tatum’s incredible butt is covered in leeches. Sure it’s gross, but we’d still give him a leech-around.

Best Showing Your Penis to Jennifer Coolidge
Stefano Gianino in The White Lotus

In addition to our award for Best Having Gay Sex In Front Of Jennifer Coolidge (congrats, Leo Woodall and Tom Hollander, really) we have to give it to Stefano Gianino for his frontal scene in front of this legendary actress. The simply gorgeous Stafano plays a mafioso gigolo assassin tasked with sexing up, and then offing, Coolidge. Honesty, worth it girl.

Best Caught Having Sex with an Octopus
Chace Crawford in The Boys

Chace Crawford has gone nude four different times on the superhero satire series The Boys, but never more shockingly than three episodes into season six. His character, the off-brand Aquaman named The Deep, can not only communicate with marine life – he can put the moves on marine life. Chace shows his perfect muscular ass (okay!) while fucking an octopus (no-kay!).

Best Nude Debut Over 50
Morris Chestnut in The Best Man: The Final Chapters

We here at Mr. Man think that you’re never too old to go nude, especially when you look like Morris Chestnut. He strips off his robe at the pool to show a gaggle of girls, and some curious guys, his fat, ageless ass! That old Chestnut.

Best A-List Gay Scene
Murray BartlettAndrew Rannells in Welcome to Chippendales

Not just the gay celebrity of the year, but the celebrity of the decade is unquestionably Murray Bartlett. In between The White Lotus and The Last Of Us, Bartlett starred in season one of Welcome To Chippendales, where he fucks the living daylights out of fellow openly gay heartthrob Andrew Rannells!

Urethra Franklin Memorial Award
Brett GeddesJarrett Siddall in The Boys

This year, the gross-out superhero satire The Boys delivered quite possibly the most original gay scene ever filmed. Brett Geddes plays a man who can shrink down in size, and he does just that to crawl inside his lover’s urethra for some crazy gay sex. Yes, there’s a tiny man inside of another man’s penis. We’ll just call him Urethra Franklin. Kidding! We won’t.

Lifetime Achievement
Antonio Banderas

Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas was an easy choice for the winner of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award! He has one of the biggest, ahem, talents in Hollywood, and with fourteen nude roles spanning almost three decades, we have plenty of opportunities to see that, talent, in action. And yes, in case we’re being too subtle, Antonio Banderas has a huge penis. Continue please.

Banderas left his mark on moms across the world (they wish!) with his career-defining role as the titular swashbuckler in 1998’s the Mask Of Zorro. He’s acclaimed director Pedro Almodóvar’s decades-long muse, Angelina Jolie’s lover in the notorious erotic thriller Original Sin, and even Puss in Boots himself!

With a starring role in what is sure to be the biggest movie of 2023, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, Antonio Banderas remains one of the biggest names in the business. But enough of all that. You’re here to see Antonio Banderas naked! Watch our Lifetime Achievement video to see Antonio Banderas’ big dick and balls in 1982’s False Eyelash, his realistic gay sex scene in 1986’s Law Of Desire, and his famously gratuitous soft core performance opposite Angelina Jolie in Original Sin.

But that’s just the tip, and we want to give you the whole thing. Check out our video for all of this year’s Lifetime Achievement winner’s best nude scenes.

Congratulations, Antonio!

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