5 things you need to know about Anal Sex this Anal August

5 things you need to know about Anal Sex this Anal August

Anal sex is, like most topics related to sexual health, a taboo. As with all taboos, people end up being embarrassed to talk about their experiences and fears. To help put an end to this, sexual well-being brand Satisfyer, alongside the brand’s Director of Education and Certified Clinical Sexologist, Megwyn White, explain five facts everyone should know about Anal Sex.

1.     Anal is for everyone

Whilst anal sex is often perceived as a practice primarily associated with gay men, it needs clarifying that many heterosexual men and women enjoy anal sex. In fact, it’s becoming very popular with people under 45. According to a recent survey[1] by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), 36% of women and 44% of men of this age group admitted that they’ve had anal sex with an opposite sex partner. Once all preconceived barriers are lifted, the truth is that the anus has thousands of pleasurable nerves, and some of these nerves are also connect to the clitoris. For straight men, anal sex can also be enjoyable with the help of what’s called a “pegging tool” that a woman can wear, or with the help of a finger, or even a vibe. Anal sex for a man can be particularly pleasurable as there is the opportunity to explore the angle known as the “P-spot”, a very sensitive prostate gland which is responsible for triggering orgasms in men.

2.      Anal sex = pleasure

As mentioned, anal sex can be quite pleasuring for both sexes, without involving any sort of pain. Unfortunately, the idea that it will hurt perpetuates a phenomenon called anticipatory pain. Basically, if you think something is going to be painful your body starts to literally ready itself for pain by tensing up and amplifying the experience of pain. Nothing that a generous dose of lube and building arousal to get the body relaxed won’t solve, but as they say: practice leads to perfection. Like other types of sexual activity, anal sex has to be an ongoing process of training and preparing the body to receive it.

3.      It isn’t messy

Simple precautions can help you realize that the experience doesn’t need to be messy or embarrassing. First of all, the rectum does not store stool, though anal sex can trigger the anus to release the bowels if you have enough stool there. Hence, it’s best to try emptying your bowels before you decide to explore anal sex. To help this process, you can use an ear or nose syringe with an ounce of water for about 30 seconds to a minute and then empty to help clear the bowel of any debris.

4.      A whole new world to explore

Although anal sex with a penis can feel amazing, there are plenty of other wonderful ways to explore this type of sex which don’t involve penetration. Since the anus is full of pleasurable sensitive nerves, the possibilities of exploration are a whole new world. From finger play to rimming, or using an accessory, like a butt plug or anal beads like Satisfyer’s Love Beads, or even experimenting with another type of vibe or sexual wellness device, it’s important to broaden our definition of anal sex and anal play so that we don’t consider penetration the only pleasurable option.

5.      Women can have anal orgasms too

Women are capable of having mind-blowing orgasms through anal sex. There are plenty of pleasurable nerves, plus anal stimulation can often enhance both clitoral and G-spot stimulation, which are huge pleasure points. It is important, however, for women to avoid having vaginal sex after anal sex, as this can transfer bowel germs anus to vagina, leading to infection.

Overall, anal sex is not, nor should it be, a hidden desire. For instance, some women just need the mental picture of doing something naughty to send them over the edge. Like all things related to intimacy, sex (all types) must be discussed and explored in the right timing without constraints. There is no more care to be taken with anal sex than with vaginal sex, you just need to use a lot of lubricant, and explore positions that allow your anus to relax, or get creative with anal plugs.

Megwyn White is a Certified Clinical Sexologist and Director of Education at Satisfyer, the leading Sexual Wellness pleasure product brand with a focus on the democratization of accessible pleasure. She received formal training and accreditation through the Dr. Rachael Institute in the US in 2020 and was previously focused on holistic body related fields such as yoga, Pilates, alignment-based bodywork, and somatic healing, since 2002. Her writing has been published in numerous sexual Health and lifestyle magazines, as well as trade publications, writing on topics such as Digital Intimacy, unlocking orgasm through liberating embodiment and expression, and additional sexual health related topics.

As a presenter and speaker, she has been featured at events such as the Sex and Medicine Summit, the Sex Expo, Assemblage, and at the Yale School of Consciousness. Further studies include Integral Anatomy with Gil Hedley, and ongoing coursework in Clinical Sexology at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology. Her work has focused on empowering all people to explore the potential within their bodies’ and furthering the conversation around why self-pleasure is one of the most promising gateways to living a happier and healthier life.

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About Satisfyer   

Blending tech innovation and sexual health, Satisfyer is the leading sexual wellness brand dedicated to creating pleasurable, multi-sensory experiences for consumers. Established in 2016, Satisfyer is the largest global sexual wellness brand advocating that sexual health is for everyone, regardless of their sexual preference, socioeconomic background, age, gender or skill level. 

As the fastest growing sexual wellness brand worldwide, Satisfyer is now available in more than 100 countries, with over 200 products and over 190 design awards. Satisfyer offers the most comprehensive and robust assortment of high-quality and innovative products, all at accessible prices. The company’s award-winning innovation, Satisfyer Connect, is a free app that integrates touch, sound and haptic feedback, allowing users to explore creating their own personalized pleasure programs and virtually control the device of a partner seamlessly. The app is consistently updated and offers new user experiences for your app enabled Satisfyer product. Satisfyer leads the category in many countries, due to its marquee product, the Pro 2, with over 25 million sold since 2016, and 100.000+ reviews on Amazon.

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