Myths and Facts about Masturbation

This Masturbation May, a survey by Satisfyer anonymously interviewed over 5000 men between the ages of 18 and 59 who were willing to share insight into their habits and preferences when it comes to self-love. As one of the largest and fastest growing international sexual wellness brands, Satisfyer aims to educate on male masturbation, with the most interesting facts and promote a healthy relationship with sexuality.

Recent survey results revealed that just 1% of men think of their partner when engaging in some self-love.

Satisfyer has released the results of its #askaman survey which anonymously interviewed men on their self-lovin habits to determine the trends on frequency, hotspots, whether toys were used and more.

·        Just 1% of respondents said they think of their own partner when masturbating

·        Just 5% factored health reasons into their reasons for self-love

·        9% of respondents don’t hold back, and sometimes m*sturbate several times a day.

Many men ask themselves: Is it healthy to masturbate? Science says: Yes! Did you know that regular masturbation actively contributes to your mental health? The benefits of masturbation include the reduce of stress and anxiety, improvement of self-consciousness and self-esteem as well as a better sleep.  

But: How often do men masturbate? About the half of our participants masturbate multiple times a week, followed by 20% that are masturbating every day. About 10% masturbate only multiple times a month or only once a week – so as you can see, there is no right or wrong when it comes to masturbation, as long as it isn’t connected to obsessive or addictive behavior.  

Surprise, surprise: The main reason for masturbation is personal pleasure, followed by the lack of sexual intercourse. But also mutual masturbation with a partner or simply boredom lead most men to lend a hand to themselves. The least stated reason were health benefits, even though they play such a vast role.  

Half of our participants spice things up with little helpers: About 55% use masturbation toys or masturbators, lube or additional anal toys to enhance the play with themselves. We can only encourage you to try out sexual wellness devices or lubes when masturbating – it makes your solo sessions so much more fun and offers an entirely new experience!  

Once, twice, three times – how often is normal?

There is only one correct answer to the question “how often is normal” – as often as you want! What matters is the time to yourself and enjoyment factor. 45% of respondents said they enjoy a spot of self-love a few times a week, 19% reported masturbating every day and 9% of respondents don’t hold back, and sometimes masturbate several times a day.

But why do men masturbate? The answers to this are not surprising; personal pleasure during masturbation is the top priority for 76% of those surveyed. In second place, 33% coined lack of sex as an important reason for self-masturbation, especially during the pandemic with sexual social distancing and an increased longing for closeness. In third place, at 25%, was shared masturbation with a partner. Only 5% factored health reasons into their masturbation routine despite there being many health advantages to a healthy masturbation routine.

Importantly, masturbation helps to maintain the function of the muscles, especially in old age. Megwyn White, Certified Sexologist and Director of Education at Satisfyer explains: “with increasing age, the production of new cells decreases. Naturally, muscles recede- which is only exacerbated by less movement and physical exercise. The tissues of the penis require stimulation to maintain support of the vascular networks and tissues inside. Regular sex, masturbation and pelvic floor training can have a preventative effect. Typical problems in old age such as incontinence, prostate problems or erectile dysfunction can be avoided to a certain extent if the ‘elixir of life’ is constantly kept flowing”.

Where are the masturbation hotspots?

As expected, the front runner and number one favourite place to masturbate is and will always be, the bed. With 66% recognizing that comfort and pleasure go hand in hand. The shower and toilet though less convenient, are still popular, with around 12% and 10%, respectively, choosing to masturbate here – these two places in the bathroom are in a head-to-head race. Other favored hotspots included the sofa (5%) and interestingly, the home office was the preferred backdrop for 4% of those surveyed.

Porn or Fantasy?

Both! 64% of respondents say that they used a combination of their own imagination and porn to really get going. With a wide variety of porn genres catering to a wide variety of fetishes, everyone is catered for and 18% admitted they were video lovers who watched porn to climax. On the other hand, 17% prefer to let a hot movie play in their head and exercise their own imagination. Wondering about your other half? It may come as a surprise that unfortunately only 1% of the respondents said they think of their own partner when they masturbate. Thanks guys.

Sex toys or hand?

When choosing the right aid, it depends on the toy. Whether a vibrating penis ring or a masturbator that simulates oral sex, these toys have one thing in common: they can catapult the orgasm into unimagined spheres, taking self-love next level. 55% of men experience this and use an aid for masturbation. Which product to choose? There were multiple favourites – vibrating toys used directly on the penis came out on top with 29%. To enhance me-time, 25% use a simple lubricant and in third place, 23% used masturbators without vibration, followed by anal stimulation, which were favoured by 20% of respondents.

About Satisfyer  

Blending tech innovation and sexual health, Satisfyer is a sexual wellness brand dedicated to creating pleasurable, multi-sensory experiences for consumers. Established in 2016, Satisfyer set the tone within the industry, proclaiming that sexual health is for everyone, regardless of their sexual preference, socioeconomic background, age, gender or skill level. Available in more than 100 countries, with over 200 products and over 190 design awards, Satisfyer offers the most comprehensive and robust assortment of high-quality devices, all at accessible prices. Satisfyer leads the category in many countries, due to its marquee product, the Pro 2, which is the most sold sexual wellness device in the world. For more information, please visit 

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