Larsen & Eriksen watches are the next best (Scandinavian) thing

Jeppe Larsen and Magnus Eriksen have been friends since 3rd grade and have always been into design in general – and watches in particular. Back in 2015, they felt watches were getting way too similar and way too over-priced. So, they decided to go ahead and design their own.

They are aware that with great heritage comes great responsibility. Thus, with a deepfelt respect for their Scandinavian design roots, balanced with an ambition to do what they think is right, they design for a diverse and democratic future. They have designed every little detail from scratch – and they have cut out all costly middlemen – making LARSEN & ERIKSEN not only aesthetic, but also accessible.

Since starting out, they have grown 100% organically and their work has been acknowledged and exhibited by the likes of MoMA in New York and Tokyo, Tate Modern, BEAMS, Louisiana MoMA, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston, Danish Architecture Center and San Francisco MoMA, among others.

What is quite impressive is that both the design and production processes are fully CO2 neutral.

YASS loves watches. Who doesn’t? And we have to admit that we particularly love the Larsen and Eriksen watches from the moment we discovered them. The Danish duo (Jeppe Larsen and Magnus Eriksen) are celebrating their Scandinavian heritage and have created the most elegant and minimal unisex watches that can be worn and enjoyed by anyone, no matter how you define or identify, as every design is unisex and affordable.

The company, which took its name by the surnames of its two founders, specialises in making wristwatches, watch rolls and many more interesting products, including coffee table books, tote bags and other sustainable and ethical products, while at the same time participating in giving back to the community and being involved in charitable activities! Sounds amazing!

The first thing that impressed us and got our attention was the watch cases, that are nice sturdy and stylish cardboard boxes 100% recyclable, and they include the watch parts and all the accessories you need 9plus a booklet with instructions and warranty). Once you remove the parts you are free to assemble the watch by yourself and have the pleasure of constructing a beautiful piece of art for your wrist.

The watch cases are light and are made of stainless steel, and the finishing is just seamless. The aesthetics are beautiful, clear, simple and classy. The best thing is that the watches fit well and they are comfortable, while at the same time they match with everything due to their minimal design. If you have an eye for detail, make sure you check the engraving in the back of the watchcase that features Danish spectacular urban views/landmarks. After several days of wearing them, we fell more and more in love with them, and after some point you do not even feel you are wearing a watch on your hand!

One more thing that really impressed us was the Numbers edition which is a collaboration with MoMA Museum. Numbers is a limited edition capsule collection designed in a year-long collaboration with New York-based Poulsen Projects. Numbers is a synthesis of time and language, numbers and letters. In this creative collaboration the celebration of time is synchronized with Poulsen Projects’ iconic textuality.

Mads Jakob Poulsen is the creative mind behind this collaboration that led to Numbers collection. Poulsen Projects is founded by Danish designer Mads Jakob Poulsen who lives in New York. His Danish heritage makes him fluent in the language of design and his iconic work often tends to be very engaging.

Mads’s talent and achievements involve work on a blue circle that leaves space for a new illustrated logo every day for USA Today, a giant feather that went to space and back for Blue Origin, and a dynamic flag that waves on your screen for Al Gore’s Current TV channel. His client range is spectacular, and one could even say very global – from Danish Design Center and Copenhagen Pride, to Microsoft, Asian Art Museum, Brooklyn Museum, NBC Universal and many others.

Mads Jakob Poulsen has received numerous international awards and has spread his knowledge and the insights of the design universe by giving lectures at events and educational institutions in Denmark, Canada and the US. About Numbers Mads admits “I wanted to create a playful yet iconic watch face that looks familiar and new at the same time, making you take an extra glance at this everyday object”.

For a chance to win one of the two LARSEN & ERIKSEN watches that YASS is giving away, make sure you visit our Instagram page (@yasspress) and you follow the instructions on our last post. Good luck!

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