Jimbo comes to YASS

The third episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Versus The World returned with the aftermath of last week’s elimination. Jimbo revealed that she would have chosen Jujubee to get the chop, which gagged the remaining queens, leaving them unsure of who they could really trust…

But, it was time for another day in the workroom. Mo Heart revealed to her fellow sisters that she now would like to be referred to as ‘Mo Heart’ instead of her previous name, ‘Monique Heart’ to allow her to present as a ‘genderless entertainer’, which her fellow sisters embraced with open arms.

Jimbo – (C) World of Wonder – Photographer: Guy Levy

Next up, Ru declared the library open! In the legendary Drag Race game, The Reading Challenge, he invited the girls to read each other to filth. It was Jujubee, who took the win, proving that American queens are adept readers. 

For this week’s Maxi Challenge, the queens starred in a hot new Rusical, ‘West End Wendys: The Comeback’. Each of the queens were tasked to play West End theatrical legends in a battle to return to the spotlight to become the ultimate ‘Comeback Queen’. Then, following their sickening Rusical performances, it was time to bring it to the Runway with the category ‘Dot Dot Dot’, where the queens presented their best spot inspired looks.

In the judges’ critiques, Ru and the judges raved about Pangina’s limping, geriatric version of Annie and Janey’s charismatic depiction of Meryl Streep, however they weren’t so sure about Jimbo’s portrayal of Toto the Dog, as they wanted to see more choreography and performance. Jujubee’s Liza Minnelli character fell flat with the judges too, with them wanting to see more energy.

RuPaul chose Pangina and Janey as the two top queens of the week, but with Jimbo and Jujubee receiving poor critiques for their Rusical performances, they were placed in the bottom. Pangina and Janey were then presented with the ultimate choice: if they win the lip-sync challenge, which of the bottom queens would they choose to get the chop?

After lip-syncing to We Like to Party! (The Vengabus) by Vengaboys, RuPaul declared Pangina Heals a winner, baby!

Jimbo – (C) World of Wonder – Photographer: Guy Levy

With great power came great responsibility and so, Drag Race Thailand representative, Pangina Heals had to reveal her decision: “This is an incredibly hard decision and I’m just going off my heart and how they rose up to the challenge in the Rusical. I chose… Jimbo to go home.”

RuPaul said: “As it is written, so it shall be done. Jimbo, you are and will always be a global phenomenon.”

Jimbo, representing Canada said: “Thank you all so much for this chance to represent my country and my heart. [RuPaul] you are my icon and a legend. This is the greatest dream of my life and I will never forget it and I thank you so much. I wish I was a better little dog. I’ll get ‘chu Ru! And your little dog too… I’m talking about you Michelle.”

Knowing Pangina would later read his mirror message aloud, the visibly upset Jimbo left a note in lipstick in the workroom mirror, saying: “My name is Pangina and I am a stupid idiot. P.S. I love you all. P.P.S Except Jimbo.”

Jimbo comes to YASS Mafazine and spills all the tea with us!

How did it feel to represent Canada in Drag Race UK Versus The World?

It was an absolute dream come true and an honour to travel to the UK to participate in ‘the Olympics of Drag’. I was so excited for the opportunity to be judged by the Queen of Drag herself and my Idol, Mama Ru!  

What was it like competing against your international sisters and your fellow Canadian sister, Lemon?

The cast of the show is a very diverse cast with varied experience and points of view. I think it was a great cross section of artist representation and there really is something for everyone represented. I was so happy to see Lemon walk into the competition! We have a very different take on Drag and after our run together on Canadas Drag Race, I was excited to reconnect and get to know my sister even better.

Jimbo – (C) World of Wonder – Photographer: Guy Levy

Would you do anything differently if you could?

I wouldn’t do anything differently. I had the best experience on the show and an incredible time interacting with RuPaul, Michelle Visage and the other judges and contestants.  I was so grateful for the opportunity to show the world my artistic growth and I feel like I was able to show a lot in the episodes I’m featured in.

Did you learn anything from the experience?

I learned from the experience to be present and excited and engaged In every moment. You never know what is going to happen on the show and you really need to take every opportunity like it’s your last.  

What’s next for Jimbo?

I have a lot of exciting projects on the horizon.  I have new music coming out, I have tours all over the world and I am planning my own show! I am so excited to keep putting art into the world and I hope to inspire and make people laugh.

Jimbo represented Canada with her wacky sense of humour and zany style. A clown but also a glamourous queen, Jimbo became an international fan favourite after her debut on Canada’s Drag Race season 1, after placing 4th in the competition in 2020.

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