LX Lab: Foreplay for Your Senses

Hot new brand LX Lab are releasing their first collection of sensual luxury candles for Men and YASS tried it first!

Laurent Guinci, or Lolo to his friends, is a French designer who has been based in London since 1994. Despite his origins in the sciences with degrees in Maths, Physics and Astronomy, he always had an innate urge to own a design business. Therefore, he created LFG Design, a design consultancy group that specialises in the fields of Lifestyle and Fashion and a precursor to LOLO CREATIVE.

Without a stitch of academic fashion experience, he has managed to achieve his dreams working on some of the most iconic costumes and immersive experiences across the globe as well as now running his own company LOLO CREATIVE and releasing his latest brand LX.

In 1994, with Maths, Physics and Astronomy degrees in his pocket, he moved to the UK to pursue his insatiable passion for fashion. After a year bartending in London, Laurent became an interior designer for Mourad Mazouz’s Momo’s (Madonna’s favourite restaurant) before award-winning costume designer, Jany Temime, recruited him to design for Harry Potter – a magical whirlwind which changed his life. Laurent has since worked on several Hollywood films such as James Bond as well as world-renowned theme park projects for Universal and Warner Bros

LX Lab could not make us happier! Their luxurious, manly candles are nothing like you’ve seen (or should we say smelt) before. Inspired by the sheer lack of sensual male products on the market. All notes are masculine, uniquely blended and are totally new to the market, perfectly engineered for the pleasure of men and their partners. The candle reinvented. Sexier, more intimate and irresistible!

The range is allusive of relatable sexual encounters, bringing reminiscences of that first kiss or naughty date. Every scent comes with an individual he-story to set the ambience and immerse you into a stimulating memory. This is paired with fun, evocative names which just speak volumes.

A ‘Summer Fling’, the excitement of a ‘Steamy Shower’, the anticipation of a ‘Dirty Weekend’, the satisfaction of a ‘Walk of Shame’ and more… are all just a flame away. You can pick your narrative depending on how you feel.

There are eight designer candles to choose from each providing 40 hours of pure sexiness (a.k.a. burn time). They come in two bespoke designed colourways fitting your daytime and night-time needs: AM, a lighter set in subtle sporty grey with punchy red accents or the more powerful PM, in a sleek matte black glass vessel with a flash of hot magenta.

The clever candle combo’s range from fresh fragrances like clean notes of mandarin and eucalyptus, on the base of powdery sheer musk, to stronger perfumed ones, for example, aromatic notes of black pepper, with a heart of orris root and cashmere musk. These are just two of the tantalising blends to look forward to.

You can get in on the action on www.LXlab.london

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