RAWBB is bringing his raw music to YASS

Gay dance music artist  RAWBB aka Rob Racine has just dropped his first album about hookup culture and queer nightlife culture and one of the places it landed was Queerguru’s in-tray. Of course, seeing its Parental Advisory/Explicit Content label was what first caught out attention.  However, listening to the bump bump bumping collection of hot tracks made for dancing vertically or horizontally really got us hooked.

The album is called SEX PARTY and with tracks such as “DTF,” “Set Me Free,”  “I Need Anotha Top,” “Lose Control,” ‘Money on The Nightstand,” and of course “Bump, Bump, Bump”.   With sex, drugs and techno pulsing through all the songs, it’s all as hot as the man himself. There’s another track called “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”  but as we’ve never met, we are not taking that personally!

Listen to the complete new album on Spotify

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rawbbmusic/

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