Sharonne, the winner of Drag Race España comes to YASS

Drag Race España S2 just came to an end, and all we can say is that it has been a season full of joy, emotions, big moments, 12 amazing queens, and, undoubtedly, one incredible winner. Sharonne became the newly crowned queen and has already won our hearts! Several moments after the coronation, Sharonne comes to YASS Magazine and spends some thrilling moments with all of us!

How are you feeling Sharonne?

I still have not realised it fully that I am the winner! When we were in the show, we experienced a contest that is very different from the one that was later aired on television. In other words, you have no idea how people are going to fall for everything you do. So, the only thing you can do is to do it in the best way you know, as you have only internal feedback from your colleagues and from the judges. We lived in a small bubble, but when everything later got aired, the reactions were totally different, and people immediately showed their support. I love talking to people, and this is what I do in my shows, where I sing and talk with the audience, but in the show, I had to prepare looks, find a way to dance, act, write, do comedy and prepare songs in such a small time. All this puts you in a state where you have no idea what is going to happen.

Did you expect that would win?

No, I did not expect it. I have also been in other competitions in the past I remember that the support I had was very strong and it seemed that I was going to win, but in the end, I never did. When there is a winner, I never think that they are necessarily the best. They can be the best for some people, but for some others not. In our case, each one of the top 4 is a winner.

How did you prepare for the show?

When got the call, I had very little time to prepare, as I was on vacation with my mother. And I said “Oh, my God, I won’t be back for a week at least”. So, I had three weeks to prepare everything, and it was quite chaotic. But I had a clear vision, and I knew where I was coming from. I come from musical theatre, which is what I like. My catwalks always had to include acting, and I am not such a fashion queen. I’m very into theatre and I think that in this country we have a great theatrical tradition.

I am a superfan of the drag scene of Barcelona drag! How was it been working for many years in this city?

When I studied theatre, I was lucky enough to be in a school where they brought every week a public figure who was an actor, a drag queen, a make-up artist, a theatre director, etc., so that we could have talks with those people. And that seemed very interesting to me. One of those was Pirandello, who seemed to be a very interesting person and has a great tradition in Barcelona, ​that was full of theatres at that moment.

Pirandello had worked at Paralelo and had collaborated with Sara Montiel, Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich. I also met Ángel Pavlovsky. Ángel Pavlovsky is an Argentinian who came to Barcelona and became Catalan, as he says, and for many years everything he did in theatre was a big success. When I went to see him, I was blown away and said “Wow, how wonderful! how can I have missed all this before”? Then, there was, I was in the Belle Epoque with Dolly Randolph, who was one of the first transsexuals with her own show, which lasted many years in Barcelona. I have been able to learn and absorb all that. And that is what has given me shape and essence. I’m like a sponge, and I really think that I was like that in the show too.

Sharonne, one thing you do very successfully is that you make everything look easy.

Yes, but it is not always the case. Many times, you have to hide. In fact, the good thing about having a lot of experience on stage is that you learn to solve things on the fly. I have had many moments of failure too, but you have to try to avoid showing it. You need to know how to move on. This is my philosophy when it comes to work and in life. What you have to do is always push forward. I’m not perfect, I’m just a human and at times I can be very wrong.

Apart from the people who love you, the camera loves you too. Who are Sharon’s inspirations?

When I was very little, the first tape that I bought was Madonna’s True Blood. That was the first tape that I still have and, it has opened a new world of pop for me. Previously, I listened to what was at home. My family is from the south, it is from Malaga, but I was born in Catalonia. In my house everybody listened to very folk music. All but not me! I didn’t connect with this genre. I like it, but I don’t connect with it. And, I remember that at home there were some vinyl records. And I listened to all of them. I remember enjoying listening to Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner and Chaka Khan! For me, these were the best voices, the strong voices, the black voices. So, for me it’s a compliment, when suddenly someone in a show tells me that when I sing, my voice is like the voice of a black singer. That is the greatest compliment because they are my inspirations, they are my queens, The other day I put on Twitter I want to sing with Jennifer Hudson! Jennifer, come here.

You have dedicated your victory to your sisters and your mother. What was your mother’s reaction yesterday?

Well, look, since I’m in Madrid, and they live in Barcelona, in Sabadell, I was not able to be with them. My partner, who was able to see the gala with them at home, recorded the finale and my family’s reactions and they were all shouting, crying, laughing and cheering! I can’t wait to go home and give them hugs and kisses. After the coronation, the first thing I did was call my mother, my sisters and myself and my partner. I dedicated my victory to them because they are the women of my life. But, for me it is very important to talk about LGTBQ+ rights, which is something that is linked to feminism. In other words, women are the ones who inspire us, they are the force of nature. We are on the same boat when it comes to fighting for our rights. There is something that unites us in a way, and for me it is important to dedicate this to all women, especially to the women in my life.

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