Charlie May, the fashion designer that blurs gender norms

YASS Magazine is interviewing Charlie May, an independent, contemporary fashion designer that blurs gender norms magically through her fashion brand.

Her unisex fashion brand is 7 years old and it is all about sustainability, comfort and gender blending. Charlie promotes equality , diversity and inclusivity through her own fashion label. According to her, style and comfort is more important than fashion. Charlie is not just a fashion designer.

She is an entrepreneur, an influencer, a blogger, a woman, a feminist and a girl you love to hang out with. Charlie opened the door of her house to YASS Magazine, prepared coffee for us and let us try her clothes. In fact, we tried them without asking for permission.

YouTube interview of Charlie May

What you are about to see is what happens when YASS Magazine meets Charlie May on a sunny Sunday morning in East London. #yass #yassmagazine #yassexclusives #charliemay #girlalamode

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*all images are courtesy of Charlie May

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