My Little Puny comes to YASS

Drag Race Holland S2 is already part of drag history. This season has been filled with an absolute show-stopping amount of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent – and the final three queens were truly worth the crown! Vanessa Van Cartier, the trans drag queen was he one to take the crown home and we cannot be more proud of her.

Today, we had a conversation with My Little Puny , who is the drag persona of Boris Schreurs, and whose father was the famous Dutch cartoonist Eric Schreurs, to whom she payed tribute through some of her her runway looks in this season. She is probably one of the trades of the season, according to the fans and she has a lot of things to say.

Catch My Little Puny in Drag Race Holland S2, available exclusively on WOW Presents Plus. Subscribe via:

So, My Little Pony, how are you?

I’m good. I am super excited now that all the episodes have aired, and the city is opening up a bit more. Yesterday, for example, I was surrounded by Drag Race fans and people that saw the show and, I have to admit, it is amazing to be receiving so much support and love. It’s just super nice to have people are your art and what you bring to the show. I’m really excited about that and I feel really blessed. 

Catch My Little Puny in Drag Race Holland S2, available exclusively on WOW Presents Plus. Subscribe via:

Did you expect to go that far and do so well in the competition? 

Actually I didn’t. Before getting the call, I didn’t know who was going to be in it. I had heard some rumours, but I did not know what it was going to be. I only knew my best friend was going to be in. When I entered first in the work room and I saw so many different queens and different styles, I realised that the competition was high. Everybody had their own skill sets and different personalities. I did not know what to expect and I did not see me going this far. During the competition you see what everyone is bringing and keep comparing a bit with yourself inevitably. Is this good enough? Is what I do good enough?. So, I am excited that I came that far, but I did not have big expectations from the beginning.

What is your opinion regarding Vanessa Van Cartier who won? Do you think that she is Holland’s best drag superstar?

I think Vanessa has a beautiful story and I think for our community and, also, for the trans community it’s amazing to have people with stories like hers. She is a great example for the trans community because a lot of people don’t have that kind of stories and who feel rejected. Vanessais a very polished queen; she’s more of a pageant kind of queen, she’s really like polished and does that very well. And, she’s an amazing performer, even though she didn’t really get a chance to show that side of her in the show. I think it’s a deserved win, definitely.

Catch My Little Puny in Drag Race Holland S2, available exclusively on WOW Presents Plus. Subscribe via:

When you were in the show which queen did you expect that was going to take the crown home?

I thought, Keta or Vivaldi were gonna win. During the show, I thought that, probably, Keta was going to take the crown home. I think we’re both very competitive in a way, but we’re also very supportive of each other. So, we know each other for 15 years and, by now, we have been through all the stages of friendship. We grew up together, we started building our careers together and we have always been very supportive of each other. She was there for me when I had a hard time and the other way around as well. There was healthy competition and we’re not bitchy to each other.

Catch My Little Puny in Drag Race Holland S2, available exclusively on WOW Presents Plus. Subscribe via:

What is your opinion regarding Vivaldi and the incident with the phone? It was the first time we saw something like that.

During the competition I was focusing on myself. So it didn’t bother me at the moment, but when I saw it back on television, I was like “Fuck that”! That was actually not a nice move at all. And, back then, there was so much drama happening and it was already hard because of the competition itself, and you get tired. You really have to close yourself off sometimes to stay focused. So, that was what I was trying to do, and, of course I got affected by the whole fight. I was trying to keep it for myself and not give my opinion too much, but when I saw this back on TV, I thought it would have been better for Vivaldi to step out herself from the show or for the judges to make a decision to let her come back in season three, or eliminate her. The biggest problem is that she got so much hate from the fans and she does not deserve that. Of course she made a mistake, but the Internet can be very very harsh. Especially for somebody that’s so young. I think that’s very difficult for her to overcome that and I don’t want her to be traumatised because of making a mistake.

Catch My Little Puny in Drag Race Holland S2, available exclusively on WOW Presents Plus. Subscribe via:

What is your relationship with your fellow contestants, and what are your future plans?

So, my relationship with fellow contestants is very good. I don’t speak to everybody the whole time, but I’m very good friends with Vanessa. Also, we are preparing a girl group kind of thing with some of the girls from the season. I’m releasing also a song with Keta. I would love to do more acting stuff and I love performing. I’m just gonna be open what the future brings in, and see what it, what it holds for me.

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