YASS celebrates Hollywood’s Growers and Showers

Do you ever wonder which celebrities have the biggest and smallest penises in Hollywood? Well today you’re in luck! Here at YASS we love penises of all shapes and sizes, and we’re celebrating the delish diversity of dongage with the 20 biggest celebrity growers and showers! Only A-listers actors made the cut (or uncut!) and the results have been verified by our dedicated team of guy-ientists. After viewing 8,000 full frontal scenes we chose the sexiest celebrities with the biggest and smallest penises in Hollywood!

Watchmen star Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is one of the most well-endowed men in Hollywood, according to a list compiled by Mr. Man, a database for male celebrity nude scenes.  The Emmy-award winning actor who can also be seen in the Netflix historical legal drama The Trial of the Chicago 7, is included in “Hollywood Showers” list. “During this award season, we thought it would be fun to recognize the actors who dare to bare all,” says Phil Henricks, an executive at Mr. Man.  “We didn’t feel the need to hand out trophies as these men have already been gifted with the best prizes of all.” 

The experts at Mr. Man were satisfied as well. , they chose him among their 10 “Showers” in Tinseltown.  Viggo MortensenBen AffleckColin Farrell, and Ewan McGregor also make the well-hung club.

Michael Fassbender, best known for his starring role in the X-Men films, appears on the list for his full-frontal scene in the 2011 film, Shame.  “The German race car driver turned actor is probably not as well known in America as the other men on our list,” reflects Henricks. “But judging from the impression that he made on our team, he should be.” 

Among the Growers list are Tom Cruise who appeared nude in 1983’s All the Right MovesJude Law from 1999’s The Talented Mr. RipleyLeonardo DiCaprio in 1995’s Total Eclipse and Tom Hardy who bared all in 2008’s Bronson.  “We applaud the Growers, too,” says Henricks.  “At Mr. Man, we appreciate all shapes and sizes.” 

#1: Ben Affleck

It’s no secret that Ben Affleck is one of the sexiest men in the biz we call show. But did you know that the real-life DILF has the biggest penis in Hollywood? It’s true. He surpasses even the legendary Michael Fassbender (who seemingly fluffed for his Shame role). For a look at what Ben is packing, check out his massive member in Gone Girl. Ben there, hung that!

#2: Michael Fassbender

Michael Fassbender’s legendary cock has received ample time in front of the camera thanks to his brazen full-frontal performances. Michael really put other actors to shame in, well, Shame, when he flaunted his huge swinging penis. Raise your hand if you want more Fassbender dick!

#3: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

The talented and sexy actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II em-bawdy-ies Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan like no other man can. He lends his perfect, thick penis to the role of the famously naked Dr. Manhattan in multiple mouthwatering scenes. Do we like seeing him naked? Um, Ya…hya.

#4: Liam Neeson

We’re Taken… by Liam Neeson’s cock! Now we know where the horse-hung Irish actor gets his swagger from. Liam Neeson’s full frontal scene goes down in Under Suspicion, when he makes a mad dash across a lawn with his thigh-slapper on full display. Just… wow.

#5: Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor is one of the nudest actors in Hollywood, with over a half dozen frontal performances under his rarely-there belt. And with his impressive package in Young Adam, this sexpot is an example of quality and quantity! When it comes to Ewan, we all win.

#6: Omar Epps

Omar God! Omar Epps is definitely an actor who we want to see more nudity from. But at least he blessed us with a great frontal nude scene in Conviction. We’re convinced that he’s one of the most well-endowed actors in Hollywood!

#7: Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen has delivered decades of dudity, first showing off his thick penis in 1991’s The Indian Runner, and most recently in 2016’s Captain Fantastic. That cock? Fantastic!

#8: Antonio Banderas

Many fans might not know that Zorro himself is packing an impressive sword. Antonio was just a twink when he showed off his genuinely thick sausage in 1982’s False Eyelash! And don’t get us started on that sexy au naturel bush. Just don’t okay.

#9: Colin Farrell

A man with a dashingly handsome face, dreamy eyes, perfectly toned bod, and an extra long dong might seem too good to be true. But that’s exactly what you get with Colin Farrell! Porn fans can check out his sizable soapy cock in Triage.

#10: Justin Theroux

My man’s lingerie? Grey sweatpants. Justin Theroux made headlines for his bobbing bulge in The Leftovers, but to see what he’s actually packing, check out Justin’s impressive frontal shot in Eight Inches Under. We mean, Six Feet Under!

#11: Robert De Niro

The legendary actor Robert De Niro was about as studly as they came when he was a young Hollywood hotshot. We think that his sexy cock, as seen in the Bernardo Bertolucci movie 1900, might contribute to his confidence.

#12: Harvey Keitel

This accomplished actor made a name for himself with his brazen nude performances. You can peep Harvey’s hog in unforgettable scenes in Bad Lieutenant, The Piano, Ulysses’ Gaze, and more!

#13: Alexander Skarsgård

Arguably the hottest member of the Skarsgård dy-nasty isn’t afraid to serve up his Swedish sausage. Alexander shocked audiences by delivering full frontal nudity in a True Blood scene that’s straight fire.

#14: Daniel Craig

If you look up “daddy” in the dictionary, you won’t find a picture of Daniel Craig. That’s not how dictionaries work. But if you check him out in Love is the Devil, you will see one of the hottest daddy cocks in Hollywood when he lets it all hang out in the tub!

#15: Richard Gere

Richard Gere proves that it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it. The retro heartthrob bravely bared his bits in the aptly named movie American Gigolo. Now that’s what we call kicking things into high Gere!

#16: Tom Hardy

This British babe loves showing off his pint-sized package to anyone and everyone. Shia LaBeouf even claimed that he and Tom once wrestled fully naked! Tom Hardy boldly bares it all in some of the most memorable nude titles here at Mr. Man, like Colditz and Bronson. Hardy will leave you hard!

#17: Tom Cruise

Now we know why things didn’t work out with Katie! Throughout his career Tom Cruise tried his best to hide his package from the camera, but in 1983’s All the Right Moves, he briefly slipped audiences his Cruise missile. Tom’s nudity has us jumping (on the couch) for joy!

#18: Jude Law

Jude Law was every gay boy’s crush in the ’90s, but many people don’t know that he showed off his goods on screen. Jude Law’s best penis shot can be found in the homoerotic The Talented Mr. Ripley. With a face like that, does penis size matter… like at all?

#19: Leonardo DiCaprio

Back when he was a mere twink, industry favorite Leonardo DiCaprio delivered a surprising frontal scene in Total Eclipse. He was only twenty-years-old when he showed his fun-size cock and balls while standing on a roof fully naked! See, you can be a ladies man, even without the gland.

#20: Terrence Howard

We’re certain that he’s simply a grower and not a show-er, but that didn’t stop audiences from commenting on the shocking size of Terrence Howard’s penis as seen in Get Rich or Die Tryin’. Maybe in Terryology (Howard’s unproven math theory) three inches equals a foot!

Mr. Man is an adult entertainment website and database of male nude and sexually explicit scenes from mainstream movies and TV.  It launched in 2013, 14 years after its parent site, Mr. Skin.  Its collection includes more than 8,000 stars, 90,000 photos and video clips and a vast selection of curated films and TV shows in full HD video.

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