SIRAINER, when fantasies become reality

SIRAINER was born in Italy in 2020 between one lockdown and another, between sheets folds, between home walls, between Florence and Milan.  Bedroom fantasies, fantasies that take shape… a shape that becomes reality. Her and him. 

The two founding partners of the brand rediscover the pleasure of working together after years of shared experiences. Complementary in the creation of a line of accessories and leather goods that tests and excites their pleasure for well-crafted objects.  The pleasure for functionality, quality and durability of objects pushes them to move in a Luxury and Fashion world and at the same time embrace, for fun and passion, the erotic accessory sector. 

Leather, Fetish and BDSM hide an exciting playing field for both to challenge their sensitivities and bring new stimuli to a niche audience, thus touching the relationship between sexuality, well-being and aesthetics and winking to a much wider people world. In this historic moment of rediscovery and emancipation of rights and freedoms that we are all experiencing, society, public opinion and consumption also change accordingly. The thought therefore of availing of objects and equipment to satisfy one’s sexual life takes on new traits, breaking down taboos and prejudices, thus transforming itself into a natural and healthy way to take care of one’s own and others’ well-being. 

Two minds, and many hands tailored to serve the world of pleasures and fetishes. Expert, sensual and attentive hands of Italian artisans. YASS met the founders of SIRAINER and here is all you need to know!

What is the idea and the message behind SIRAINER?

If pleasure is to be a ritual, it is necessary to use aesthetically rewarding equipment to practice it.

SIRAINER comes to life to improve quality, perforce and design of fetish and BDSM gears and garments. The thought therefore of availing of objects and equipment to satisfy one’s sexual life takes on new traits, breaking down taboos and prejudices, thus transforming itself into a natural and healthy way to take care of one’s own and others’ well-being.

What is the meaning of the name of your brand?

SIRAINER is the fusion of name and surname of one of the two business partners of the company. We love the idea of playing with the word SIR, because of its meaning and role in BDSM games, but adding the payoff “DON’T CALL ME SIR” to it… On one hand, we embrace the classic BDSM world. On the other, we show the wish to reinvent the rules of this game together with our customers and community, leaving them the opportunity to open up to new fantasies.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves, the owners! How did you decide to start SIRAINER?

SIRAINER comes to life thanks to two business partners: him and her. Besides us, SIRAINER is a team of people, artisans and friends based between Milan and Florence. The company was born in Italy in 2020 between one lockdown and another. Everything started from a phone call between us, deciding to work again together after years of shared experiences. Our pleasure for functionality, durability and well-crafted objects push us to move our eyes and intentions from a luxury and fashion world to the erotic accessory sector.

How committed are you to providing pleasure, eroticism and fantasies?

With SIRAINER we decide to be committed to pleasure, eroticism and fantasies, not only in our private life. We decide to be committed in sharing this with others.

Is your brand targeting equally to male or female pleasure?

Honestly speaking, with the launch of the brand we gave a bit more space to male, but we will target equality male and female with time. It will become even more clear soon, moving forwards with the new products we will offer, and the way we will show them.

Do the LGBTQ+ customers have different needs?

Every customer has personal needs, belonging to LGBTQ+ community or not. But, the LGBTQ+ community has more than others, right now, the need but also the strength to stimulate and guide conversations about inclusivity, diversity and sexual expression. This will be a gain for the whole society.

What is the first thing you take into considerations when you design your products?

When we design our products the goal is to match in the best way possible: quality, functionality, durability and look.

Do you try your products?

Yes, absolutely! How can we promote and sell any kind of product if we don’t test them? The whole SIRAINER team and some trusted friends give the first feedback, when we are satisfied with these we go on with the production.

What is your favourite product?

We love all of our products, but we are especially proud of our black chain gears and the leather wire.

What is your guiltiest or non-guiltiest pleasure?

We don’t want to speak about guilt. What gives us pleasure is to know what we do can turn on pleasure in others.

How important is sexuality and sexual expression in your lives?

Sexuality is an important part of our lives, as we think for everyone. We love to have sex. It is something natural. Sexual expression, is a second step, that comes with self confidence.

What is the best advice you give to your clients?

Enjoy life, experience love and have fun in sex. Don’t feel ashamed of what makes you and your partner or partners happy. Try things, try new ways to get and to give pleasure, there is no way to fail, but only an infinity of ways to feel well.

What advice would you give to someone who has not experienced BDSM yet?

Maybe the only advice to give to whom didn’t experienced BDSM is to be honest with themselves and to listen carefully to needs and wishes body and mind might ask for, avoiding prejudice, fear and shame. In this listening maybe someone can find out new ways to happiness and well-being. If someone comes to BDSM it means that its nature is attracted by it, then embrace it and enjoy. BDSM is a journey…

*all images are courtesy of Sirainer

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