Tossa and his friends are the sexiest boy-toy dolls

It all started with Tossa Tossa, the sexiest bear guy doll you can find. It comes with a penis and he is is an irresistible cute bear that has gained worldwide popularity and has received a lot of attention in the gay and queer community.

Good news are here! Tossa Tossa, the legendary creation of Out Collector Figures, now has some new friends are worth meeting. And, I am talking about Meow Meow, Otu Tossa and Bobby Bull. All four of them make the perfect team to spice up your life! And for the first time, Out Collector Figures is celebrating the success of the male dolls with a limited edition Samurai Tossa doll sculpture (300 numbered dolls worldwide) that we had the honour to receive.

We met Patrick Grange, the genius entrepreneur in Out Collector Figures behind the creation of Tossa Tossa and his friends and this is everything he revealed.

How have the Out Collector Figures dolls evolved since the first Tossa bear figure?

Well, our dolls have evolved a lot through different ways. First of all, we are working with another sculptor and it is easier for us to bring to life make what we have on our mind. Devendra is the sculptor who has sculpted Meow Meow, Otou Tossa and Bobby Bull. Secondly, we are following collector standards now, apart from just toy standards. This means that engineering, moulding painting and materials have all been improved. Finally, we try to add articulations each time we make a new character. Not too many because we are not willing to give advantage to joints over sculpture and also because we have to be cost-effective as our production is limited. On social networks, people often ask for a maximum of articulations and this is not something we reject. Apart from the evolution in the technical aspects, the new product line remains consistent and we want people to feel that the new characters are part of the same family.

How did you come up with the idea of the male bear figure and his male friends?

Just because I love toys since forever and I had never seen dolls of hot guys around. Back in the day, I had a “figures-news” website called Geek in Box. Every day I would write news about sexy female figures and toys but never about men… I really really wanted to create guys with a hot body, a cute face and a penis.

Male genitals in pop culture are still totally censored nowadays. I can understand the reason why, for cultural reasons I suppose, but I still think it is a bit unfair. Mainly because showing female parts seems normal to everyone in our male-dominated societies. Of course, if the gay pop culture the market is huge, there are willies everywhere. For now, I guess I am more or less the only one to take the risk of making hot men figures.

What is the most common reaction to the new Out Collector Figures (OCF) dolls?

A huge majority of people react positively. Of course, we are very far from being really famous or having reached any mainstream media. But, surprisingly, I had almost no insults or bullying. I was really expecting to have haters, but it is not the case. On the contrary, OCF’s customers are really lovely and some even send messages that are extremely touching. For me, who is putting all my heart, efforts and money in these toys, this really gives me a meaning and a purpose. I don’t have enough words to thank fans and people who buy our figures. I just feel blessed for this success.

Which doll is the most successful?

Well, for now it is Tossa Tossa. But maybe because he was very limited and is now discontinued. It took very long to sell the whole production and, sometimes, I was discouraged. Now, I see some versions selling for more than 1000 euros on Ebay. It is flattering, I must confess! I hope the next figures will be as successful!

Are the dolls based on real men or are they products of pure imagination?

No they are just imagination. I take my A3 paper block and start drawing heads. I try to make them handsome, cute and charismatic. As I am influenced by comics, 80’s cartoons and anime, the result is often a hybrid of all that. I am not interested in starting from real men. It has no real interest for me. That is also why I like to give them animal ears. To remind people these guys are not real. I think letting people believe Tossa Tossa or Meow Meow can be real guys would result in a kind of body shaming. Nobody has to be so muscled to be desired or to have such a big dick to be hot! Yes, actually I am bored by men we can see on Instagram. Of course I like to watch them but I get easily over it.

Did you expect that the Tossa dolls would become the absolute gay object of desire?

Haha! I don’t know if OCF dolls are the absolute gay object of desire… But that is what they are made for, yes. They must be entertaining in all sexy ways our brains can possibly imagine them. Generally speaking, they are made to be desired, but by anyone who loves the male anatomy. Not only gay people, even if our dolls are parts of the queer culture.

What is your biggest target group?

Our target is all people who love men. No matter your age, gender, taste, orientation, culture, origins, you can love our dolls and collect them.

If Tossa was a real man who would it be?

Nobody. Tossa Tossa is who you want him to be. This is also why he has no real background. People sometimes send me messages on Instagram showing a real man and telling me «Look! He just looks like Tossa Tossa!». Most of the times it is true and funny, but for me the picture of the guy is not more real than Tossa Tossa. It is just an image.

What is the sexual identity and the self-definition of Tossa Tossa and his friends?

Tossa Tossa, Meow Meow, Otou, Bobby are not sexually defined. If a girl plays a with our dolls and wants them to be straight, they can be straight! Sexuale orientation and definition is not really the main thing I am thinking about. What is important is that our toys are hot and that they do have a penis that shall not remain hidden! I like the idea our guys are complete, there is no «penis shaming» here. In a world where many people want to be free to be who they are, our guys are just free to be men. Does that sound weird ? It should not be.

What is the biggest difficulty when designing and manufacturing a new doll?

Nothing is really easy during the process because there are many traps to avoid. I think the most important is to have talented people to work with, like Devendra, Alonso (our modeller) and the team in our Chinese factory. Maybe, getting enough funds to make a new character is the most difficult part. Other than that, we have many ideas and a professional team to do great works.

How long does it take for a new Tossa to get born?

It takes around a year. I draw the figure (inspiration has started in my head before I take the pencil), then I draw all the accessories and finally, I start sculpting with Devendra. This process takes at least 2 months minimum. When I am happy with the result, I send it to a technician who cuts the doll shape, and I send the files for 3D printing. I get 3 or 4 copies usually, and then I am ready to start the painting. It follows the factory process. This is already 4/5 months easily. When the factory starts to work, we have to re-engineer the doll because we transform a resin prototype into a PVC assembled figure. The change of material and the injection process implies adaptations. The engineers also take time to create ball joints and separate parts that cannot be moulded in one shot. Then we need 2/3 months to make the metal moulds and test it. After that, we can go to the actual mass production that may also take 2 months. Finally, the factory prepares the packages, which I ship when i receive.

What is the wildest comment you have received from a Tossa owner?

Probably people who send nudes so that I have ideas for future releases. Sometimes it is nice, sometimes less enjoyable.

How important is diversity and inclusivity in your projects?

It is quite important, but also challenging at the same time. I mean, we can (and will) try to include all ethnic backgrounds in the line up because all colours of men are beautiful. But it is difficult to be fully inclusive when we are speaking of body types. We can’t do a daddy body figure, for example, because what we create is a fantasy, not our 50 years old neighbour watching soccer with a Duff beer on their hand. Even if the bodies of the figures are more or less slim, more or less bulky, we are always using lots of muscles. That is what is funny about our figures and what our customers expect. Anyway, I think with just a few figures released for now, we have been already quite inclusive regarding skin tones. A new ethnicity will come in 2021 after Bobby.

What are your future plans?

I would love to have many but, at the same time, I don’t want to make too many projects because the firm is so small and we have to be extra careful. It would allow us to start the production of the next character sooner than later and think of more possibilities. In a perfect world, 3 new guys a year, a chibi line and more accessories would be great! A Tossa Tossa v.2 would also be more than welcome! Maybe a crowdfunding campaign would help to make him happen! Stay tuned!

More of Out Collector figures here:

*all images are courtesy of Out Collector Figures

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