AMAR is ready to dance again

Originally a ballet dancer, Amar’s discovery of the nightlife and especially of LGBTQ+ culture led him to glam rock bands. Since 2017, he has split his time between Paris and NYC. He has built a musical universe that mixes new wave and disco, as well as an urban aesthetic that is a hybrid of drag and burlesque.His work is a continual experimentation of new musical and pictorial ideas that inspire each other.

OTTO DISCO is the first album of French queer singer AMAR co-composed and co- produced with the KORDEZALP x POM DE PAW. OTTO DISCO is based on a mix of musical universes halfway between new wave, dance-rock and techno. AMAR’s musical identity embraces the influences of the KORDEZALP x POM DE POW duo, creating an experimental explosion where synthesizers and guitars meet in an enthusiastic and dynamic composition. AMAR sings in high-energy English.

OTTO DISCO is characterized by an aesthetic which finds echo in new wave music and in an urban dimension. The album’s artistic direction leans towards derision, glam and emphasizes its queer spirit. This identity is evident in the visuals of the album produced by queer artist VINUS and was also the inspirations for the making of the first two music videos for the record. A raw aesthetic borrows from a poetic and queer dimension.

“Ready to Dance” is the soundtrack of the French documentary “La Première Marche” directed by Hakim Atoui and Baptiste Etchegaray, distributed by Outplay Films theatrically (released on October 14, 2020). An ode to LGBTQ+ culture and by extension to the many fights it had to face, the music video contrasts societal violence against minorities with the unifying and celebratory role music plays within these communities. From the Stonewall riots, to the Black Lives Matter movement, to the Pride March of Saint-Denis, the first of its kind organized in the suburbs of Paris the music video is a testimony and a diary, highlighted by personalities sometimes unknown to the public eye but who are active members for the cause and its political and artistic influences. “Ready To Dance” has a double meaning. Its dance rhythms should not obscure the message of a revolution and a rally.

The READY TO DANCE AGAIN – Remix Album is co-produced with both DJs and producers, the french Tommy Marcus and London based OKJAMES sets to be released on 14 July. The idea is to create a remix edition of the Otto Disco album and to create the gayest euro dance, high energy tracks. The main theme of the album is to gently lead us to dancefloors despite the terrible year we all have been through last year and for those months. There’s finally the light at the end of the road, and that light is a spotlight.

Who is AMAR?

A blue haired high energy pop artist who makes some music.

Why did you choose this name ? Is it because it means LOVE in Spanish ?

It’s my name, and also my grandfather’s name. I was named after him, and it suits me just fine. My grandfather was Algerian, from my mom’s side, it has a different meaning in Arabic, « builder », but I love that about this name, cause it’s very Mediterranean, it means love in latin, and also moon in Lebanese. Building love under the moon….

Tell us about yourself so we get to know you more

I’m a singer-songwriter. I’ve released my first album OTTO DISCO in late April, co-composed with my pals KORDEZALP x Pom de Paw. I started off as a ballet dancer before jumping by the underground burlesque scene and through garage bands in my early days.

What would you describe your music ?

My music reflects my personality, it’s quite energetic, catchy and dynamic. I love to make music where I can picture myself dancing on it, or vision myself on stage, or in clothing. It’s an all ensemble, as a performance artist, music suits a vision, like a palette.

Tell us about the remix album. What’s the main theme ?

As soon as I finished my OTTO DISCO album I started to work on the idea of a remix edition of the gayest eurodance tracks that will lead us to summer dance floors despite the terrible year the entire world have been through. The light is at the end of a the road and it’s a spotlight ! I worked with both DJs producers OKJAMES, London based, and TOMMY MARCUS, from Paris. They both gave a vision to my music and to OTTO DISCO, and the results is DOPE. I love remixes, I like to listen to extended and recreate versions of songs, we went for something very clubbing, French-disco and very early 90s.

Where did you grow up? How was your childhood?

A small-town near Paris, that was too short sighted to me. I was in catholic schools, that didn’t left any space for personalities, but still was very eccentric younger, not a low profile, but I remember also being victimized for being called « fem », or « too sensitive ». But that never annihilated my personality, I think it’s the reason why today I’m quite bold and that allow myself to take risks on my own path. Also shows my commitment and the rebellious aspect of my personality.

Is there enough queer representation in the music industry nowadays?

We’re getting there, and thanks to social media there’s a new platforms for several and amazing artists. I admire the dedication of many platforms that make artists connect together.

How do you feel with the fact that there are still many LGBTQ+ people who conceal their sexual identity?

I’d say that for so many decades, openly LGBTQ+ people have opened up our paths. I’m just curious to understand why normative cis-men, who open up as gay men, will have a better representation on media cause of their recent coming out, rather than us queers who never hide who we are, cause we grew up or were surrounded by misogynistic behaviours. 

What does PRIDE mean to you?

Pride is a riot. Pride is to never say, never hide, never feel ashamed of being colorful, powerful and free.

Which artists do you admire most and who are your inspirations?

I’m obsessed with The Weeknd and Years and Years at the moment. I genuinely love music.

What are your future plans?

I’m coproducing my next album with Tommy Marcus, and have been part of a LGBTQ series, that’ll launch next autumn. I’m also working on a tour for next autumn, I can’t wait to be back on stage and to perform live.

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