Synthia Kiss from Drag Race Canada to YASS

Every week YASS brings you an exclusive interview of the queen who sashayed away last and got closer to becoming Canada’s next Drag Superstar. In the last episode we saw the queens compete for the crown and Synthia Kiss was the one who had to leave.

For those who don’t know, Synthia Kiss has been performing since she was a child being part of local theatre groups and dance troupes, and competed in her first Drag Competition in 2016, which she won unexpectedly, beating more experienced queens in the city. At the same time she has a degree in Fashion Design, and has worked on the design teams for Kit and Ace and MEC.

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YASS met Synthia Kiss and we have everything you need.

How was our experience in Drag Race Canada?

I feel like what you saw on camera is really like the way I behave with my best friends. I was feeling very comfortable, and I think, a huge reason for that was because I had some familiar faces on set. So, it was a real great way just to feel super comfortable in that environment, which is not that common. I really love the fact that I got to show a really private side of myself and a goofy side of myself. And, yeah, there might be some people who have fallen in love with me. The reason I want to go on Drag Race was to show all of these sides of my personality in and out of drag, all the humour and the improvisation that doesn’t really resonate in an Instagram post. So for me, the show was just this wonderful catalyst to get to basically show my entire personality. And I don’t mind that I’m not perfect. This is not me trying to make great TV, this is real life. You know, you can’t be this perfect and polished at all times. Let’s not strive for perfection. That’s actually quite boring.

You’re already famous in Canada. So why did you decide to participate in drag race Canada?

The reason I wanted to do it was just because it felt like I was ready as a queen, as a performer. You can’t ask for a bigger stage as a Canadian drag talent. During the audition process and the interviews I was being completely honest, showing all that vulnerability and that goofiness of my character and my personality. And it was just all those things combined that I promised from day one. I was an open book. And I wanted to share it with the world.

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How has your life changed?

During the pandemic I was locked down with my boyfriend and I was seeing nobody but him for over a year. And, then, going on to this reality TV set was insane. Now, I just see hundreds of people in safe COVID-friendly environments, but it’s like, “Whoa, it’s so crazy” compared to what ewe experienced the last year. My life has completely shifted gears the last year.

How was it to be in the bottom with Kendall Gender? I know that you are friends before the show and you have a good relationship. Was it hard to compete against each other?

Yeah, it was a really difficult moment. I just have such a mad and deep respect for Kendall. I think she’s such a professional, and she’s an eternal optimist. We’re on tour right now together and I just love how she can turn any situation into a positive moment. So, I think my love for her was there in the lip sync and I didn’t want to send her home. But, I know the feelings were mutual, and she didn’t want to be in that situation either. Ultimately, it was one of those moments where it’s really intense. And very dramatic. But, man, oh man, does it make for good TV? The answer is YES and I’m happy to be part of an iconic moment such as that one. On the show, because I didn’t want it to seem like me and Kendall were a clique or that we were not open to making new friends, we privately promised each other not to do too many challenges together. I really wanted to make sure I connected with different queens throughout the cast.

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And how was it to have Gigi Gorgeous, say so amazing things about you?

Honestly, it’s so beautiful. As a drag queen, I try to be as externally complimentary as possible. But sometimes, you know, we get in our own worlds. So, the fact that we have it on camera, on the record, our love for each other, it meant a lot. I think it’s just one of those beautiful things where we get to see true sisterhood. So, it’s a huge compliment to me when Gigi said all these nice things about me!

You have a degree in fashion design, as far as I know. And you have collaborated with with brands and design themes like Kit and Ace and MEC. Is this what you’re doing for a living apart from being a successfully drag queen?

Yeah, so that was my life up until COVID. I was part of a team that dissolved because of just financial standings with COVID, unfortunately. Now, to be in the opposite side and to shift gears and try fantastical creations that others made for you, it feels amazing.

You competed in your first drag competition in 2016, which you won unexpectedly, beating more experienced queens in the city. Did your career as a drag queen start unexpectedly too?

Not accidentally at all. It was definitely in my bucket list. It was a dream of mine to be a performer. A dream I had my whole life. I’ve done theatre, I’ve done musicals. Everything was leading up to Synthia and to my design career. I already knew how to sew and I was an artsy little kid and when I moved to Vancouver. Vancouver has a reputation for being a little “clicky”. So, starting my drag there was a wonderful icebreaker. And the rest is history.

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What are your future plans? How did you imagine your future right after the drag race?

I think it’d be cool to really release an EP with some original music. I was really flattered and touched by the response of the fanbase regarding my singing voice, and I feel like it’s something I have to try. That’s part of my bucket list. At this point, I’m like “Okay, the sky’s the limit”. Like, I got on Drag Race Canada, so what’s next?

More of Synthia Kiss here:

Tik Tok: @synthia_kiss / Twitter: @synthia_kiss / Instagram: @synthiakiss

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