Kitty Scott-Claus brings Deathdop to YASS

Following rave reviews, a smash hit UK tour and two sold out West End runs, the fabulous killer comedy sensation Death Drop is sashaying back into London for a fabulous third time. The show will open at the Criterion Theatre for limited run from Friday 4 March until Sunday 24 April. Tickets are on sale from Monday 31 January at

Described by Attitude as a “killer show” and “rollicking good fun” by The Guardian, this new London residency will also feature some amazing new casting: making their West End debuts are RuPaul’s Drag Race legend Jujubee and RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Kitty Scott-Claus. Together with Holly Stars and a full drag cast in this hilarious murder mystery.

Written by Holly Stars, this “dazzling and delightfully camp comedy” is “jam-packed with hilarious one liners” and guaranteed to provide laugh-out-loud comedy that we all need right now. This show is like nothing you’ve seen ever before!

Jujubee, who is about to star in the BBC’s RuPaul’s UK Drag Race vs The World, said: “I am so excited to be joining the cast of Death Drop in London’s West End. I cannot wait to perform alongside these incredible artists.”

Kitty Scott-Claus, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Series Three finalist, said: “I am thrilled to be heading back to the West End with the wonderful team at TuckShop! I’ve got some big heels to fill following Courtney and Willam – but luckily I’m a size 10 so I’m used to big shoes!”

TuckShop Creative Director and Producer Christopher D. Clegg said: “We are beyond excited to be bringing Death Drop back for its third West End season. The audiences of this show are wild for Holly Stars’ hilarious comedy, and having Kitty Scott-Claus, who’s first ever drag gig was for TuckShop in Gals Aloud, headlining after her star turn on Drag Race UK is a great full circle moment. To have one of the worlds most beloved Drag Queens Jujubee playing opposite Kitty will make for one unforgettable, fabulous, and fierce night in the theatre!”

It’s 1991 and a gaggle of guests gather on Tuck Island for a soirée like no other. The tension rises as the outrageous guests reveal their suspicious and sordid pasts, and one by one they sashay away, until at the last, nerve-shredding, side-splitting moment the surviving guests find out who-dunnit!

This rampant, raucous, ridiculous romp of a murder mystery serves up all the drama, comedy, twists and turns you’ll ever need!

YASS Magazine met Kitty Scott Claus and this is all you need to know!

Kitty Scott Claus, how are you doing today?

I’m ready to thank you hon. I am so happy to be speaking with you actually. What a joy.

You look fabulous. First and foremost, I want to ask you about your participation in a musical theatrical production. Please tell us all the details about this.

Oh my god, you know what? Let me tell you everything! The play is “Deathdrop”. It’s at the Criterion Theatre in the West End. My role was previously paid by Willam and then by Courtney Act, so it’s incredible to be following in their footsteps and I’m so excited to be the first UK girl to play this part. We’ve had some amazing queens in the show before and I’m just thrilled.

Wow, that is amazing. How is working with Jujubee and being part of the same the same show?

Did you know what I’ve worked with Jujubee? Last year, I was a support act on her tour. This was before I was announced for Drag Race! We really got on with each other and she was really lovely. We had a great couple of dates together. And so I’m so excited to be spending so much time with her. I’m such a huge fan of hers. She’s incredible. She’s a Drag Race legend, so it’s gonna be amazing.

It’s an entirely drag cast. Everyone in the show is a drag king or a drag queen? Because, drag is for everybody. And that’s the way it should be.

Is there a competition between you and the other drag performers?

We all have a fabulous time and we have put on an amazing show. It’s not a competition. We’re not Drag Race anymore.

How difficult was the to learn all the lines? And how were the rehearsals?

So, we’ve not started rehearsals. I’ve been sent my script and I’m learning my lines currently. And we have a very quick turnaround time because it’s only me and Jujubee who are coming into the show. Everybody else has done it before, which is amazing, because they’ll be there to help us out which will be a wonderful support. So, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been on tour for the past two weeks and I’ve been learning my lines while being on the tour bus or when I get to hotel!

Is this the first time you’re acting?

I trained as an actor and went to drama school and did a BA in musical theatre. So, I’ve been acting all my life, and I’m thrilled that I’m making it on the West End, not even a year after being on Drag race. It’s a dream come true.

How was the experience in Drag Race UK the last year?

Amazing! Everything was like a dream. It was just everything you could have wished for, plus more. It was so fun. I loved it. I had the best time doing it. I made the best friends, like everyone in that class was so close and I have such a love and respect for all the 11 of the other girls. I feel like the biggest competition winner to just be there and be with these girls. Even though I didn’t win the crown, I won the hearts of the people. It’s a positive thing!

Do you still keep in touch with the queens of your season?

Yes, absolutely. I’ve just been on tour with River, Electra and Choriza and Baga Chips as well. So, I’ve been with them constantly the past two weeks which has been so fun. We’ve had the best time and we have a group chat with everyone. I’m closest to Ella Vaday and Crystal and Vanity Milan, obviously, because we were so close towards the end. It was so lovely.

Has Willam reached out to you?

Yeah!! He did message me saying I’m doing an amazing job and to keep going! She was so lovely, really sweet. She was one of the first American queens to follow me after the announcement. It’s so nice now that I’m almost following her footsteps!

What do you find the easiest and what is the biggest challenge that you’re facing at the moment?

The biggest challenge is getting ready in such a short space of time! Oh my god, it’s like being back on Bloody Drag Race. But, I am quicker getting ready than before because I do it every single day. It becomes like second nature. You learn how to get quicker. And the easiest thing is I’m just really excited to be with the cast and to have fun and to put on a fantastic show.

Are there any similarities between you and between the role that you’re playing?

We had the costume briefing and meeting the other day and they told me I had to wear short skirts on the show. She gets her legs out! And she’s blonde! And I was like “That’s so me”. It couldn’t be more perfect.

Would you go back to Drag Race?

I would absolutely do. I had the best time during season three of Drag Race. I had so much fun. I loved every second and if they came asking, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

What are your future plans?

We’re going on tour at the end of this year. We’re going all over the UK with the official Drag Race UK season 3 tour. So, I’ll be here with the entire cast again! And one more thing, get you tickets to Deathdrop, and come and see us in the Strand!

Listings Information 

Criterion Theatre 

First Performance: 4 March 2022 

Final performance: 24 April 2022 

Performances: Wednesday – Thursday at 8pm, Friday at 5pm & 8.30pm, Saturday at 4pm & 8pm and Sunday at 4pm 


Twitter: @deathdropplay 

Instagram: @deathdropplay 


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