We had an erotic ménage à moi with Wet For Her products

Wet For Her is the online store for queer and lesbian communities that promises to offer a new approach to sexuality. And we had to find out if this is true! For this reason, we decided to do an experiment. We ordered several dildos and anal plugs, which we gave them as presents to the YASS team and we asked them to share their experience. In the end of the day, masturbation helps you learn your desires and empowers you to give yourself pleasure. Don’t settle for just “wham bam thank you ma’am”; take the time to seduce yourself and set the mood for an erotic ménage à moi. 

Wet For Her was originally created by lesbians for lesbians, but the mission and the toys don’t discriminate. It is Wet For Her’s goal to make this a welcoming space for queer women and the folks they love by celebrating a diverse range of bodies, genders, and orientation. The online selection is always expanding, and most recently a new line of gender-affirming transmasculine products has been added to the shop. This includes an array of FTM packers and dildos, coordinating harnesses, and the most popular STP on the market.

Wet For Her was founded in June 2009 in Paris, France. Owner and CEO Alice Derock was disappointed to discover that the sex toy industry was limited when it came to non-phallic sex toys for the lesbian and queer community. There was of course a variety of pleasure products for women, but there were not many aimed at queer women. It was this that inspired Alice to create products specifically for lesbians and queer women.

The first of these was the Two Finger Extender, a clever ergonomic extension toy that provided extra length to the fingers. It was released to broad acclaim and received numerous industry awards. Tired of dealing with catalogs and sex shops catering to heterosexual couples or straight women, Alice then launched the Wet For Her e-boutique in 2011. Her vision was to create a convenient online queer sex shop accessible to lesbian couples around the gay-friendly world.

Ten years later, Wet For Her is an internationally-established favourite. The shop has grown to include bestselling lesbian sex toys such as strap-on dildos, double dildos, strap-on harnesses, the best vibrators for lesbian couples, and essentials like lube and foreplay accessories. Fast and discreet shipping is offered throughout Europe, Australia, the United States, and Canada. Wet For Her set out to design sex toys that were not flesh-tone or intended to look realistic. All toys are made of 100% medical grade silicone, ensuring the product is phthalate-free while providing a silky texture that is easy to clean and maintain.

After the TWO Finger Extender, the Wet For Her line of lesbian sex toy expanded to include the FOUR double dildo, a rather obvious extension of the TWO. The Five strap-on dildo has a flat base that’s extremely effective in its simplicity, while the FUSION strap-on dildo features a curved base that offers non-penetrative pleasure to the harness wearer. The UNION strapless double dildo comes in three sizes and has space for a low-profile 5-speed bullet vibrator. The newest WFH product, RockHer Scissoring Vibrator, was released January 2019 and is already receiving rave reviews.

Let’s start with our favourite products!

Harnesses and Strap-Ons

For folks who love strap-on sex, a harness can become something of a second skin. Harnesses and Double-Dildos offer hands-free intimacy and pleasure to both parties. However, more than just sex toys, strap-ons can open whole new arenas for sexual play on an individual and partnered level. If you’re new to strap-on sex, check out he Strap-Ons: Where To Start? post for tips on buying and using your first harness. This is also a great guide to get a sense of the variety available if you want to switch up your harness style. Strap friendly positions are key when learning to maneuver. You are essentially adapting to sex with a new extension of yourself so there’s bound to be some awkward moments along the way. It’s a good thing laughter is sexy! Just roll with it and keep your attention on pleasure for you and your partner. Missionary position or having the Receiver on all fours with the Wearer placed behind are both good introductory positions. Once you’ve found your thrusting flow, the only limitation is your imagination.

Certain dildos will work better than others in different positions. One of the bonuses of strap-on sex is that you can easily switch between dildos between sessions or even during play. Finding the perfect size and curve is a glorious treasure hunt, and remember that both you and your partner’s bodies will change over time. The Deluxe Dilator Set offers a range of five lengths and girths, perfect for exploration. While it works without one, consider adding a harness when using double-dildos like the Union. This extra control can do wonders during more rambunctious encounters. It’s been famously said that “dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire.” But George Bernard Shaw is hardly the only person to compare sex to dancing, and with good reason. Both deeply involve the movement of your hips. The right deep thrust might push your partner over the edge into a cascade of orgasm, but remember that your hips can do magical things with smaller or circular movements. If your partner gets on top, take mental notes of the way she moves when in control. Never be afraid to add vibration to the mix; a vibrating ring like the WowHer or a bullet vibe tucked into the harness will take your strapon game to the next level.

