First ever Live Manscaping Event for Movember

To coincide with Movember this year Currys, carried out a manscaping survey and one of the key findings was 62% of British males admit to using their beard trimmer to get perfectly preened pubic hair. In response, Currys last night hosted a ‘Currys Presents, Below the Belt’ manscaping show, led by Anna Richardson. In this first ever live, manscaping event, a tongue-in-cheek run-through of different manscaping trends and styles was used to encourage men to check their testicles for lumps. This follows a £20k donation by the UK’s largest tech retailer to the Movember charity.

Top three most popular manscaping looks are ‘Tidy Up’ (52%), ‘Bald Balls’ (31%) and ‘Landing Strip’ (12%), with beard trimmers the #1 choice for manscaping tech

The retailer has donated £20,000, with a guide to testicular cancer checking performed during the show, led by TikTok sensation, Dr Karan Raj.

Anna and Dr Raj were also joined by grooming guru Robin James and a Currys tech expert with viewers walked through the top manscaping trends of the moment, and how to re-create the looks safely at-home. 

Currys, the UK’s largest tech retailer, is taking things south as it hosted a live event, Currys Presents: Below the Belt, to help British men be more confident when manscaping, and to get to grips with the best tech tools for the job. The event was be streamed through Currys’ YouTube channel on November 1st at 7pm in response to recent research from the retailer, which found that 62% of men manscape but only 36% of males own the right tech for a below the belt trim. Nearly one-in-two also admitted to having had an accident while attempting to manscape.

Partnering with grooming expert Robin James, the show revealed the UK’s most popular manscaping looks, according to the Great British public and demonstrate how to achieve them at home on real-life models.

Hosted by Naked Attraction’s Anna Richardson, the show guided viewers through the top trims to try, and a Currys store colleague talked through how to pick the right tech for a below the belt trim.

The event comes from the all new Currys, whose real-life experts understand everything there is to know about tech, including which beard trimmers are best for trimming things that aren’t beards. According to research conducted by the retailer, 62% of British males use their beard trimmers for manscaping their nether regions, with 40% admitting they regularly use the same device for both pubic and facial hair. A Currys expert colleague will be on hand throughout the show to help viewers understand how to choose the best tech tools for trimming and tidying at-home.

The retailer also wants to highlight that manscaping isn’t just an opportunity for men to look and feel their best, it’s also a chance to check-in on the health of their bodies, as the research also reveals less than a third of men regularly check their testicles for lumps. This Below the Belt show aims to encourage men to get up close and personal with their private parts more often, and will see the retailer donate £20,000 to Movember, as part of the show’s launch.

Surgeon and TikTok sensation Dr Karan Raj, also joined the Below the Belt show to walk viewers through a testicular cancer check hosting a live Q&A at the end of the show, alongside a Currys colleague, to answer on-demand questions around manscaping tips and trends – plus any questions on how to check your testicular health.

Anna Richardson comments on the launch of Currys Presents:

“I’m so excited to be hosting the first Currys Presents show, where we’re talking all about the wonderful world of manscaping! I have seen many styles and shapes, and they are all as unique as the individuals sporting them!

“However, despite everyone having them, people still feel really embarrassed to talk about their bits, when there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Talking more openly about our private parts and using grooming rituals as a time to check for potentially life-threatening lumps and bumps is something I’m sure many of us could all do a little more of.

“We’re very much hoping that viewers of the show will come away feeling more confident to talk about their nether regions and be inspired to take some trimmers, grab a mirror and try-out a new hair-down-there style!”

Robin James, Expert groomer at Every Man for Himself comments:

“As men, we have so many choices and products available to us in grooming – from clays, pastes and putties, to serums, moisturisers and eye creams; but we so often overlook our body hair and the grooming that can be done down there! 

“Manscaping – shaping, trimming or shaving our body hair – is not only good for hygienic reasons, but some careful pruning can help to neaten and add definition to your body shape. With the right sort of trimming, you can even make the bits down there look that little bit bigger. 

“But don’t just go in willy-nilly with your face shaver, opt for a multi-grooming tool that has guards to protect your sensitive zone! Honestly, one little nick can cause so much pain! 

“And a top tip from me, stretch the skin when manscaping. You’ll create a smooth canvas for your trimmer to glide across. Wrinkly, crumpled bits of skin really don’t play well with blades.”

Dan Rubel, Brand and Marketing Director comments:

“Manscaping is certainly an unusual topic for a retailer to be creating a live event about, there’s no doubt about that. But Currys is all about giving real life human expertise to customers when it comes to choosing the right tech. The reality is that a large amount of UK men aren’t only using beard trimmers upstairs – they’re going below the belt too. So it’s only right that we talk about it and maybe even kick start a national conversation on the topic.

“As part of the event a Currys colleague will be on hand to talk tech – and we’ve brought in a brilliant grooming expert to talk about and to demonstrate manscaping trends, techniques and more. We’ll also have an doctor on hand to talk through testicular cancer checking and will be donating £20,000 to Movember to help raise awareness of the very real need to check. Hopefully lots of people will tune in and we’ll be posting on social closer to the day to explain how to tune in. Roll on November 1st.”

Sam Gledhill from Movember said:

“If you’re a guy in your 20s or 30s, you should definitely be getting to know your testicles a little better. What they look like, what they feel like and what’s normal for you down there. The shower is a great place to start because the warmth relaxes the scrotum, making the exam easier. When you’re in the shower, gently roll one testicle at a time between your thumb and fingers. If you notice any changes, don’t panic, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have cancer, but you should definitely get it checked out.”

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