The 10 most common sex accidents

Life is full of unexpected and sometimes awkward situations. From saying hi to the wrong person on the street, to headbutting your partner in the penis (spoiler alert), no day is truly the same.

With that in mind, we sought to learn more about the most common sex mishaps happening to people. To find that out, we asked 2,544 respondents about the unfortunate events which have happened between the sheets (or other locations).

These are the most common SEX MISHAPS according to YOU and a research made by onBuy:

  • The most common sex mishap is falling off your partner or furniture, according to 75% of people.
  • 71% of respondents admit being caught by family while having sex – yikes!
  • Close your eyes! 62% of people said they have experienced eye shots.
  • “I went over to him and tripped over my feet and the bed, which resulted in my headbutting this poor boy in the penis.” – Full story in the article!

Have any of these happened to you? 🍆

The most common sex mishap has been revealed to be ‘falling off your partner or furniture’ with 75% of people saying this has happened to them before. To that all we can say is hold tight for dear life, unless you want to take the action to the floor.

Family affair..

One of the best feelings is being surrounded by your family… unless you’re having sex. Unfortunately for a whopping 71% of people, these two worlds have collided, revealing that a family member has walked in on them having sex.

“Having sex with my ex, restrained him to the bed, on top of him having a grand old time – for his dad to walk in and see us butt naked along with his son’s legs and arms pinned to the bed..” – Emily (22)

Shocked young loving couple looking at camera while lying in bed under blanket

Not the eyes!

In most cases having an orgasm represents the end of some great sex! However, what might be a happy ending for some, could be a painful one to another. 68% of unfortunate people have experienced an eye shot.

“After a date night with my partner, we came home and, drunk a nice bottle of wine, started fooling around. After going down on him for a bit, he didn’t warn me that he was about to blow his load – and the whole lot went straight into my eye. If the pain wasn’t enough, I had to face the embarrassment of having my false eyelashes slowly slipping down my face.” – Catherine (27)

Steamy showers

Getting clean while getting dirty is not only great multitasking, but also fun! However, the slippery setup can lead to a disastrous ending. In fact, 51% of people have admitted to falling in the shower while having sex.

Falling is not the only problem people can experience while doing bits in the shower. The hot temperature could also make you faint! That’s what happened to one unlucky respondent.

“Me and my boyfriend decided to have a hot steamy shower together. As we were being intimate, the temperature of the bathroom was going up and up – to the point where I started to feel faint. Not wanting to put my partner off, I sucked it up and carried on, only to nearly pass out a few minutes later. Ended up falling down in the shower- luckily, my boyfriend caught me before I hit the floor!” – Pat (31)

Seeing stars

Having sex can take you to other worlds! Especially if you get yourself knocked unconscious, which is exactly what has happened to 5% of unlucky respondents! How can that happen, you may ask? One person shared her story with us.

“Living it up at uni and fancied this guy for a little while, went out looking like a solid 10, coincidentally the boy that I fancied thought the same. Took him back to mine and whilst he was on the bed I drunkenly undressed, thinking I was on the set of Beyoncé – Partition. My bedroom at uni was in the loft with a slanted roof and low bed. I went over to him and tripped over my feet and the bed, which resulted in my head butting this poor boy in the penis. I reconvened to what I thought were going to be some seriously sexy moves. I am on top of him and go to flick my hair up and then knock myself unconscious.” – Olivia (23)

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