Rock M Sakura Sexy Superhero Sickening Spectacular

From World Of Wonder, comes the brand-new series Rock M Sakura Sexy Superhero Sickening Spectacular, starring drag alumni superstar Rock M Sakura. Rock is the latest queen to host her very own show on the home of LGBTQ+ content, WOW Presents Plus, with a 6×10’ series landing weekly from Wednesday 3rd March at 8pm.

Rock M. Sakura comes from a family of superheroes who fight crime every day. But Rock is a late bloomer and has yet to come into her powers. Set in San Francisco, this mockumentary series follows Rock on her journey to discovering her superpowers. To the moon!

Rock M. Sakura said “Feel the magic! In what is truly a collection of skin, bones, words, oddly proportioned drag, breathing, and – to put it politely – questionable writing, you and your family can watch me at the unquestionable peak of my career. With never-before-seen bonus features (that simply don’t exist), this new series is sure to warm your heart. I prove myself as a timeless classic. Featuring songs (from no one), and the impressive voice talents (of nobody), make sure Rock M. Sakura’s Sexy Superhero Spectacular is part of your kids’ collection – or else she’s going back in the vault for good this time!”

What shall we expect from the series “Rock M Sakura Sexy Superhero Sickening Spectacular”?

This show is definitely on the high energy end of the drag youtube video spectrum. So you can expect lots of action, lots of bing bang bong sing sang song in the form of me running into objects and trying to shoot beams from my butt. Lots of like, “oh y’all wanted a twist! Cmon season six lets get sickening”. Don’t forget to sprinkle in a little drama, romance, and deep family connections and you have yourself the show.

How does it feel to host your very own show on the home of LGBTQ+ content, WOW Presents plus?

Honestly its very humbling to host a show on the home of queer content WOW Presents plus. Sometimes as a performer you doubt your ability to entertain people beyond the drunken bar scene and being asked to do a series feels validating.

Where is the show set and what shall we expect to see in this mockumentary series?

Our show is set in my home drag town of San Francisco during the middle of a pandemic, although we tried to stay away from the pandemic theme when writing the episodes to avoid over-dating the product. This mockumentary is really just a reflection of human life, if your life was constantly being filled to brim with 10 red bulls and anxiety. But seriously, you can expect a retro 2009 YouTube approach to mockumentary film making.

What is your relationship with superheroes?

Superheroes have always been a part of my life since I was a little kid. My brother collected Batman, Spawn, and X-men comics during the mid 90s and I would read them. I loved DC characters, But I was always enthralled by the costume design of marvel characters as well as superhero characters from eastern culture like Power rangers. Before I moved to San Francisco I read comic books like crazy and was an avid collector of new 52 comics, but my collecting stopped once I started doing drag. It’s always one hobby or another draining the funds.

If superheroes were drag queens, which ones would they be?

God, I love interesting questions like this I’ll probably include some villains too.

She Hulk would definitely be Kameron Michaels, I would say Jubilee is obviously Jujubee, Mr. Fantastic would be Yvie Oddly since she is super stretchy. Shangela is Phoenix, since she is the drag racer that will never die. And I think that Modok would be Lady Bunny since she’s super smart but also, he would need big hair for his face… Oh and beast is probably Crystal Methyd because she gives off I’m a furry vibes.

Are we going to listen to new music from you?

Yes! Sometime this year I’m coming out with my album! I’m very nervous about producing music because it’s a venue I’ve never taken before. But I have to say that it’s mainly rooted in jpop and kpop, so I feel a bit more comfortable with the music that is being produced. I’ve never wanted to do like a contemporary American pop sound, but my heart has always been set on being a jpop idol.

How was the experience of filming the series and producing new music?

Honestly filming in quarantine can be a bit stressful, especially if you don’t have any experience in video production. Luckily, we had some food remote direction for the show, as well as help from my friend Cash Monet who helps me film my YouTube content. I think that music production is the hardest during the pandemic, because finding vocal coaching is hard, and I prefer to work on creative endeavours like lyrics in person.

What were the main challenges and what did you enjoy most?

The main challenge was really getting up on time and following my own schedule. I’m such a bad time manager that I always end up sleeping tiil like 4p, and wonder where my day has gone. I definitely loved loved loved parts where I got riff and just be off the cuff. We have some fun b-roll footage that really adds to the crazy and absurd universe of the show.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Besides the album and the superhero show, I’m currently in the planning stages for an art book and a comic book drawn by yours truly! I wanted to be a comic book illustrator before a drag queen, so I know the trade a bit. I just hope people will like some shonen manga style drag comics.

Rock M Sakura Sexy Superhero Sickening Spectacular airs weekly on WOW Presents Plus from 3rd March at 8pm GMT; Subscribe via

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