Pleasy Play launches must-have subscription for LGBTQ+ couples  

Sexual wellness subscription box with app is helping the UK’s LGBTQ couples when it comes to intimacy  

The UK’s newest innovative subscription box and app Pleasy Play has now launched its LGBTQ+ subscription to help even more couples reignite the spark in their relationship and make sexual wellness accessible to all. 

ONS Research found that in 2019, divorces amongst same-sex couples had doubled from the previous year, with divorces between lesbian couples making up almost 75% of the growing figure. In LGBTQ+ relationships in particular, higher rates of STIs, fear of negative public reaction or family opinion can add additional strain on relationships, whether with a new partner or long-term. 

Pioneering sexual wellness and intimacy brand Pleasy Play aims to support all relationships through offering a space for improving communication and trying new things. The launch of Pleasy Play’s LGBTQ+ subscription box is set to help couples improve their sexual satisfaction and ultimately ensure couples re-connect and communicate on a regular basis. 

At just £29.90 a month, Pleasy Play offers couples a monthly subscription service that promises to put the fun and intimacy back into your relationship. 

Once signed up, users are taken through a special questionnaire that then allows the Pleasy Play algorithm to tailor the interactive app, with fun challenges, games and tips, to both your needs and develop its box of goodies, which is personally curated to the couple. 

The discreet box, worth over £60, includes intimate toys and is delivered to the door. Couples can expect to receive a new box bi-monthly, so things will never get boring. 

Pleasy Play is not just about helping couples have better sex but also to help with communication and trust.  The app, which works in conjunction with the box, has been designed to be fun and interactive, helping to open up conversations. You can pair your app with your partner’s to receive a set of sexy and intimate challenges to do together. Your partner can then choose to accept the challenge, allowing you both the chance to experiment and explore, giving you a safe space to discuss boundaries and desires.

The combination of box and app is the first of its kind and has been hugely successful since launch across Europe. 75% of couples who have used Pleasy to date have said it has enhanced their sex lives, intimacy and communication, thereby strengthening their relationship. 

And because Pleasy is centred on sexual wellness and breaking down taboos, it has its own podcast ‘Intimacy Play’ which has been running since the end of 2019, explores a variety of sexual wellness topics from pansexuality to BDSM. With bi-weekly episodes, ‘Intimacy Play’, is available on Spotify and Apple Podcast, and gives people tips and advice on intimate subjects. The podcast is in the top 30 UK podcasts for sex and intimacy. 

Pleasy Play is available on iOS, for £29.90 a month, which includes access as a pair to the app and a box of goodies delivered to the door bi-monthly.  Pleasy Play is offering couples a free 15 day trial of the app. 

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About Pleasy Play:

Pleasy Play is a start-up founded by a happily married mother of two Mikaela Silva, who founded the company in 2019, after noticing that many of her friends in committed relationships felt unsatisfied with their lack of intimacy. The existing solutions, including sex shops and therapy, were failing to help get the spark back. Recognising that communication around sex was missing from many of her friends relationships, Mikaela set up Pleasy Play to help couples re-connect and communicate. 

Combining a subscription box of intimate items, with an interactive app, where couples can send fun challenges to help spice up their relationships, Pleasy Play has helped couples across Europe have better intimacy and a more satisfied sex life. 

The entire Pleasy experience is based on each couple’s preferences. Nothing is compulsory, but, equally, nothing is off-limits. Pleasy aims to broaden horizons, encourage experimentation, and help couples to discuss and explore intimacy in a relaxed and safe environment.

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