ScaredyKat and “The Bare & Klare show”

Alex Cubb, AKA Scaredy Kat from the first British season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race (2019) has created a new YouTube series. The show is called The Bare & Klare Show and it’s created by Alex and his romantic and creative partner Remi May, in association with PBJ. It reminds quite a lot of Eurotrash, (although Eurotrash reportedly cost an awful lot to make, despite its deliberately low-budget, ramshackle, DIY aesthetic, – and The Bare and Klare show is of course genuinely micro budget, devised and filmed at home during lockdown).

ScaredyKat accepted our invitation to come to YASS Magazine and speaks about everything.

Talk to me about THE BARE & KLARE SHOW. What shall we expect?

The Bare & Klare show is the best thing thats happening to the world at the moment – I’ve heard. What can’t you expect? There’s Piers Morgan as a giant penis, Rouille the weird plaster creature, Coco the Fat Bat, and Bare and Klare of course, the magical stoner bears. Each episode, Bare and Klare guide the human race through important life lessons with themes such as the environment, social media, and isolation, pieced together with surreal and weird events, music, animation, and smut. Watch until episode 6 though and all may be revealed as to the point of the whole thing.

How did you come up with the idea of the show?

Remi, my girlfriend, and I came up with the show whilst sat on the top of a very large hill. The sun was bright and the flowers had bloomed, and that’s when we realised that death was inevitable and if we do not begin to teach the human race the right way, things may never get better. Weed also played a factor.

How did you decided to do the show with your girlfriend?

Remi and I came up with the show together so I had no choice. Unfortunately, she’s quite talented so it seemed stupid not to have her on board. Neither of us have any friends either and we needed something to do.

How easy or difficult is to be a YouTuber?

Well I wouldn’t know as I’m an artise. But, when I met Logan Paul, he told me it was quite hard, especially when you’re as mentally challenged as he is. So I’m guessing it isn’t easy. 

Are you trying to break the taboo of gay domination in the drag scene?

In the words of the intellectual modern oracle, Gemma Collins, I’m just trying to be me. I think anyone can do drag – it’s just dressing up really. Imagine if we didn’t place all these rules and expectations on things, the world would be very different. 

How was your experience in RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Quick, like most virgins. It was also terrifying, anxiety-filling, and very quiet. It’s silent in the work room, no music. They edit that all in afterwards. How’d have know? Also RuPaul actually exists, he doesn’t just live in the T.V. – I can vouch for that now. I learnt a lot too which is always good – mainly that Premier Inn isn’t the best accommodation… and Lenny Henry wasn’t even there. 

Now that you look back, would you have done something differently?

Looking back, I probably would’ve won. That would have been nice. But, hey, next time.

Did you feel disappointed you did not make it to the final or you agree with the top 3 and the winner?

Technically, I made it to the final – I was there, stood at the back, having a great time. As for top 3, I think it should’ve been Gothy, Vinegar, and Divina. Bit less predictable. But, yes, I agree with Divina being there. 

Was there a lot of competition in the show?

Competition was definitely rife in the work room, from some more than others. But whenever I could, I would whisper threatening comments into the other queens’ ears just to put them off their game. For example, I told Cheryl that he was not a star but, in fact, a meteorite.

Are you still friends with the other queens from season 1?

Friends I’m not sure, colleagues? Maybe. I’m joking of course! I hate them all. Joking again. We all keep in contact, Divina’s had a sleepover at mine, I’ve gone shopping with Gothy, late night DMC’s with Cheryl, and I plan to one day marry Vinegar so, yes, we are friends!

Do you think the participation in the show helped you gain a wider audience and boosted your career?

Being on Drag Race undoubtedly makes your audience bigger, it’s the only reason I have an audience. Before it was just the cat and my own reflection. So, for that, I’m very grateful and I can’t wait to show more of what Remi and I do. And I only had to do 2 episodes! Easy. 

How have you changed since the show?

Frankly, since the show, fame has gone to my head. I carry an albino chinchilla everywhere I go, only shop at whole foods, and my drug dealer lives in Hampstead. It’s an awful way to carry on. 

Do you feel the British version of Drag Race is reflected the UK drag scene?

I feel like Drag Race UK did a good job reflecting the British scene but it would be really awesome to see even more of it represented – drag kings, Femme/ AFAB queens, and even more alternative drag. And they could even wear flats. Can you imagine. 

Has drag gone too mainstream now? How do you feel with the fact there are more and more drag shows?

Drag will probably never be fully mainstream but it has definitely made its way into a more mainstream audience – which comes with good and bad things. It’s great that the LGBTQ+ community is more and more recognised and appreciated, but I can’t say I’m a fan of straight girls calling everyone and everything a ‘queen’ – if you know, you know. 

How has the pandemic affected your life?

I can’t say that the lockdown has impacted me massively as I don’t really have any friends or do anything anyway. However, my shows have all been cancelled which is really sad and Edinburgh Fringe, which I‘ve been preparing for, is also not going forward now! So that sucks. But I’ll win best newcomer next year so it’s all good. 

What does a regular day of Scaredy Kat look like these days?

Well, I wake up and cry for a solid 3 hours (good for the soul), before editing videos, taking pictures, filming stupid stuff, eating weed cookies, and dealing with the negative effects that social media has on me. It’s a party, you should come over. You’re allowed now, as long as you’re alert. 

What is your advice to people who feel bored and confined during this pandemic?

If you’re bored and confined right now then why not teach yourself guitar, or make a porno, or say the words Bloody Mary three times into the mirror. That’s supposed to do something apparently. Then you may have a demon to play with. Just whatever you do, don’t start vlogging. No one cares. 

What shall we expect from you in the future?

More videos, more characters, more music, more fame. And death – I can promise you that. 

More of ScaredyKat and her new YouTube show here:

*all images are courtesy of ScaredyKat

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