Truly Madly Deeply : singer Darren Hayes gets to make out with Scott Evans

Darren Hayes who was once half of the pop duo Savage Garden until they split up in 2001 can hardly be called prolific.  He enjoyed a career as a solo artist, but the last recording he made (until now) was back in 2011.  It’s not as though he has been idle as he has tried his hand at Stand Up Comedy, and announced he was writing a musical (yet to be seen or heard.)   Oh yes, Hayes also divorced his childhood sweetheart wife and married Richard Cullen his British screenwriter boyfriend.  They have been married for 17 years now .

Now Hayes has recorded Homosexual his first album in over a decade and in the video for the track  ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ his character is involved in an illicit tryst with a man played by Scott Evans (the out and proud brother of Captain American star Chris Evans).  By putting his sexuality up front like this,  Hayes says the track serves “as a reflection from a man on life, love, regret and realization

Hayes explained “In the music video I’m looking back on that first period of my life where I’m married to a woman. I’m realizing that in order to be free I have to destroy something beautiful and innocent. Scott’s character represents the freight train of my future sexuality and that’s gonna emerge no matter what.

words: Queerguru

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