Does size really matter? An escort spills the beans.

When it comes to sex, one huge thing has sparked debate for decades: the importance of dick size. For some, a big penis is crucial, whilst for others it’s how good a guy is in bed that really makes the difference…but is it all smoke and mirrors? Is our obsession with the size of a guy’s dick misplaced? Does it really make a difference? By making their technique better, can size become irrelevant altogether?

Fortunately, an expert is here to spill the beans. You might wonder what kind of expert is best placed to advise on the importance of dick size – the answer? Someone who’s got years of experience, knows what they’re doing in the bedroom and has made great sex their career. Yep, an escort. Rio, an LGBTQ+ male escort.

First of all, who are you and how do you identify?
‘My name is Rio, I’m a male escort for, I’m from the North of England and I identify as a male homosexual.’

How would you describe your sexuality?
‘I am a gay man but in my line of work I feel that sexuality has blurred lines; if I am employed to have interactions with women then I will do the job that I’m being paid for.’

What made you decide to get involved in the sex industry and how old were you?
‘I started in my 30’s and it was something I’d thought about for a while, I just wanted to be sure that I was completely ready. I researched the industry, explored various websites and spoke to people with experience. I stumbled across and knew that I’d found a community of supportive, open and likeminded people who were willing to support me through the process; from then I was certain I was doing the right thing for me in a safe and positive way.’ 

Is it difficult to pursue a career in the sex industry? What is the best age for a man to enter the industry?
‘This is a difficult one… in the UK it’s difficult to pursue a career in the sex industry once you’re past your mid 20’s as everyone seems to value youthfulness over experience. Although, at the same time I feel that sex work has huge implications on mental health and I don’t feel that some younger people are prepared for it! Sex work isn’t always glamorous, you need to be resilient, know yourself and stand by your values. If you don’t know your worth and how to safely approach a situation, then you could end up being taken advantage of. That’s why I chose to use, it’s a community of supportive, open and likeminded people who were willing to support me through the process; from then I was certain I was doing the right thing for me in a safe and positive way.’

What do you enjoy most about the job?
‘To quote one of the best romance movies of all time; ‘I say who, I say when’. It’s refreshing to do things my way, I don’t just make porn, I make art. I don’t just have sex with strangers, I build connections and expand on my own horizons. Plus, using platforms like allows me to do this in a safe environment.’

What is the best lesson that this job has taught you? What have you learned regarding the importance of intimacy and connectedness?
‘Lesson 1: always get the cash up front, there are some people out there that will leave you out of pocket. As far as intimacy goes, maintain some emotional distance from your clients; this is your job and you’re providing a service, if you become too emotionally involved things can get messy. It’s important that you keep a part of yourself completely personal and private.’

What does a day-to-day job routine involve for a male escort and how has the pandemic affected your life and career?
‘People are struggling financially so I’m seeing a lot of people on platforms like Grindr giving out cheap blow jobs, trying to be a semi-professional with no experience or understanding of the industry. Not only are people like this putting themselves at risk by not working with a trusted platform like, which has been created by an escort for escorts, they’re making it more difficult for professionals like me to maintain our regular income.
My day to day routine usually starts with me planning my work load, creating concept ideas for photo shoots and editing movies. I then organise who I’ll be working with and manage my ads through, letting clients know when I’m available, then I meet clients. A lot of my time is spent learning new things and relaxing on the sofa with a big tub of ice cream and a few cheeky gins, that’s the real me!’

You have overcome eating disorders, cancer and self-doubt. How important is self-love to you and how have these previous events changed you as a person?
‘Self-acceptance is the most important thing. Learning to accept yourself is the first step towards learning to love, from there we find happiness and comfort. I would say that these experiences have made me stronger, more resilient and more confident; I know what I’m capable of overcoming and understand what I’m worth.’

What is your source of positivity and confidence?
‘My past experiences have left me with one very important mantra: ‘Why the fuck not? What have I got to lose?’ This gives me the confidence to do exactly as I please, life’s too short!’ 

Does size really matter? Is it important in your experience?
‘People think size matters but what’s the point of getting a Lamborghini if you don’t know how to drive it?! Technique is much more important in my experience.’

What is the most common request of your clients?
‘A lot of people want a quickie with a guy who has a big penis, this isn’t something I offer… part of the fun is the thrill that comes with exploring another person’s body, watching them shiver as you show them the ecstasies of the flesh. I like to take my time.’ 

What sex tips would you give to guys who are concerned about their sex life or their penis size?
‘Don’t worry about it! You are who you are, the more you worry about it the more it’ll affect both your mental health and your performance in bed. Focus on forming a connection with someone, that’s when I feel two souls embracing and truly have my most erotic moments.’ 

What are your future plans?
‘I am in the middle of looking at business loans to expand and set up a photography studio, I’m also a photographer, model and performer. I have been creating some amazing content which I’m ready to publish on! If you’re looking to get into the business, I’d definitely recommend looking into Ennvy, it’s truly shaped my career.’

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