Canada’s Drag Race queen Beth in YASS

Canada’s Drag Race is back. Brook Lynn Hytes returned to host the Canadian version of the international phenomenon, which aired on 14th October on the streamer of all things drag, WOW Presents Plus. New faces on the judging panel, Brad Goreski, Amanda Brugel and Traci Melchor join Brooke Lynn Hytes to help crown Canada’s next drag superstar.

Twelve fierce and fiery Canadian queens competing to become Canada’s next Drag Superstar. In the first episode we saw the queens compete for the crown and demonstrating their skills at making outfits from scratch. YASS Magazine met the queen who sashayed away first, who is none other than the fabulous Beth.

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Now you’re part of the Drag Race legacy. How did you feel about it?

It honestly blows my mind. I’ve watched the show since the beginning. When I decided to audition, I never thought in my mind that this was going to be possible. I didn’t think they would see me at that level yet. I didn’t expect it, but I’m happy it happened. So, knowing that I made it to the show and I managed to be part of the show’s legacy. it is insane. It’s wild, liberating and exciting.

How was your experience in Drag Race Canada?

It was amazing. It’s nothing like you see on TV, but it’s such an exciting experience to be there. Things are moving so fast and even walking into that workroom feels so surreal. Watching things back now and, also, seeing the trailer that came out, I feel so proud I did that.

Are you satisfied with what you managed to show to the world in the first episode?

I haven’t watched yet, but my goal going into the show was to show that not all drag queens are the same. You be bitchy and show your heart to the world at the same time. I feel like I’ve been doubted for a long time and I wanted to show that I’m so much more than just a local drag. And I really wanted to bring myself to the next level and I think I did that.

Catch Canada’s Drag Race S2 exclusively in the UK on WOW Presents Plus every Friday at 2am BST;
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How would you describe your style as a drag queen your drag style?

Beth loves everything. I like to exaggerate, I love big hair, big makeup, big body, big boobs and a big butt. But, I don’t like to necessarily limit myself to one style of drag. I could be like spooky one day and glamorous the next. My goal with drag has always been to just make people smile and to make people feel good. If one person leaves my show feeling like they have a good time, then I did my job.

When did you when did you discover more your indigenous side?

I remember when I was young teenager, my school sent at my home a letter asking me to sign up for our Aboriginal education programme that we had running there. So, I signed up for this programme and you it really taught me a lot about where I come from. There’s so much more for me to learn about where I come from, and I am so excited to learn all those things. I’m very proud of my origin and I’m really honoured to be able to represent the community. With this platform, I never wanted to necessarily be the voice for all indigenous people, but I want to be able to use my platform and share my story with indigenous people who I believe need to have their voices heard.

Catch Canada’s Drag Race S2 exclusively in the UK on WOW Presents Plus every Friday at 2am BST;
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Beth you’re so young, but at the same time you have achieved so many things. You have participated in, in Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar, and you have been a semi-finalist also in Mr/Miss Cobalt competition. And now, Drag Race Canada. How do you feel about all this?

I try to look at those things, not necessarily as competing with other people, but as opportunities to help me grow as a performer. I’m almost competing with myself when I enter a competition. I want to push myself to the next level and just see what I’m capable of. So, to go from a local competition to something as big as Drag Race, that is insane! I’m so honoured to be able to be on a big platform and I just want to grow my drag as much as possible and

What is your relationship with the other contestants?

With the other contestants we are sisters for life! I knew a couple of them because they were coming into the show. But I was never really close with them before the show. There’s something about this experience that brings us so close, and so quickly, and it’s so amazing and weird to think how fast you can bond with these people

Is Season Two different to Season One?

Yes, I think everybody in Season One brought to the show something amazing and magical and different from what Drag Race had seen before. But, I feel like all of us coming into season Two really wanted to bring that to the next level and see how far we could push it. And I know all of us just brought it this year. I’m so excited, not only for Canada. but the whole world to see what Canadian Drag Race can do.

When you decide to start doing drag?

I started doing drag in high school. I was cast as a female role as Hamlet’s mother. So, I dressed up and I had this really cheap wig on, and some of my mom’s old clothes. When I did this monologue, my theatre teacher actually enjoyed what I did so much, that she continued to cast me as female roles. And that’s how I really started drag. After high school I started learning more about what it means to be a performer.

Catch Canada’s Drag Race S2 exclusively in the UK on WOW Presents Plus every Friday at 2am BST;
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What message would you like to send to your fans all over the world?

I think what I would love to say to my fans is “Don’t let anyone else’s opinion of you keep you from doing everything possible for you to succeed. Your success is completely in your hands. So just work hard and don’t give up”.

What shall we expect from the future?

You’re going to see me all over the world. I’m so excited and I am grateful for this opportunity, and now I want to bring Beth to the next level.

More of Beth here:

Twitter: @AllThatBeth
Instagram: @allthatbeth_
TikTok: @allthatbeth

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