Nick Christie is bringing his leather erotica to YASS

Nick Christie is 52 years old from Cambridge and his passion is to write gay leather erotica, travelling and drinking good wine. He comes to YASS Magazine as a gay erotica connoisseur to introduce us to his world of leather fantasies and fetishes.

Who are you and how do you identify?

I’m a 52 year old Marketing consultant from the UK.  I’m a gay man living with my husband and 2 cats with a love and passion for leather gear and men who wear it.  And on the side I’m a self-published writer of gay leather based erotica.

How would you describe your writing style? What do you like to write about?

I write gay erotica based around my love of men in leather.  The writing is quite hardcore, with lots of domination and submission.  I enjoy writing my books from all characters differing perspectives.  Many only write from the subs position, but I like to tell my story from all sides, and yes there is a story.  There is plenty on hardcore action, but it really wouldn’t work for a whole book if there wasn’t a story and my stories are all built around relationships.  One important thing for me was to write positive gay characters.  I am so often saddened to see in many films or TV series’ that gay characters are stereo types, or angsty, or needy and having a meltdown.  It’s rare they are the strong hero or the stable one in the story and that annoys me so much.  My guys are strong and know what they want.  They will have vulnerable sides but I wanted some real positivity.

When did you start writing and how have you evolved since that time?

I started completely by accident.  If you had asked me 2 years ago that I would have written a book I would have dismissed you.  If you had said I would be writing gay erotica then I would have laughed even harder.  But it all came about when I took voluntary redundancy in 2017.  I had a lot of time on my hands and was chatting to a guy on tumblr about porn and erotic stories.  I read some and I have to say I thought much of what I read left me wanting.  So I said to myself, “I reckon I could have a go at that!” and that’s what I did.

The writing started in stages, which is why there are 5 parts to the first book.  Each story built on the next and my confidence in writing started to grow.

Who are your biggest fans?

Now this is an interesting one.  Once I written the first part of the Misfits and started to publish, I started my Instagram to try and find like-minded men in leather who I thought would enjoy these books.  The Instagram really was just to start my book promotion.  But as the months rolled on and followers came on board, mainly for my pics than my books I might add, I started to build some really cool nice friendships.  Many are readers and love the gear.  Some are guys who aspire to be geared up and in the infancy of discovering their kink.  

More recently I made a new discovery that was an eye opener.  I joined some kink based male on male readers groups on Facebook.  Lots of followers.  I was amazed to find that the majority of the audience reading hardcore gay erotica are middle aged straight women.  Who knew!  They are all on Kindle Unlimited and hoover up stories like mad.  They are an amazing crowd.

So my biggest fans is a mix of gay leather men and straight women from North America.  Either way I’m happy if they enjoy the stories. 

Everyone is welcome at the Nick Christie party!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Well book 1 of “The Misfits”, “The Chance Meeting” was written as a personal fantasy of mine.  An older dom training a younger guy and playing with a sub.  After writing that, I decided to write another scenario for the same guys.  This became book 2.  By then I started to love my 3 heroes and so mapped out a richer story line to build books 3-5.  All the locations are places I have been in my life.  Travelling on my previous work role took me to many places, which is why I set most of this series in Chicago.  But used a mixture of British and America characters.

Does your book reflect stories of your personal life or are results of fantasy?

My stories reflect me in many ways.  Max, one of my main characters is me to the core.  But he is better looking and wealthier.  My stories are a mixture of desires, real experiences and some fantasy.  I want the reader to enjoy the characters, identify with them.  Maybe wanna be one of them or be fucked by one!

What is the most common comment you get from your readers?

That they couldn’t put the book down.  The pace starts quick in the first book.  I’ve had guys recently read in one sitting all 5 books.  That’s 480 pages.  The other thing they love is the characters and how the change as their personalities are revealed and evolve.  It’s a brutal start to set a scene.  But as the books develop you will start to understand why they all behave the way they do.  Can’t say anymore!

I have had some touching comments.  A few guys have actually said this is the first book they have ever read.  They never liked reading but tried mine and loved them.  That was quite humbling.

Originally I only self-published on kindle, but I got a lot of feedback asking for a physical version.  So I decided to do this and put all 5 parts in one paperback.  The full 9 inches I call it, it has girth!  Getting my first physical copy was actually a very emotional feeling.  To have a book in my hands.  My book.  With my arse on the cover (yes that’s me).  Wow it really ran home to me that I had actually written a book!  A real book.  The eBooks are great, but there is nothing like the feel of a book in your hand.  Then to get readers feedback and sending me pics of them with my book, or the book on their coffee table, was incredible.  To know my rear end is now sitting in other sexy Leatherman’s homes is a bit of a turn on I can tell you.