The term “faux jobs” was coined to refer to oral sex performed on dildos, as a way to provide distinction from oral sex performed on cis men. But there is nothing fake about your partner bringing you pleasure with their mouth, and the term blowjob is broadly used in this context. The body’s biggest sexual organ is the mind. Watching your partner wrap her lips around you can be enough to power your sexual fantasies no matter what you call it. Dildos with suction cup bases like the Purple Rain are especially fun as pressure on the base can offer stimulation for the Wearer.

One of our favorite toys for versatility is the Shilo. The flexible core makes this pack-n-play dildo perfect for wearing underneath clothing. Waiting for the perfect sexy moment to present itself can be its own form of erotic tension. The Shilo is part of our trans-friendly collection but is a great dildo option for anyone who thinks gender play is hot. Whether you want to get head in your kitchen, or roleplay an anonymous encounter somewhere more illicit, the Shilo is ready at a moment’s notice.

The best part of wearable sex toys is that they go with you everywhere. Keep your toys clean, your lines of communication open, and have fun!

Spanking products

Spanking as a form of erotic play has a lengthy history, with ancient humans being just as kinky as modern ones. The earliest known depiction of erotic spanking is a wall fresco inside the appropriately named Tomb of the Whippings dated to 490 BCE. The Kama Sutra describes both the physical and emotional variations of spanking with instructions that leave us feeling flushed, while the practice of eroticized spanking originated in eighteenth century England.

What gives spanking such a universal draw? For starters, the butt is literally the “seat of pleasure” for the body. The whole region is filled with nerve endings near the genitals, so the blood flow brought by spanking further intensifies the body’s arousal response. This sensitivity plus the derrière’s padding of fat creates increased capacities for pleasure with reduced capacity for pain. It’s the winning combination for much of BDSM in general, which is why spanking is a favourite even within the larger impact play community.

Spanking with an open palm diffuses the impact, meaning a more surface level sting of pain coupled with a louder noise. Partially or fully closing the fingers into a loose fist, or hitting with the back of the hand, will offer more thuddy sensations and sounds. Household items like wooden spoons can be sexy substitutions. There are four general categories of spanking, each with its own motivations.

Any of the above types of spanking can be erotic, but aren’t always. Likewise, erotic spankings can stand on their own without any of the above dynamics in play. In these scenarios eroticism is the explicit intent, and the placement of the hand is more consistently sexual. Rubbing, massaging, and giving other forms of pleasurable touch in between smacks can intensify the sexual arousal of the spankee and draw out the experience. Erotic spankings can be the entirety of a sex session or the prelude to other sexual play. Almost any sex toy can be incorpated into a spanking session. Interchanging smacks with vibrations can help you bring your partner to the edge and back. The Ayu Finger Vibes are a perfect way for the spanker to offer both pain and pleasure. Other options, like the RockHer or Pride Buttplug, are wearable options to intensify the experience for the spankee.

Masturbation Toys

Masturbation helps you learn your desires and empowers you to give yourself pleasure. Light some candles, watch queer porn, or read erotica. Touch your whole body, running fingers across your nipples and down your stomach. Explore the entirety of your vulva, and experience yourself get wet. If your fingers aren’t doing the job, add more rumble to the mix. While remaining simple in concept, vibrator technology has come a long way. In the name of science (and pleasure) we recommend copious amounts of experimentation with the modern vibes of 2019. 

Don’t let the small size of the Luv Mini Vibrator fool you, as this vibe is destined for regular appearances in your nightstand drawer. Its uniquely-shaped head delivers targeted pulses in 10 different vibe patterns in a ring shape to stimulate all sides of your clit. A golden oldie that continues to stand the test of time, the Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the most powerful vibrators out there. Playing a prominent role during the rise of feminist-oriented sex products, the Magic Wand is famed for its capacity to unlock hard-to-achieve or multiple orgasms.

If too much direct sensation is uncomfortable, the Mimic Clandestine is designed for sensitive clits. The Mimic’s soft, smooth surface focuses on gentle clitoral stimulation with 8 vibe patterns and a fully submersible exterior. Sometimes it takes a deeper nudge to push one over the edge. The Hot & Cool Suction-Cup Dildo has gentle curves perfect for g-spot stimulation, and it boasts a suction-cup base that firmly adheres to most smooth surfaces. Looking for something more hands on? The Finger Extender, a signature sex toy from Wet For Her’s product line, adds both length and heft to your digits so you hit the sweet spot every time.

To see the full range of products have a look here:






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