Cazwell, the queer rapper brings his ice cream to YASS

Queer Rapper Cazwell Celebrates The 10 Year Anniversary of His Gay Anthem Ice Cream Truck with a New Music 2020 Music Video

The 2020 version is a rerecording with a new sound produced by Caz and Vjuan Allure. 
The futuristic Candy Land themed video was created by Director Connor Catalano (@vessel.xi) whom Cazwell brought on board for his cyber sexy cinematography. Cazwell was determined to have his video open up with rarely seen trans male representation.  Artist and trans activist, Ezra Michel kicks it off by playing the opening drum line beat. The video has a handful of hotties from the original Ice Cream Truck video from 2010 like Geronimo Frias and Alex Maravilla, plenty of new studs and an abundance of butt cheeks.  

Cazwell’s latest creation is guaranteed to pull you out of your 2020 rut, even if it’s  just two and a half minutes!

Who is Cazwell and how do you identify?

I am an artist and I identify as him he and his-Do you feel there is not enough representation of queer rappers in the music industry?I am grateful for the representation that exists. I also feel a sense of pride that the gay rapper, Lil Nas X is the musician that has held the number one spot on billboard for the longest amount of time. It’s actually pretty amazing. On one hand there is a good representation and on the other there will never be enough representation as far as industry standards are concerned.

How would you describe your music?

Stellar. Iconic. Earth shattering. Life changing. Ahead of its time yet still consistently on trend. It’s also been proven that my music cures halitosis and nine out of 10 males experience penis size increase up to 3 inches after listening to my music for just five minutes. So yeah, I recommend purchasing every song right now.

Have you faced any discrimination or bullying in your field?

Yes. Quite a few times especially in the beginning. When I started gay clubs didn’t want to bring hip-hop performers so I did a lot of straight events. I’ve had people throw popcorn on me, tomatoes slices on me, one time I had a show with a graffiti artist and he refused to come when he found out I was gay. I’m sure all those people are somewhere laying in the gutter now wondering why their life is so miserable. 🙂

When did you decide you wanted to get involved in the music scene?

I knew I wanted to be involved with music and performing since my earliest memory when I was four years old. It’s so cosmic how even at a super young age I would pretend and daydream about performing on stage and doing music videos and now I’m living my dream. That’s why you should never forget your dreams. We should probably stop calling them dreams and start calling them future visions so children understand they can be anything they envision.

How did your career start and how have you evolved as an artist since then? 

Great question! I grew up in Massachusetts and in the late 90s I started a rap duo called Morplay. Me and the girl that I rapped with moved to New York City and after a year we broke up and I went solo. My career truly evolved when I got signed to Peacebisquit, which is owned by Bill Coleman. Bill convinced West End records to help put out my EP. West End records is a legendary disco label and the amazing thing about that is I would have access to all of their samples. Without them I never could have had the song “All Over Your Face”. I am no longer with Bill Coleman or Peacebisquit but I’m very grateful that my experience with him put me on the right track.

Who are the people who have made you the person you are today? 

Well obviously my mom and my dad because without them I wouldn’t even be a person. The people that helped shape me are the other artists I am blessed to work with and share insights with on our craft. Being best friends with peppermint, Amanda LePore, and really countless drag queens. When I moved to New York City I worked in a drag bar and it was an eye-opening experience for me as far as stage performance and preparation

Who are your biggest influences?

Missy Elliot is my number one influence for almost anything I do in the field of expression. She is always my first stop when I need inspiration, creative guidance and to remind me of doing things that might scare you. Remember that at the time Missy Elliott dropped her first album hip-hop was 99.999% gangster rap. I was starting to feel like I didn’t have a place in the medium of beats and rhymes but when she dropped her album it gave me a whole new perspective that I never let go of.

Have you appeared in RuPaul’s Drag Race?

You know I have baby! LOL. The season one finale I thought those queens how to rap. I’m so proud to have even touched that show since it is without a doubt the very best competitive reality show series that has ever existed.

Tell us more about your new music.

Thanks for asking gorgeous! My next drop is a remix package for a song I have called “damn, I look good!“ featuring Adrian Xpression and Chanel Jolé. 100% of the profits from early sales are going to a charity for trans women of color. Be on the lookout.

What made you want to collaborate with Connor Catalano who is mostly famous for his sexy cinematography?

Me and Connor have wanted to work with each other for a long time in the seemed like the perfect project. He loves pastels like I do and he’s very futuristic so I knew he would create the perfect visuals for a 2020 version of ice cream truck.

Tell me about the participation of Ezra Michel in your latest video. Why do you think trans make representation is still an issue?

Trans male representation is still an issue because there’s barely any trans male representation in pop culture. I’ve been very headstrong about incorporating trans women of color in my videos where ever it worked and is authentic. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to include A trans man being the new ice cream truck and if the video starts out Ezra  it could help make a positive impact.

How has this pandemic affect your life and your career?

Well, ultimately I’m working more and making a lot less money LOL. Like most artist I rely on performing on stage is to make my coins.I have been able to get creative and find other ways to perform and DJ online. Being home 99% of the time has got me locked in a very creative headspace so I try to use it to my advantage.

Are you in love at the moment?

Nope. I am definitely not in love momentarily. I’m too busy being focused on self-care

What makes a perfect crush? 

What makes the perfect crush is someone I actually admire. Which, is hard to find

What does someone need to do to get your attention?

For someone to get my attention they should talk less and do more. People that have goals and drives and visions get my attention. I like gay men that create art and use it to make a positive impact in queer culture.The world is packed with people that just like to talk and sit on the sidelines.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are to keep doing what I do. I’ll be dropping three more singles by the end of the year and a Latin EP in the spring. I just try to impress myself with my work and then after that I can do is cross my fingers and say a prayer LOL

More of Cazwell here:

*all images are courtesy of Cazwell

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