Thai-Italian queer artist SILVY unleashes body positivity Pride anthem

Thai-Italian pop activist SILVY makes a bright return with her body positivity Summer anthem “We Are Beautiful” – the latest in a string of releases since the openly queer artist signed with Warner Music Asia.

A bold number taken from her upcoming debut album and arriving right in time for Pride celebrations, “We Are Beautiful” is a sassy, funk-flavoured blend of sunny pop sounds and SILVY’s signature powerhouse vocals. Meanwhile, the music video offers colourful, campy fun and triumphant dance moments to bring the uplifting message of the track to life, as well as SILVY’s daring, audacious fashion looks.

SILVY made the following statement regarding “We Are Beautiful”: “Beauty is in everything – but before I learnt that, I learnt the hard way about trying to become “beautiful” the way society expected of me; this word tortured me for my whole life. You have to be ‘this’; you have to be ‘that’; you feel beautiful only when other people tell it to you. However, I twist this into a win with this song. Uplifting, affirming, celebratory – it’s not my song, it’s our song to celebrate and feel beautiful together. When you sing it, listen to it. Love yourself. Love yourself more and enjoy life to the fullest. Once you love yourself and start believing in yourself, magic happens

How would you describe SILVY and how do you identify?

SILVY = freedom. I’d like to say SILVY is a free spirit. No rules or anything can define her. Doesn’t need to fit in or tick any box. Doing things her own way, living her best life and not chasing after society’s standards in order to be happy with herself.

How did your career start?

It started from the popular TV show “The Star” in Thailand. I was just 15 and had the dream of becoming an artist, so I entered the competition and got into the Final 8 of The Star 7, but was later eliminated midway through the competition haha and I’ve been fighting for my dreams ever since.

How would you describe your new music?

Hmm… I guess it’s powerful, honest and based on a true story. It’s inspired by true events that have happened in my life. I’d like to turn all the negativities I have and channel it to a song, both an uplifting one or ones that are very emotional. Also, the vocals have to be on point because I was born a diva LOL. But I keep my lyrics grounded and sincere, without making it too difficult to understand.

What shall we expect from your new body positivity Pride anthem “We Are Beautiful”?

I want you to feel beautiful while listening to it. I want this song to be a self-love anthem or a song that you send to a friend when they need someone to cheer them up. Supporting diversity in every individual; you can see in the MV that we really include everyone and every personality. That’s what the meaning behind the song is all about. Whoever or whatever you are, you are allowed to feel beautiful and are free to express yourself. It’s a song you go to when you feel defeated in this world. Like an affirmation medicine that you can prescribe to yourself.

What does beauty mean to you and how important is self-love?

There’s beauty in everything. It’s how you choose to look at the world. I choose to describe confidence = beautiful. When you feel confident, you shine. And that’s when you appear the most beautiful. Self-love is the most important thing you give to yourself. In a cruel world full of people judging and shaping you into something… you need to stick around with yourself and know best what’s good for you; what you feel happy with, and create your own happiness.

How harmful are the beauty standards of today?

It’s getting better, we celebrate beauty in every form much more and you can find your place, your people and your community but I hope it gets better. It is harmful when you compare yourself with what you or the standards want you to be. I think it’s also your job to not compare yourself, and instead live and create your own happiness and your own standards. I hope natural beauty becomes louder that no one has to come up and stand up for themselves. No bullies and body shaming, skin shaming, or racism. People really acknowledge that every kind is equal. And being kind to each other is more important. Our heart deserves more positivity and kindness than bashing one another.

You are a symbol of liberalism and freedom always pushing stereotypes and championing individuality. What is the message you want to spread?

Equality. In gender roles, in different sizes, in different categories, in all of us that were already born different. We don’t have to shape ourselves into something. Just be you. And do YOU. Be proud of who you.

Who are the people that you admire?

Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury, Miley Cyrus, Joji, Cuco, Rihanna, Kali Uchis, Ashnikko, Dua Lipa, Kehlani and lots more haha

What kind of music do you listen?

Indie, moody, pop, R&B, party, dubstep, dance music.

How is the music sector embracing queer artists?

A lot of us use music to express ourself and that’s really helping with the community to let more people know more about who we are and what we want to give to the world. We can also encourage more people to come out, or understand that a queer artist is no different than other artist. Supporting our music and what we do is the best thing you could do.

How have you developed as an artist since the time you started your career?

I’ve come such a long way and I’ve changed a lot. I love myself and know what I’m standing for. I tried so many things and am not ashamed of it. I commit to every task I have in each period of life. I’m bold because I’ve been through experiences that made me hate myself, made me grow, and also made me regret but in the end I find where I’m comfortable with in the space I have. I’m loved, and I’m also spreading love. I’m very proud of who I’ve become and every step is a wonderful journey. I’ve experienced and find myself more each day of what I am and can’t wait to see what’s coming next and, what’s more, I can learn and grow to be a better version of myself as an artist.

Do you feel like an influencer?

I do, and yes, I’m proud of that. Fans look up to me and say I can make them feel good about themselves and that is what’s keeping me alive.

What are your future plans?

I’ve been told that I’m the first woman that changed the beauty standards industry in Thailand. I learnt that anything you do is never a mistake, it’s always a lesson. And I’m still learning. There’s always room to grow. Future plans would be putting out the album for you to get to know me better from my music and making my music grow worldwide.

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