Is your work a tribute to the leather community? How has the leather world reacted to your work?

I’d like to think it’s real to the community rather than a tribute.  A tribute sounds like it’s over.  No one has said I’ve mis-represented the community.  I do express and push leather culture into the mainstream with the books and my characters wear it with pride.  Full kink or day to day casual.

At which age you discovered this feeling and desire for leather?

Possibly about the age of 6.  It’s hard to recall exactly the age. I used to always be drawn to the bad guys in cowboy films.  They had black leather chaps and waistcoats, along with short black gloves and boots.  I found this arousing but wasn’t sure why. The shine of the leather and the attitude of the men.

Then all bad guys in films became of interest.  The assassins often had black leather gloves.  They were always so cool and normally very handsome too.  A menacing presence that turned me on.

From there I wanted my own jacket at the very least. Especially as the bad boys at school normally had them.  I managed to persuade my mother to buy me a fake leather jacket at about 12.  It was a hard sell to get it.  Even though it was fake, I loved it.  I loved the confidence I felt in it.  Made me feel cool.

Finally at 16 I could afford my own leather jacket.  I went to Carnaby Street in London, (This was in the 80s when it was less commercial) and bought my first biker jacket.  It cost me £65, and wow was I pleased.  Barely took it off.  It smelt great and felt amazing. The things I did wearing that jacket.  I don’t have it anymore as I grew out of it, but it could tell a few stories.

For me the quality of the leather is so important.  Supple and have a real leather aroma.  The smell and the feel gives me a rush like no other.

Since then I have bought so many, but I also love buying second-hand gear.  The leather is broken in and feels great.  The additional feeling of knowing another guy has owned, worn and probably ‘had fun’ in the leather is an extra turn on.  Vintage leather takes on the additional smells of the owner and the leather. 

What is the role of fetish and leather in your life?

I wear it every day.  That maybe a jacket, boots, gloves.  Full leather I tend to keep to events and the bedroom.  To me, wearing leather makes me feel stronger.  I love the touch, smell, feel, sight and even the taste.  It stimulates every sense. The feeling as you pull on a pair of leather jeans and zip up that fly is incredible.  Unless you have done it, or understand it, you probably won’t ever get it.   The scent as it warms to your body is like nectar.

Why don’t you reveal your face in social media? Is the name Nick Christie your real one?

Nick Christie is my author name only.  I wanted to keep my book writing separate to my other work.  Not everyone appreciates this line of work, so it was best to keep them separate.  I’m quite relaxed at telling friends about my writing but on social I needed to take a slightly different approach.  I soon realised that an Instagram account with just my books on it, from an unknown writer in the erotica genre just wasn’t going to get any followers.  So I decided I needed to have a page of images with leather.  I could have used other pics of guys, but I didn’t wanna do that.  So I got geared up and took some pics and started.  I decided that I didn’t want to reveal my face because of the reasons above and unfortunately so many images can get stolen and reused in places you wouldn’t want to be reused. 

I think the pics add a bit of mystery too.  I also use my pictures for the covers.  This was actually out of necessity at the beginning.  I didn’t want to pay for costly usage rights or infringe anyone’s copyright on images. 

Tell us something about you so that we get to know you a little bit better.

I’m a very open person and love chatting with my readers.  I really enjoy getting feedback from them.  Some tell me about their kinks and would I write about that in my next book.  Deep down I’m a romantic and though the books are sexy hardcore action there is a softer side that I show.  Some of the sex is very gentle and sensual.  A good mix of both.  That is where I get most of the positive feedback.  The tender side against the rough. 

On the whole I see myself as a happy person and try and enjoy the good things in life.  Always looking forward, tend to never look back at what might have been, nothing to see there. 

-What are your future plans?

I’m just finishing a new book (not a series).  The Misfits series in reality is one book split into 5 sections.  The new one is one book with completely new characters.  Mainly set this time in the UK but does include some international travel.  This one is a love story with a heck of a lot of kink thrown in.  I’ve expended into new kinks for this new one!

Some have asked if I would do a part 6 and onwards of The Misfits.  At the moment not, but I may revisit Max, Bobby and Cole.  Just gotta find a good story for them.

Books available on Amazon Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback:

Instagram: @nick.g.christie

*all images are courtesy of Nick Christie

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