Suki Doll sashays away from Drag Race Canada and comes to YASS

Canada’s Drag Race is back and twelve fierce and fiery Canadian queens are competing to become Canada’s next Drag Superstar. In the fourth episode we saw the queens competing for the crown and participating in this season’s Snatch Game.

YASS Magazine met the queen who sashayed away fourth, who is none other than Suki Doll. For those who don’t know, Suki is a sought-after designer who has worked with major fashion brands. It is really important for Suki Doll to represent the Asian culture in the drag world in a positive uplifting light and to embrace tradition. YASS met Suki and we found out everything you wanted to know.

So how has your experience been in Drag Race Canada?

For me, the experience has been great! It’s just the support and the love that we get that makes it even better. Everything has been positive and, of course, there’s always more to build on top. But, so far, the experience has been great!

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Did you have fun during the show? Did you enjoy it?

Fun is not even the word for it. I was I was all over the place; I was wet. Honestly, that whole show has been such a thrill! Meeting the new drag queens of Canada, getting in touch with internationally acclaimed professionals is something to be very excited about! The fun is just starting now.

If you could change something regarding your performance in the show what would that be? What would you do different?

Well, you know, I always have that philosophy that you have to do what you really want to do at the moment, and, if not, you will regret it. Nowadays, they called it FOMO (the fear of missing out), and, for me I cannot miss out on something. So, for every moment that I have the chance to get a decision I always take the chance to go all the way. So no, I wouldn’t go back and change anything. But, if I did, I am sure I would redo everything differently. But I’m very proud of what I have done. I’m very happy with the choices I made. For sure, Yoko Ono is a choice, but, at the same time, I just respect and love this artist so much. I had to do it. If I didn’t do her, I would have regretted it forever.

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How has your life changed after your participation in Drag Race Canada?

Everything changed. I became single. I didn’t buy my house. I didn’t get married. I’ve been working in fashion for almost a decade, so, I stopped working in fashion for a small period of time and I switched to drag instead. Before the show, I used to manage a team of designers and graphic artists, and now I’m managing myself! And, it’s a lot to manage. That’s what changed.

I know that you have been working in the fashion industry as a designer and you have also collaborated with several people in the industry. Are you planning to go back to this?

Yes. I have been in the fashion industry many years and I have collaborated with many designers. And as a drag queen, I can be the canvas for other designers, so, it’s even easier to collaborate with designers around the world.

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Did you did you make your own clothes during the show?

I made a lot of it, as you see on my social media. I did make a lot of the garments you saw in the show, but at the same time, I collaborated with many designers as well because the timelines were restrictive. I always tag the creators and the designers I work with, because I think it’s important as an artist to show who is behind a beautiful creation.

 How do you feel with the fact that this year there was more diversity in the show?

Well, you know what, I was very, very happy to see that. The direction is more diverse. So representing the diversity more this year with what we had going was a very refreshing take on it. I believe that having the diversity and having representation is the most important thing. Having also people that resembles you on TV is also important. When I was younger, there wasn’t much of queer representation. We need to establish that for the upcoming years. We think it’s only now that matters, but, really, it’s the young ones that are looking at us on TV and how that will affect their growing up. We can see the positive light mostly in the coming years.

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Is tradition something that you want to embrace through your drag?

Well, you can see that with my entrance look. For me, it’s always great to put modern elements in my drag, I like a modern twist to my roots and my heritage. Everything I do in drag is about my heritage, because that’s what brought me to drag. And what is very important as well is to find the way to always present this with a different perspective each time. So, keep looking and you’ll see even more of it.

What are your future plans?

Right now, I’m preparing a luxury line. I already released the accessories and soon the garment will be released. I want to be an emblem for my community. I want to contribute to fashion and design eco-conscious lines that are done by someone who is a drag queen and a designer at the same time.

What does someone need to have to be able to conquer your heart?

You just have to be genuine. You have to be human and you have to be funny. You need to know how to laugh because life is so short. I can’t deal with somebody who’s too serious. You need to be able to enjoy life you need to have honesty. You need to have a little bit of flavour. You know what I mean? Just have a little bit personality and you be comfortable in your own skin. That’s the most important part for me. You need to be able to embrace yourself for me to embrace you too, because that’s what I do so much.

More of Suki Doll here:

Instagram: @_sukidoll TikTok: @_sukidoll

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