N0t Listed, the new pansexual music sensation

N0t Listed is “Ridin’ This Wave,” as their debut single suggests, by mixing 80’s and 90’s nostalgia with feminine iconology.   Their down cast electronic pop song that flawlessly combines R&B vocals with fierce house beats is about the magic of instant attraction.  It’s a feeling most listeners can relate with: meeting that special him, her, or they that makes a person need to spend every moment with their newfound significant other.  “We want people to feel sexy, free and the queen or king of their own personal dancefloor when listening to the song,” explains producer Josh. He created the song’s unique beat and hook and affectionately refers to “Ridin’ This Wave” as the love child of La Bouche and NSYNC.  “It’s super dance-y, 90’s poppy and fun at the same time!”  

“Every relationship is about the wave,” reflects Kayvon of N0t Listed.  “Part of the mystery and excitement of a new union is not knowing where the wave is going to take you. It’s that element of the unknown! The ups, the surprise crashes and learning to ride that wave as fervidly as possible.”
Josh, Kayvon and Leo, three southern guys of different ethnic backgrounds, make up the band, N0t Listed.  Josh is Mexican American, Kayvon is Iranian American, and Leo is African American.   They met in NYC’s underground queer circuit, however, each falls under a different classification of the LGBTQIA umbrella; Josh identifies as gay, Leo as bisexual and Kayvon feels closest to pansexual.
In uniting as N0t Listed, a name chosen because it derives from the feeling of not fitting into any of life’s multiple choices, the guys wanted to create a project that embraced their individuality and celebrated their queerness. “We hope to inspire others to feel powerful in their authentic skin, clear in the understanding that if an African American, Mexican American, and Iranian American can be werking it in times like these, they can too!”

In their music, they explore the extremes of all aspects of love from lust, intimacy, commitment and heartbreak.  The band writes all their own music and Josh does all the production.  
The music video for “Ridin This Wave” was directed by Mike Ruiz and inspired by all the elements of queer nightlife culture they love, from fashion to makeup and, of course, turning it on the dance floor.  “We knew we wanted the video to dive into a pool of glitter, glam and queer expression,” Kayvon explains.

“The video totally depicts the fun we had making this song in Josh’s studio apartment,” Leo continues.  “Whether we are voguing at the club, posing in front of a bodega, or swinging our wrists around in Kayvon’s basement, we are always serving and having a good time!”

“Ridin’ This Wave” is only the beginning to what N0t Listed has in store.   Says Leo, “Next up will be some straight R&B tracks along with some 80’s dance influence records and maybe a little acid house for your nerves.”“Ridin’ This Wave” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms.  Its video is available on iTunes, Vevo, and YouTube.

“Ridin’ This Wave” is being distributed independently and is available on Apple Music, Spotify and all digital platforms.  Its video is available on iTunes, Vevo, and Youtube.

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